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student employment 35 virginia tuition assistance grant 35 state assistance for students from states other than virginia 35 more information 35 email notification and genisys 35 academic support student life and campus services 36 academic support 36 student services 37 information technology 40 psychological services center 41 academic policies 42 academic advising 42 academic appeals 42 academic dismissal 42 academic grievances and grade appeals 42 academic integrity 42 academic probation 43 attendance and participation 43 centers and institutes 44 commencement 45 cornerstone and capstone requirement 45 dean s list 45 declaring a major 45 faculty/course evaluations 45 financial holds on academic records 46 grade change appeals 46 grading system 46 graduation procedure 47 “incomplete” grades i 47 independent learning opportunities 48 “in-progress” grades ip 48 latin honors 49 outcomes assessment

ï‚· ï‚· official sat scores critical reading and math/act composite scores if the applicant is under 23 years old not required for ages 23 and older signed community life form transfer students with an a.a a.s or a.a s from the virginia community college system or the north carolina community college system are required to submit the following only ï‚· ï‚· an official transcript from the vccs or ncccs college from which the degree was awarded all transcripts from colleges or universities for which courses were applied to the aa/as degree student should have a cumulative gpa of 2.5 and be in good standing with all vccs or ncccs colleges attended home school students students completing high school requirements in a home school curriculum must submit an official high school transcript and transcripts from any colleges/universities attended high school transcripts should include the following information ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· name of

guidelines a student may qualify for an amount between the following ranges  minimum amount for a full award year $577  maximum amount for a full year award $5,550 amounts are effective for fall 2012 the actual amount will vary depending upon each student’s application information and enrollment status etc the teach grant program the teach grant program awards grants to students who intend to teach the grant will provide up to $4,000 a year in grant aid to undergraduate and graduate students in eligible programs in turn you must agree to serve as a full-time teacher in a high-need field in a school serving low-income students for at least four academic years within eight years of completing the program of study for which you received the grant if you do not complete your service as a teacher the grant will convert to an unsubsidized federal loan to see if you qualify please answer the questions listed will you work in one of the following high-need fields

academic policies academic advising professional academic advisors faculty and student services personnel are available to provide academic career and personal guidance during the student’s program and to help each student with administrative needs and concerns it is the student’s responsibility to meet the requirements of the degree program advisors assist students in planning how they will complete graduation requirements in addition advisors remain available throughout the year to help students regarding academic concerns and with the registration process such as selecting courses adding or dropping courses and selecting a major or minor more information is available from the enrollment services office and the student handbook students can download academic forms at http www.regent.edu/admin/registrar/undergradstudentforms.cfm although the academic advisor participates actively in the student’s planning and helps to monitor the student’s progress towards

 minor must carry a minimum of a c 1.67 some academic departments may not allow a major and a minor within the same discipline students may apply a general education course to the major or minor when the course is required in both areas students who complete a minor may later choose to apply those credits to a major but they will not also earn the minor students may not triple count a course under any circumstances double major requirements • in addition to other graduation requirements students completing a b.a or b.s degree with two majors must complete all required hours in both majors at least 75 30 hours minimum of the total hours required for the second major must be unique to that major that is only 25 of the required hours may be doublecounted dual degree requirements • students completing both a b.a and a b.s degree in addition to general graduation requirements must complete 150 hours of study to earn both degrees students must complete 100 of the

the major in leadership studies the major in leadership studies challenges students to explore the many facets of leadership through the lens of a christian worldview the curriculum is designed to build on the undergraduate liberal arts core of regent preparing students with a thorough knowledge and skill set the program is rigorous academically while offering hands-on experiences and interaction with successful leaders to build within students a confidence in the practical value of the knowledge they gain helping students to understand ethics is a focus of the faculty since it is essential for christhonoring leadership and management graduates are prepared for leadership roles in organizations or for continuing their studies at the graduate level it is the belief of the faculty that leadership is most effective when learned in the context of life’s experiences students who have work experiences to which they can relate course materials leadership principles and assignments

all fifteen 15 credit hours of the minor must be completed at regent university students may not apply the same credits to two 2 programs i.e a major and a minor students who complete a minor may later choose to apply those credits to a major but they will not also earn the minor theatre minor students must take the following four 4 courses theu 101 introduction to theatre 3 theu 105 stagecraft 3 theu 132 basic acting 1 3 theu 181 practicum in theatre production 1 theatre minor students must take at least one 1 of the following courses theu 227 makeup for the stage 3 theu 232 basic acting 2 3 theu 234 voice and diction for the stage 3 theu 251 improvisation 3 theu 314 play analysis 3 theu 321 costume design 3 theu 322 fundamentals of directing 3 theu 323 scenic and lighting design 3 theu 405 theatre history 1 3 theu 406 theatre history 2 3 theu 181 must be taken a minimum of three 3 times course descriptions animation anim 100 fundamentals of animation 3 analysis of samples of

non-western history hist 372 history of global christianity 3 hist 376 history of modern asia 3 hist 382 history of latin america 3 hist 384 history of modern africa 3 hist 389 history of the middle east and the islamic world 3 hist 392 history of russia and the former soviet union 3 students majoring in other disciplines may choose to minor in history minor in history 15 credit hours students choose two courses 6 credits not used to fulfill general education requirements from the following hist 101 western civilization i 3 hist 102 western civilization ii 3 hist 201 u.s history i 3 hist 202 u.s history ii 3 hist 211 world history i 3 hist 212 world history ii 3 students completing a minor in history also take hist 301 historiography and research methods of history 3 two courses 6 credits chosen from each of two of the three historical areas listed above american ancient medieval and european and non-western history international studies the major in international studies so you

ued 442 foundations of education 3 a study of the foundations of education in the u.s this course explores the historical philosophical and sociological development and organization of american education a portion of the course is devoted to education and the law -both federal and state and to the legal status of teachers and students establishes a philosophical foundation of education and surveys various worldviews that affect education today contemporary issues in education are examined such as class management as well as reflection of personal educational philosophies attitudes and aptitudes for teaching professional growth and a commitment to life-long learning are emphasized a 15-hour class observation experience competency is required cross-listed with etlc 542 ued 451 students with disabilities 3 learning disabilities intellectual disabilities emotional disorders and the characteristics of students with hearing vision and/or physical impairments survey the range of conditions

continuation of fren 310 intensive practice in oral and written french language skills based on personal experiences film cultural readings articles and short stories includes advanced grammar review and vocabulary development prerequisite fren 310 fren 410 french culture through film 3 history and culture of the french-speaking world through the context of film taught in french prerequisite fren 311 fren 420 culture and civilization of france 3 exploration of the culture and civilization of france from prehistoric times through the present taught in french prerequisite fren 311 fren 475 special topics 3 intensive examination of a selected area of study in the field of french language and culture topics vary and are announced in advance this course may be repeated for credit lecture seminar and/or team study taught in french prerequisite fren 311 spanish span 101 introductory spanish i 4 introduction to the spanish language using a communicative approach with an emphasis on developing

peggy m southerland 2011 b.a university of maryland professional in residence communication arts harry w sova 2011 ph.d ohio university professor communication arts donnie w staggs 2010 m.a oral roberts university m.a regent university instructor language and literature william j ventura ii 2007 ph.d regent university assistant professor communication arts caleb verbois 2011 ph.d university of virginia assistant professor government history and criminal justice kenneth l wantz 2009 ph.d university of delaware professor natural science and mathematics caramine k white 2008 ph.d university of north carolina-greensboro associate professor language and literature ruth-anne e wideman 2005 ed.d regent university associate professor biblical studies and christian ministry yan diana xiong 2011 ph.d george washington university assistant professor government history and criminal justice david x xu 2011 m.f.a pratt institute associate professor communication arts