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genisys® 32 individual study 32 registration 32 withdrawal from course grades 32 transcripts 33 financial holds on academic records 33 withdrawal from the university 33 payment 33 tuition per credit hour fall 2011 33 fees 34 tuition and fee payment deadlines 35 tuition installment plan 35 financial aid 35 virginia tuition assistance grant 35 state assistance for students from states other than virginia 36 university-wide endowed scholarships 36 loan programs 37 satisfactory academic progress sap 40 student employment 42 veteran s benefits 42 more information 42 e-mail notification and genisys® 42 graduate schools 44 communication and the arts 45 degree programs 53 course descriptions 66 faculty 78 divinity 80 degree programs 85 course descriptions 103 faculty 117 education 119 degree programs 123 course descriptions 150 faculty 178 global leadership and entrepreneurship 179 degree programs 185 course

registration and payment the following information relates to regent’s graduate programs for the undergraduate academic calendar and registration and payment information see the regent undergraduate catalog or the school of undergraduate studies web site academic calendar graduate schools except school of law fall 2011 summer term end term start final payment deadline add/drop period – 100 refund labor day – schools closed 50 refund period graduation applications due for dec graduation seven days ablaze withdrawal deadline fall break/modular week spring registration opens thanksgiving break graduation applications due for may or august graduation term end christmas holidays – no classes sunday aug 21 monday aug 22 monday aug 22 – sunday sept 4 monday sept 5 monday sept 5– sunday sept 18 thursday sept 15 tbd friday oct 7 monday oct 17 – sunday oct 23 wednesday nov 2 thursday nov 24 – sunday nov 27 thursday dec 15 saturday dec 10

com 600 communication theory ethics worldview 3 ctv 505 aesthetics for the contemporary communicator 3 sca 507 digital media marketing 3 sca 628 leadership issues in media 3 in addition to the core courses students must choose a concentration and complete the required courses in that area it is recommended but not required that students complete two additional courses from the list of recommended courses from that area of study two critical studies courses are required online courses are offered for students majoring in critical studies and script and screenwriting every directing student is required to take at least one writing course critical studies in cinema-television this is the study of classic and current trends in research and criticism in cinema-television this area incorporates the use or creation of theories for the investigation and analysis of the historical aesthetic and philosophical aspects of cinema and television students selecting this area of study will be

the m.a biblical studies major is an academic degree available in five concentrations english bible old testament new testament christian doctrine history and biblical interpretation pre-doctoral studies graduates of this program will be able to ï‚· explain historical and cultural backgrounds of the books of the bible and how the leading themes of the bible relate to each other in the unfolding of salvation history ï‚· apply sound interpretive and hermeneutical methods to the bible including the proper use of resources such as lexicons concordances dictionaries and commentaries in the broader context of spiritual development preaching and teaching ï‚· articulate major doctrines historical perspectives and theological issues including those related to spiritual renewal as these bear on christian life and mission ï‚· understand and respond to contemporary issues particularly in relation to how with a global perspective the church is able to influence societies with a

pentecostal and charismatic movements including their historical and cultural contexts as well as their contemporary relevance for christian life and ministry rtch 746 pneumatology the doctrine of the holy spirit 3 a systematic presentation of the christian understanding of the holy spirit including current approaches to the operation of the spirit in catholic theology the mission of the spirit in protestant theology and the anointing of the spirit in the renewal movements cross-listed with tcdh 546 rtch 751 biblical hermeneutics in the renewal tradition 3 understanding and interpreting the bible in a renewal community of faith and scholarship focusing on the hermeneutical challenges of the diversity of the canon the plurality of interpretative methods and theories in relation to language and text as well as the perceived nature of contemporary society rtch 753 hermeneutical philosophy 3 guides students through key proponents of hermeneutical philosophy heidegger bultmann gadamer

combining of special education and educational psychology into one major cognate area opens up courses and opportunities germane to both fields while recognizing the similarities in the fields there are those professionals who may desire to specialize in either special education or educational psychology the options are available through the various tracks within the program special education or educational psychology with sub-tracks in human learning and development or research and program evaluation educational psychology emphasis the educational psychology emphasis includes three areas of study research and evaluation learning and development and school psychology the research and evaluation track allows one to specialize in testing and program assessment at the school district level a heavy emphasis will be placed on quantitative analysis the learning and development track equips school professionals to utilize the most appropriate theories and research to improve the chances of

etsl 570/gsas 570 teaching reading 3 demonstration and examination of selected techniques and materials for teaching reading to non-english speakers range levels will include intermediate to advanced etsl 585 esl practicum 1 must be taken concurrently with etsl 530 teaching grammar writing and oral communication field-based opportunity in which students observe and assist with teaching esl students in a k-12 setting etsl 590 roles and responsibilities of the esl specialist 3 provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of esl specialists in various settings areas of focus include service delivery options current trends and issues and collaboration with colleagues to enhance instruction for english language learners participants will complete a field experience as part of this course etsp 501 faith integration assessment 0 required prior to program completion and should be completed in the last semester of the program includes a required culminating activity that investigates

bma 623 financial strategy analysis 6 financial strategies and the requisite analysis to measure the success of the strategies are the focus of this course as a result students will know how to build and implement the right financial strategies to reach the enterprise’s financial goals and the analysis methods to determine the success of those strategies bma 624 implications of financial decisions 6 examines the implications of corporate financial decisions on its various constituencies locally regionally and globally students will learn how an enterprise can be socially responsible in each context and be able to guide the enterprise in the development and implementation of social-transformation strategies bma 631 hrm systems research 6 the history of the human resource management function as well as hr information systems job analysis job design person-organization fit person-job fit hr strategy recruitment and selection are examined as a result of this course students will

the faculty the full-time and adjunct faculty hold doctoral degrees in american history and government political science economics law history anthropological and linguistic studies and public administration all faculty members have distinguished records of teaching and professional experience and many have extensive political experience including consulting with major and minor political parties involvement in state and local politics and federal and international affairs externally the faculty consult with government executive and legislative officers and their staffs consult with political candidates engage in cooperative research activities with public policy think tanks and lobbying organizations assist political and legal action organizations such as the aclj and play active roles within professional organizations related to their respective academic disciplines such as the american political science association international city/county managers association and various academic

domain but also with off-setting strengths in other areas to be considered for admission however successful applicants will typically exceed all of the admission expectations noted above m.a in counseling m.a in clinical mental health counseling m.a in human services counseling certificate of advanced counseling studies cacs see the admission to regent university section of the catalog for admissions requirements in addition the spc requires applicants to 1 have completed the equivalent of a minor in psychology or other behavioral science or must have taken three courses in psychology with a grade of b or better recommended courses include introduction to psychology abnormal psychology human development and personality theory 2 submit the scores for the graduate record exam gre scores on the general portion of the gre of the 50th percentile or higher are preferred the test must have been taken within the last five years the gre test requirement may be waived for the master’s

underwood lee a 1999 psy.d wright state university m.a regent university b.s fort wayne bible college professor walker donald f 2010 ph.d m.a fuller graduate school of psychology m.a.t fuller theological seminary b.a university of akron assistant professor williams cyrus r iii 2009 ph.d ed.s university of florida m.s university of hartford b.a eastern connecticut state university assistant professor yarhouse mark a 1998 psy.d m.a wheaton college b.a calvin college professor visiting faculty black robert b 1985 faculty emeritus ph.d ohio university m.ed kent state university b.s baldwin wallace college collins gary 2007 ph.d purdue university m.a university of toronto b.a mcmaster university distinguished visiting faculty school of psychology counseling page