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admission to candidacy admission to the ph.d program does not constitute or guarantee a student’s admission to candidacy for the ph.d in organizational leadership admission to candidacy is contingent upon the following  successful completion of coursework with at least a 3.0 gpa  successful completion of comprehensive examinations  successful completion and defense of the dissertation proposal  the recommendation of the student’s doctoral committee  approval by the doctoral faculty committee  approval by the sbl faculty  compliance with all applicable requirements of regent university doctor of strategic leadership degree dsl dsl program 60 credit hours program delivered online with some required face-to-face components the doctor of strategic leadership dsl is a terminal professional degree designed to provide immediate solutions for today’s organizational challenges through its applied multidisciplinary approach enabling professionals to effectively renew and transform the organizations they lead the dsl emphasizes the value and implementation of effective organizational leadership organizational communication structure and development in relation to people team building and cultural understanding while this program is thoroughly grounded in theoretical concepts the courses place greater emphasis on the practical components of those theories essential to the student’s leadership of the organization and the processes critical to organizational transformation graduates of the dsl program will possess a comprehensive framework for effective leadership applicable to organizations of all sizes this includes business enterprises nonprofit organizations educational institutions government agencies and the military students may select one of four concentrations in which to specialize global consulting leadership coaching strategic foresight or strategic leadership all of the courses in the doctoral program incorporate the underlying scriptural principles that are essential to creating and sustaining transforming organizations the dsl can be completed in as little as three and a half years but most likely in four to four and a half years the maximum time allowed to complete the program is seven years in addition doctoral students must maintain continuous enrollment in the program during all academic years i.e three semesters each year including orientation each semester is approximately 13 weeks in length requirements  completion of all required coursework  successful completion of the culminating integrative paper  completion of a minimum of 6 credit hours of the dsl project  completion of all requirements associated with the dsl project school of business page 58