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veteran s benefits 36 student employment 36 virginia tuition assistance grant 36 state assistance for students from states other than virginia 37 more information 37 email notification and genisys 37 academic support student life and campus services 37 academic support 37 student services 38 information technology 41 psychological services center 42 academic policies 42 academic advising 42 academic appeals 42 academic dismissal 42 academic integrity 42 academic probation 43 academic warning 44 appeals and grievances 44 attendance and participation 44 centers and institutes 45 commencement 45 cornerstone and capstone requirement 46 dean s list 46 declaring a major 46 faculty/course evaluations 46 financial holds on academic records 46 grade change appeals 46 grading system 46 graduation procedure 48 “incomplete” grades i 48 independent learning opportunities 49 “in-progress” grades ip 49 latin

ï‚· ï‚· ï‚· all colleges attended see below for transcript requirements an official transcript from any and all colleges attended previous to regent a median cumulative college gpa of 2.5 is expected official sat scores critical reading and math/act composite scores if the applicant is under 23 years old not required for ages 23 and older signed community life form transfer students with an a.a a.s or a.a s from the virginia community college system or the north carolina community college system are required to submit the following only ï‚· ï‚· an official transcript from the vccs or ncccs college from which the degree was awarded all transcripts from colleges or universities for which courses were applied to the aa/as degree student should have a cumulative gpa of 2.5 and be in good standing with all vccs or ncccs colleges attended home school students students completing high school requirements in a home school curriculum must submit an official high school

   gifted talented  teacher leader o individualized plan o leadership in character education o master teacher master of education/initial licensure o career-switcher – alternative licensure o special education k – 12 o elementary education master of education/optional endorsements o reading specialist o teaching english to speakers of other languages tesol will you work in a school serving low-income students  schools serving low-income students include elementary or secondary schools listed in the dept of education’s annual directory of designated low-income schools for teacher cancellation benefits at www.tcli.ed.gov/cbswebapp/tcli/tclipubschoolsearch.jsp do you plan to teach full-time in a school serving low-income students for at least four out of eight years once you complete your program at regent if you meet all of the above requirements you may be eligible for a teach grant the teach grant program will provide up to

short to plagiarize is to give the impression that you wrote or thought something that you in fact borrowed from someone and to do so is a violation of professional ethics p 151 plagiarism is a pervasive threat to academic integrity because of the emergence and expansion of the internet any time a student downloads content from the internet or any electronic document the student risks committing plagiarism the student must summarize or paraphrase the material first with of course proper citation rather than simply cutting and pasting blocks of downloaded text in his/her paper without using quotation marks penalties and processes regarding violations of the academic honor code are described in full in the student handbook available online academic probation undergraduate students with less than a 2.00 cumulative gpa at the end of any semester will be placed on academic probation while on academic probation students will be limited to a maximum of 12 semester credit hours 13 credit

requirements for both majors and 75 of the second degree major core requirements which must total a minimum of 30 hours must be unique to the second degree the general education core curriculum serving as a core experience for undergraduate students at regent university the general education core curriculum is intended to foster students’ personal spiritual and academic growth as christian leaders who can change the world the college of arts sciences has developed its general education curriculum to conform to the rigorous academic standards of excellence proposed by the american council of trustees and alumni acta in accordance with these standards regent’s general education curriculum requires coursework in english composition literature economics u.s history mathematics and the natural sciences while offering elective courses in foreign language foundational courses in biblical worldview christian leadership communication philosophy and the arts are also integral to

          christian ministry communication studies criminal justice english government history information systems technology leadership studies psychology teacher education ids a b.s in professional studies with an emphasis in teacher education does not qualify a student for state educational licensure for state licensure track see the interdisciplinary studies section of this catalog courses accounting acct 215 intermediate accounting i 3 examination of financial accounting concepts theories and practices to include the following topics cash and receivables inventory valuation and credit policy fixed assets and revenue and expense recognition prerequisite busn 220 acct 225 intermediate accounting ii 3 continuation of intermediate accounting i studies the advances concepts and practices associated with liabilities and stockholders’ equity earnings per share income tax allocation financial statements

anim 496 culminating project 3 under the supervision of the instructor students work independently to develop a 5-minute animation project meeting weekly to discuss their progress permission of advisor and instructor prerequisite anim 310 art arta 310 comparative anatomy and figure drawing 3 intensive practice in correct rendering of the human and animal forms through skeletal and muscular studies looking at stationary poses as well as figures in motion and basic gesturing prerequisites anim 120 and anim 220 arta 320 introduction to painting 3 building on the foundation skills of drawing design and color theory it focuses on materials and methods while exploring a variety of subjects and pictorial strategies includes contemporary and historical work as well as critical judgment and presentation prerequisites anim 120 and anim 220 cinema-television ctvu 101 introduction to aesthetics of film and television 3 concepts of film aesthetics and analysis exposure to classical hollywood

second and third year language courses on campus therefore online students may transfer credits for those courses from other accredited programs requirements for the major in international studies 27 core credit hours 3 hours of history electives and 20 foreign language hours or placement test equivalent to total 50 credit hours 27 credit hours required bibl 340 world religions and cultures 3 econ 230 macroeconomics 3 engl 330 studies in world literature 3 geog 101 world geography 3 govt 220 comparative politics 3 govt 290 political economy 3 govt 304 international relations 3 govt 387 research methods 3 ints 491 senior seminar in international studies 3 choose 3 credit hours from the following hist 369 modern european history 1815-present 3 hist 372 history of global christianity 3 hist 376 history of modern asia 3 hist 382 history of latin america 3 hist 384 history of modern africa 3 hist 389 history of middle east and islamic world 3 hist 392 history of russia and the former

ued 492 teaching english in high school 2 study of current practices in teaching english in high school emphasis given to comparative english grammar and the integration of grammar and writing at the high school level ability to analyze data to improve student performance the relationship among assessment instruction and monitoring student progress the use of media and computers and methods of improving communication between school and families taken in conjunction with ued 480b prerequisite ued 491 ued 493 practicum in middle school i 1 in-depth observation and participation in a middle school classroom students are placed in a public school setting for at least 60 hours under supervision of regent faculty students will also be placed in their respective subject area majors taken with ued 491 ued 494 practicum in high school ii 1 in-depth observation and participation in a high school classroom students are placed in a public school setting for at least 60 hours under supervision of

biol 421 immunology 4 chem 121 general chemistry i 4 chem 122 general chemistry ii 4 chem 221 organic chemistry i 4 chem 222 organic chemistry ii 4 chem 421 biochemistry 4 math 211 calculus i 4 math 212 calculus ii 4 nsci 121 foundations of scientific thought 3 nsci 122 history of science and religion 3 nsci 221 science theology and philosophy 3 nsci 222 cosmology 3 nsci 321 origins 3 nsci 421 bioethics 3 nsci 499 thesis research and writing 3 phys 221 general physics i 4 phys 222 general physics ii 4 in addition students must choose any 3-credit hour course from anywhere in the course catalog the major in mathematics mathematical relationships are built into the fabric of the universe even to the casual observer the mathematical patterns in nature are obvious it is not surprising then that deep thought has been given to numbers natural patterns and symbols as representations of reality for several thousands of years in the course of human civilization the committed christian

caleb verbois 2011 ph.d university of virginia assistant professor government history and criminal justice kenneth l wantz 2009 ph.d university of delaware professor natural science and mathematics stephen webb 2013 m.s saint leo university principal lecturer government history and criminal justice caramine k white 2008 ph.d university of north carolina-greensboro associate professor languages and literature yan diana xiong 2011 ph.d george washington university assistant professor government history and criminal justice david x xu 2011 m.f.a pratt institute associate professor communication arts