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state assistance for students from states other than virginia 34 more information 34 email notification and genisys 34 academic support student life and campus services 34 academic support 34 student services 36 information technology 38 psychological services center 39 academic policies 39 academic advising 39 academic appeals 40 academic dismissal 40 academic grievances and grade appeals 40 academic integrity 40 academic probation 41 attendance and participation 41 centers and institutes 42 commencement 42 cornerstone and capstone requirement 43 dean s list 43 declaring a major 43 faculty/course evaluations 43 financial holds on academic records 43 grade change appeals 44 grading system 44 graduation procedure 45 ―incomplete‖ grades i 45 independent learning opportunities 46 ―in-progress‖ grades ip 46 latin honors 46 outcomes assessment requirement 47 withdrawal from the school of undergraduate

ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· cumulative grade point average for total progress standardized performance test scores diploma awarded with date of graduation admission for international students the following is to supplement the university admissions requirements mentioned previously for all regent applicants and outlines additional information and materials necessary to be eligible for admission to regent university as a nonimmigrant international student non-immigrant applicants are defined as those applicants who are not citizens of the united states and are not seeking to become citizens or permanent residents of the united states non-immigrant applicants are required to submit financial statements and are subject to other requirements those who are not seeking f-1 or j-1 student immigration status may not need to submit financial statements please contact enrollment management for further clarification due to the extensive mandatory student and exchange visitor information system sevis

a student s withdrawal date is ï‚· the date the student began the institution s withdrawal process as described in the university catalog or officially notified the institution of intent to withdraw or ï‚· the midpoint of the period for a student who leaves without notifying the institution or ï‚· the student s last date of attendance at a documented academically related activity a student may rescind his or her official notification to withdraw by filing a written statement that he or she is continuing to participate in academically-related activities and intends to complete the term payment period for which payment of title iv funds were or would be received the rescission of withdrawal is negated if the student subsequently ceases to attend prior to the end of the payment period the withdrawal date then is the student s original date of withdrawal unless there is acceptable documentation showing a later date of attendance at an academically related activity and the

office in writing at least one month prior to commencement all students must have completed all requirements toward graduation prior to participating in commencement however due to the uniqueness of some programs and the fact that there is only one commencement yearly regent provides the opportunity for students who have not completed all requirements to participate in commencement if they have no more than three courses remaining for graduation these courses must be completed in the summer term following commencement the coursework may include an internship or practicum experience which must also be completed during the summer students requesting permission to participate in the commencement ceremony who have not completed all graduation requirements but who are eligible to walk under the above criteria must 1 receive certification from the registrar‘s office that they are eligible to participate in commencement 2 receive final written approval from the registrar‘s office

 psychology majors b.s must complete biol 102  mathematics majors a.a and b.s must complete math 211 students majoring in information systems a.a or information systems technology b.s must complete math 102 or math 211 or higher students majoring in criminal justice b.s government b.a and organizational leadership and management with the management emphasis b.s must complete math 201 students transferring to regent may satisfy this requirement with an appropriate 3-credit course with a laboratory component in the earth or natural sciences ids students whether they transfer in or not need to meet the 4-credit requirement 3 students are required to take 9 credits of coursework in christian foundations consisting of rels 103 old testament studies rels 104 new testament studies and rels 111 introduction to christian history and thought to complete the fulfillment of the general education biblical worldview competency biblical worldview christian foundations

the department of government history and criminal justice offers a major composed of a core curriculum of 36 hours that provides students with an understanding of the various fields within and approaches to the study of government in addition students may choose a 12-hour government emphasis that provides further in-depth study of an area of interest students not selecting an emphasis can take 12 hours of government electives given the global nature of politics it is strongly suggested that students majoring in government be proficient in a foreign language requirements for the major in government 36 credit hours plus 12 hours in an emphasis to total 48 credits govt 196 introduction to the study of government 3 govt 220 comparative politics 3 govt 240 american government and politics i 3 govt 245 american government and politics ii 3 govt 304 international relations 3 govt 313 research methods 3 govt 321 data analysis 3 govt 327 ancient political philosophy 3 govt 329 modern political

           internship application submitted by the required deadline passing test score for the reading for virginia educators rve passing test score on the reading for virginia educators rve assessment elementary and special education test 5306 www.ets.org official documentation of passing test scores for praxis i and praxis ii elementary education prek-6 content knowledge #10014 attendance at mandatory briefing prior to beginning the internship a current tb test result a recent notarized federal background check please see the following website http www.fbi.gov/hq/cjisd.fprequest.htm for more information on background checks evidence of student professional educator‘s protection liability insurance – specifically the policy cover page including the name insurance cannot be part of homeowner‘s insurance an economical option is membership in the christian educator‘s association

intensive practice in oral and written spanish language skills based on personal experiences film cultural readings articles and short stories by hispanic writers includes advanced grammar review and vocabulary development prerequisite span 211 or placement through department of language and literature span 311 spanish conversation and composition ii 3 continuation of span 310 intensive practice in oral and written spanish language skills based on personal experiences film cultural readings articles and short stories by hispanic writers includes advanced grammar review and vocabulary development prerequisite span 310 span 410 hispanic culture through film 3 history and culture of the spanish-speaking world through the context of film taught in spanish prerequisite span 311 span 420 culture and civilization of spain 3 exploration of the culture and civilization of spain from prehistoric times through the present taught in spanish prerequisite span 311 span 421 culture and civilization

prerequisite psyc 313 or concurrent students will be withdrawn if prerequisite is not successfully completed crosslisted with govt 321/crju 321 psyc 327 psychology of religion 3 examines the theory and research in psychology of religion including topics such as psychological methods and measures used to study religion as well as objective and subjective approaches to the study of religion as related to prayer meditation spiritual healing dreams tongue-speaking social attitudes and behavior mental health mysticism religious orientation and personal development psyc 390 independent study 3 an approved independent study option supervised by faculty in a directed area of scholarship study is conducted according to a learning contract between a chosen faculty member and the student psyc 400 abnormal psychology 3 survey of various categories of abnormal or deviant behavior such as developmental personality mood psychophysiological psychotic anxiety somatoform chemical dependency and

stephen c raptis 2009 b.a skidmore college ny m.a boston university instructor government history and criminal justice william reddinger 2010 m.a northern illinois university assistant professor government history and criminal justice steven b sherman 2009 b.a california state university-fullerton m.a simon greenleaf university m.div and ph.d fuller theological seminary assistant professor religion and philosophy jeffrey slattery 2009 b.a johnson bible college m.a gordon-conwell theological seminary d.b.a argosy university/sarasota campus assistant professor business chair of the business department william j ventura ii 2007 b.a university of the nations hi m.a and ph.d regent university assistant professor communication kenneth l wantz 2009 b.s eastern nazarene college m.s and ph.d university of delaware professor natural science mathematics and technology caramine k white 2008 b.a duke university m.a old dominion university ph.d university of north

the faculty bounds j dennis 1993 b.a baylor university ph.d m.a university of texas-austin brown william j 1992 b.s purdue university ph.d m.a university of southern california burnett michael j 2008 b.a sul ross state university mfa university of mississippi elvgren gillette 1990 b.a m.a tulane university ph.d florida state university fraser benson p 1986 b.a southern california school m.a california state fullerton m.a pepperdine university m.div fuller theological seminary ph.d university of washington garcia david 2006 b.s university of wisconsin m.a regent university harrell eric 2005 b.a abilene christian university mfa university of nebraska hayes scott m 2008 bfa university of california at santa barbara mfa florida state university holland-geary judith 2005 b.f.a university of maryland mfa brooklyn college keeler john d 1978 b.a allegheny college b.j m.a ph.d university of texas-austin kirkland michael 2002 b.a california state university at