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table of contents preface ii accreditation ii nondiscrimination policy iii table of contents iv the university 1 message from our chancellor ceo 1 mission statement 2 philosophy of education 2 history of the university 2 standard of personal conduct 3 campus facilities 3 the university library 4 library faculty 4 student life campus services and academic support 5 student services 5 the university writing center 7 information technology 8 psychological services center 9 graduation procedure 9 commencement 9 graduate academic information and policies 10 freedom of expression 10 student records confidentiality 10 access to student educational records by others 10 virginia tidewater consortium program 11 graduate academic programs degrees etc 11 graduate full-time classification 13 academic advising 14 repeating a course 14 grading systems 14 appeals and grievances 16 academic integrity 16 academic probation and dismissal 16

semesters until they have received their student visa and have confirmed the dates of the sevis/international student orientation program for the semester they were admitted to regent lawful immigration status required for enrollment prior to enrollment at the university non-immigrants who have been admitted to regent must provide evidence that they are lawfully in the country and that they are in a status that allows for enrollment enrollment status classification regular degree-seeking students applicants who intend to obtain a degree from regent university are defined as regular students all regular students are eligible for all forms of financial aid unless otherwise specified below and contingent upon successfully meeting other eligibility criteria of the individual financial aid programs upon acceptance some graduate students may be subclassified as provisional and/or conditional if they have not met all admission requirements these sub-classifications are explained below

the school of business leadership does not require on-campus residency for newly accepted doctoral students program orientation is conveniently offered online prior to the start of doctoral studies and the capstone course may also be completed online the school of business leadership programs are committed to the historical foundations of the doctoral degree in which a community of scholars is created among faculty mentors and student scholars regent university mirrors this historical tradition by using intensive online orientation and capstone courses and a variety of interactive discussion modes that extend beyond topical course discourse in view of this goal the waiving of the orientation and capstone requirements will not be considered degree programs recognizing that true leadership is a combination of education and god-given talent the school of business leadership offers several graduate programs that provide the educational foundation to enhance one’s leadership and

ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· international influence we actively seek to educate international students who desire to use pro-social entertainment to promote biblical values and beliefs in their home nations innovation we pursue innovative learning in communication and the arts through our use of new communication technologies for media production and distance education reputation and heritage as the founding school of regent university we have been privileged to benefit from the excellent reputation of cbn and its affiliated ministries for biblically inspired communication highproduction quality and media professionalism financial aid regent university offers a limited number of awards on an institution-wide basis for more information see the tuition fees and financial aid section of the catalog the school offers financial assistance to degree-seeking students who are able to demonstrate academic excellence minimum undergraduate gpa of 3.2 leadership potential and need financial aid

the faculty regent university school of communication and the arts has an active distinguished faculty of published scholars playwrights and media professionals brown william j 1992 ph.d university of southern california elvgren gillette 1990 ph.d florida state university fraser benson p 1986 ph.d university of washington garcia david 2006 m.a regent university harrell eric 2005 mfa university of nebraska holland-geary judith 2005 mfa brooklyn college keeler john d 1978 ph.d university of texas-austin kirkland michael 2002 ph.d university of utah land f mitchell 2011 ph.d university of texas-austin mattison booker t 2010 mfa new york university paladini mark t 2005 b.a university of washington patrick michael 2003 ph.d regent university pfeiffer markus 2006 d.min regent university quicke andrew c 1986 m.a oxford university son heeyoung 2011 mfa purdue university swaffield bruce c 2003 ph.d university of miami wales lorene d 1998 ph.d regent university

permission from the dean’s office next apply to and select an appropriate cpe site the application process is your responsibility in order to receive three credit hours the cpe unit must include at least 400 hours of supervised experience students who have received academic credit for this unit of cpe at a masters level may not receive doctoral credit for this course prerequisite dcpe 701 702 703 or units 1 2 3 of cpe ddss 798 dmin integrative examination 3 culminating exercise to demonstrate scholarly professional practical and spiritual integration of the dmin experience write both an integrative essay and a ministry project/dissertation proposal the examination is a discussional interview based on the content of the integrative essay pass/no pass ddss 799a 01 dmin ministry project 3 an identified problem in ministry that needs solving it is a specialized application of the curriculum to your ministry context prerequisites fulfillment of all dmin course requirements core

the reading specialist program offers two options to accomplish a master’s degree the endorsement option is designed to meet the growing demand for trained reading specialists by providing competency-based courses that fulfill the requirements for a virginia endorsement this option results in accomplishing both a master’s degree and adding an endorsement to a current virginia teaching license the endorsement option requires internship hours and a passing score on the current reading specialist assessment the non-endorsement option is designed for those who want to accomplish a master’s degree but do not want to add an endorsement to their license the coursework offers a balanced perspective on teaching reading preparing teachers in the areas of supervision communication skills technology reading assessment instruction curriculum and research students in the reading specialist program who are seeking the reading specialist add-on endorsement from the virginia

ehea 803 the law governance of higher education 3 provides historical and contemporary legal issues that have and will continue to shape colleges and universities today discusses legal issues regarding the college and trustees administrators and staff investigates the legal basis of higher education in the united states to include constitutional provisions and federal statutes that influence higher education policy prepares emergent administrators for preventative law measures in an increasing litigious environment cross-listed with ehea 503 ehea 804 teaching on a college or university level effective teaching strategies for multiple constituencies 3 an academically compelling aspect of regent’s mission of leadership “to change the world” is producing professors who will have a major impact on the professoriate in this new millennium with an unusually high percentage of retirements in the coming years we will have the potential and ability to produce new professors

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ school of law dean’s message there is a vital need today for lawyers who exhibit both skill and integrity at regent university school of law we offer rigorous training in the substance of the law and the skills needed to succeed as an attorney but that explains only part of who we are we are also committed to teaching the law from a biblical perspective ultimately our goal is to graduate men and women who will serve their clients effectively and who will be “salt and light” in their law firms their communities and at the state and national levels as you consider a career involving the law i encourage you to consider the benefits of a legal education that recognizes the critical role that our christian faith should play in our professional lives and our legal system i trust that in doing so you may be drawn to regent university school of law for your legal studies jeffrey a brauch

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ school of psychology counseling dean’s message our motto in the school of psychology counseling spc indicates our aspiration to be both “academically excellent” and “distinctively christian.” we believe that these goals are synergistic our aim is produce leaders in psychology and counseling who can provide effective services to their clients in a manner richly informed by the best of the academic traditions in these fields and the christian faith our focus has been on preparing professionals and paraprofessionals for practice oriented careers in a wide variety of settings many of our graduates have developed careers in explicitly christian practices contexts many others work in the spectrum of secular mental health contexts such as private practice school services medical settings or military clinics all are trained to integrate faith and practice in sophisticated and

hughes rosemarie s 1987 dean emerita ph.d old dominion university school of psychology counseling page