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private grants and scholarships 38 satisfactory academic progress sap 38 veteran s benefits 39 student employment 40 virginia tuition assistance grant 40 state assistance for students from states other than virginia 40 more information 40 email notification and genisys 40 academic support student life and campus services 41 academic support 41 student services 42 information technology 45 psychological services center 47 academic policies 47 academic advising 47 academic appeals 47 academic dismissal 48 academic integrity 48 academic probation 49 academic warning 49 appeals and grievances 49 attendance and participation 49 centers and institutes 50 commencement 50 cornerstone and capstone requirement 51 dean s list 51 declaring a major 51 faculty/course evaluations 51 financial holds on academic records 51 grade change appeals 51 grading system 51 graduation procedure 53 “incomplete” grades i 53 independent

conditions for issuing sevis forms i-20 before regent university can issue the sevis forms i-20 to an applicant the following conditions must be met prior to the established i-20 issuance deadlines included in the chart below 1 academic acceptance for admission to regent university must be granted at least four to five months prior to semester of enrollment so the i-20 can be issued in enough time to secure the visa for transfer applicants the admission decision must be made at least three to four months prior to the semester of enrollment “regular” or “conditional” acceptance may be considered “provisional” acceptance is not permissible 2 regent must receive the financial certification form and all supporting documents verifying that the applicant’s financial resources meet the financial needs for their first year of study and that adequate funding will be available for the entire duration of the degree program 3 regent must receive all

ï‚· ï‚· satisfactory academic progress review for the prior term is made for students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program the timeframe cannot exceed 150 of the published length of the program which is measured in attempted credit hours based upon the number of credits offered at regent for the program therefore the maximum duration of financial aid eligibility for students in this program is 180 attempted credit hours at regent counted from the term/period the student originally begins the program not to exceed six 6 calendar years from the beginning of the initial term/period including period of nonenrollment student must be in otherwise good academic standing with the university as defined by the university s academic policies a student placed on academic probation is automatically on financial aid warning in the event that a student fails to meet any of the above criteria at the end of an academic semester/term the student will be placed on financial aid warning

registration processes 1 adding a course students may add a class only during the first week of an eight 8 week session or fifteen 15 week term students are to use the “add/drop” form to make this request available online on the registrar’s webpage http www.regent.edu/admin/registrar as well as in hard copy in the registrar’s office and in the office of advising and student services students may not add courses beyond the first week of an eight 8 week session or fifteen 15 week term 2 dropping a course students may drop courses from their schedule during the first week of an eight 8 week session course or semester/term course without penalty after the last day of the first week academic or financial penalties apply if by the end of the second week of the session or fifteen 15 week term a student has not attended an on campus course or participated in academic activities for an online course for which s/he is registered and does not officially drop the course

bibl 460 practical evangelism 3 minor in worship 15 credit hours students will take the following 5 courses bibl 317 psalms 3 bibl 331 systematic theology i 3 bibl 333 biblical theological foundations of worship 3 bibl 405 worship leadership in the local church 3 bibl 465 historic practices in liturgy and worship 3 note bibl 103 and bibl 104 are prerequisites to participating in this minor minor in youth ministry 15 credit hours students will take the following 4 courses bibl 120 principles of youth ministry 3 bibl 240 studying and teaching the bible 3 bibl 321 youth evangelism and discipleship 3 psyc 317 marriage and family 3 students choose 1 of the following courses psyc 211 developmental psychology 3 psyc 250 human sexuality 3 psyc 306 addictive disorders 3 courses biblical and theological studies bibl 100 introduction to biblical literacy 3 the art and discipline of studying the bible emphasis on the purpose of the bible as it relates to truth beauty and goodness as well as

busn 491 senior capstone 3 the integration and synthesis of knowledge and principles concerning all areas of business requirements include submission of a working business plan prerequisite senior standing busn 495 internship 3 provides students with the opportunity to practically utilize the skills competencies and knowledge gained from course material to serve in a local state national or international organization prerequisite junior or senior standing economics econ 101 introduction to economics 3 survey of economic concepts and systems including both micro and macro-economics students examine the american economic system while exploring the impact of the international market topics include markets and competition price supply and demand aggregate performance fiscal policy and international trade and finance this course is not open to business majors econ 120 microeconomics 3 examines the concepts principles and business practices of market systems demand and supply economics

investigates the rise of dramatic realism and reactionary waves of anti-realist theatre in europe and america from 1875 to mid-twentieth century playwrights may include ibsen chekhov strindberg shaw pirandello o neill ionesco beckett and others plays will be considered with reference to the work of seminal stage directors theu 405 theatre history 1 3 historical examination of significant developments in world theatre and drama from its origins through the european renaissance prerequisite theu 101 or instructor approval theu 406 theatre history 2 3 historical examination of significant developments in world theatre and drama from the 18th century through the 20th century prerequisite theu 101 or instructor approval theu 420 performance studio 3 a performance lab that provides the advanced student an opportunity to research explore and generate performances within specific periods styles or genres provides students with both theoretical and practical experience in performance examples

govt 382 constitutional law 3 engl 308 business and professional writing 3 suggested foreign language proficiency testing while proficiency in a foreign language is not a requirement for the government major it is clear that proficiency in a foreign language is essential for a student’s educational professional and competitive advantage in the twenty-first century in many areas of government and foreign affairs foreign language proficiency is a job requirement and certainly an important skill for greater leadership and service government students are encouraged to learn and acquire mastery of a foreign language and to demonstrate this proficiency in their professional resumes and job applications one of the best ways in which to do this is through a foreign language proficiency exam students who choose to demonstrate a competency in a foreign language will be referred to language testing international www.languagetesting.com who on behalf of regent university administers an

hist 336 american evangelicalism 3 explores the development of a distinctive american form of evangelical christianity from its roots in new england puritanism to the very different shape in the emerging church movement prerequisite hist 201 or 202 or hist 250 hist 346 ancient greece and the empires of alexander the great 3 studies the history of ancient greece hellenic civilization from minoan and mycenaean times to the rise and fall of philip and alexander the great examines the cultural roots of western civilization and provides cultural and historical context for the old testament hist 347 the roman world 3 studies the development of the roman civilization in ancient italy from its prehistoric beginnings to the fall of the roman empire attention is given to rome’s politics culture and religion as well as the emergence and growth of christianity and the roman empire’s long-term impact on the development of western civilization hist 348 european middle ages 3 examines

introduction to earth science including the sciences that explore earth and its space environment units on earth structure tectonics rocks and minerals geologic history water resources oceans climate and weather astronomy and the scientific method emphasis on dynamic processes including earthquakes volcanism glaciations air and water flow erosion coastal dynamics and solar influences bachelor of applied science in management and leadership students only information systems technology isys 204 introduction to information systems 3 computer systems networks databases intellectual property computer security artificial intelligence legal and ethical considerations codes of conduct privacy computer crimes and the future of computing and the internet and their relationship to the business world isys 214 introduction to programming 3 introduces programming fundamentals using visual basic.net use of algorithms and computer logic to translate data into information through structured design

patricia b lutz 2014 ph.d old dominion university assistant professor science technology and mathematics micah mattix 2016 dr es lettres university of fribourg associate professor english and communication studies chair maude mcgill 2017 ph.d william carey university assistant professor science technology and mathematics joshua j mcmullen 2010 ph.d university of missouri associate professor general education chair general education gerson moreno-riano 2006 ph.d university of cincinnati professor government history and criminal justice executive vice president for academic affairs jeremy painter 2015 d.litt university of pretoria assistant professor english and communication studies director academic support center stephen perry 2014 ph.d university of alabama professor english and communication studies matthew pevarnik 2016 ph.d university of california – irvine assistant professor science technology and mathematics andrew quicke 1986 m.a oxford university