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private grants and scholarships 33 satisfactory academic progress sap 33 veteran s benefits 34 student employment 34 virginia tuition assistance grant 34 state assistance for students from states other than virginia 35 more information 35 email notification and genisys 35 academic support student life and campus services 35 academic support 35 student services 36 information technology 39 psychological services center 40 academic policies 40 academic advising 40 academic appeals 40 academic dismissal 41 academic integrity 41 academic probation 42 academic warning 42 appeals and grievances 42 attendance and participation 42 centers and institutes 43 commencement 43 cornerstone and capstone requirement 44 dean s list 44 declaring a major 44 faculty/course evaluations 44 financial holds on academic records 44 grade change appeals 44 grading system 45 graduation procedure 46 “incomplete” grades i 46 independent learning

conditional enrollment international undergraduate applicants who have submitted all application materials except test results an official transcript or a letter of reference may be admitted on a “conditional” enrollment status furthermore except for situations where the language tests toefl/pte academic/ielts may be waived—as explained in sections 6 a-e the toefl/pte academic/ielts test requirement cannot be excluded for the purpose of conditional admission an acceptable toefl/pte academic/ielts score must be received before conditional or full admission can be granted those on conditional status have one term to submit all of the required admissions materials the student will not be eligible to register for a second term until the college of arts sciences removes the conditional designation failure to register is a serious violation of the f-1 immigration status which would result in the student’s need to depart the united states immediately any request

ï‚· business office to ensure that these items have been processed by the deadline or the employer reimburses the student for tuition costs after the completion of a given semester in this case the student may wish to utilize the employer reimbursement deferment plan as described below or he or she will need to pay tuition and fees out of pocket before the start of the term the employer reimbursement deferment plan most employers who provide tuition reimbursement pay their employees after they complete their courses and receive their grades for a given semester as a service to employer-reimbursed students regent university allows such students to defer payment for a given semester until the fourth 4th friday of the following semester students choosing to defer any part of their tuition payment under this plan must submit the online employer reimbursement deferment form see below to the business office prior to the start of each semester and are charged a $45 fee to set up their

better in all courses which they intend to apply to the major they can repeat courses following the processes listed under “registration processes.” graduation procedure 1 2 3 4 5 all students desiring to graduate must file a graduation application with the registrar’s office by september 15 for december graduation and by december 1 for graduation in either may or august of the following year the registrar’s office receives the graduation application from each student students who are not approved to graduate in the semester stated on the graduation application must file another application in a subsequent semester the registrar’s office posts degrees on transcripts and issues diplomas only when the registrar has certified that all graduation requirements have been met these requirements include the following a satisfactory completion of all degree requirements as specified in the catalog for the student’s degree program students who have been

bibl 318 general epistles 3 bibl 350 biblical languages 3 minor in theology 15 credits students will take the following 2 courses bibl 331 systematic theology i 3 bibl 332 systematic theology ii 3 students will take 3 or 6 credits of church history from the following bibl 260 church history i 3 bibl 261 church history ii 3 bibl 467 american church history 3 students will take 3 or 6 credits of theology from the following bibl 301 apologetics 3 bibl 370 contemporary american cults and sects 3 bibl 422 seminar in theology 3 bibl 430 christian ethics 3 the major in christian ministry the bachelor of arts in christian ministry educates students for the practice of ministry within a challenging and diverse global community this course of study includes a strong foundation in biblical and theological studies to enable students to develop a well-grounded ministry approach that is christ-centered students who are pursuing a ministry vocation or are already engaged in ministry will find their

hcmt 350 contemporary issues in healthcare management 3 practice in making managerial decisions in a wide variety of situations cases are presented that analyze current issues such as service-line management healthcare reform the medical home accountable care organizations community benefit ceo compensation and other legal and cultural issues affecting the healthcare organization hcmt 370 healthcare informatics 3 introduction to the management of medical information systems in healthcare emphasizing the optimization and customization potential of computer functions in the health services environment exploration of organizational and cost-benefit issues related to healthcare information systems including clinical decision-support integrated networking and distributed computing technologies and universal medical records hcmt 415 healthcare financial management 3 complex financial models in healthcare organizations and the influence of public policy the aca and market conditions on the

anim 489 workshop 1-3 special topics courses offered at instructor’s discretion anim 490 independent study 1-3 the independent study affords the student an opportunity for specialized research or project in the field of animation an independent study cannot be offered for a course that is already designated and listed students must submit a written proposal stating the reason for and parameters of the project as well as a comprehensive schedule for its completion within the semester format prerequisite senior standing and permission of advisor anim 495 internship 1-6 culminating experience in which the student applies learned skills demonstrating competency under the guidance of a specialist in the field advisor approval required anim 496 culminating project 3 under the supervision of the instructor students work independently to develop a 5-minute animation project meeting weekly to discuss their progress permission of advisor and instructor prerequisite anim 310 art arta 310

the history major will serve an integral role in achieving the goals and mission of the college of arts sciences and regent university historical study draws on the essential skills of critical thinking research problem solving and communicating clearly and persuasively that are the foundation of a christian liberal arts education christians preparing for leadership in a global environment need to be aware of the unique histories of other cultures across time and place that historical study provides their grasp of their own christian worldview as they develop an appreciation of the worldviews of the cultures they study will enable them to interact much more fruitfully with those in our modern world thus the history major at regent equips students with narrative frameworks for understanding the cultural formation and interaction of all cultures in all historical periods and in a variety of regions of the world both past and present faculty strive to help students develop a deep

hist 376 history of modern east asia 3 studies the history and cultures of east asia in the modern period attention is given to the religion cultural economic and political development of china japan and korea along with present day developments prerequisites hist 211 or 212 hist 382 history of latin america 3 explores the history culture and societies of latin america before european contact to their contemporary struggles to build stable democracies considers the role of spanish rule in the 19 th century and the effects of globalization on socioeconomic political and cultural development prerequisites hist 211 or 212 hist 384 history of modern africa 3 study of the rocky terrain of africa’s modern history from its roots in european imperialism in the late 19 th century to their struggles to gain their independence in the mid-20th century and subsequent efforts to build stable democracies in the present prerequisites hist 211 or 212 hist 389 history of the middle east and the

math 211 calculus i 4 a first course in calculus and analytic geometry limits and continuity differentiation and applications of derivatives integration and the fundamental theorem of calculus math 212 calculus ii 4 a second course in calculus and analytic geometry techniques and applications of integration introduction to differential equations parametric equations and polar coordinates infinite series and power series prerequisite math 211 math 213 calculus iii 4 a third course in calculus and analytic geometry vectors lines and planes three-dimensional space and calculus of several variables including partial differentiation and multiple integrals introduction to vector analysis prerequisite math 212 math 220 discrete mathematics 3 discrete structures including sets relations functions matrices graphs and trees symbolic logic mathematical induction and introduction to proofs probability combinations permutations introduction to linear programming prerequisite math 102 or equivalent