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table of contents preface ii accreditation ii nondiscrimination policy iii table of contents iv the university 1 message from our chancellor ceo 1 mission statement 2 philosophy of education 2 history of the university 2 standard of personal conduct 3 campus facilities 3 the university library 4 library faculty 4 student life campus services and academic support 5 student services 5 the university writing center 8 information technology 8 psychological services center 9 graduation procedure 9 commencement 10 graduate academic information and policies 10 freedom of expression 10 student records confidentiality 10 access to student educational records by others 11 virginia tidewater consortium program 11 graduate academic programs degrees etc 12 graduate full-time classification 14 academic advising 14 repeating a course 14 grading systems 15 appeals and grievances 16 academic integrity 16 academic probation and dismissal 17

2 all other graduate degree programs students accepted on a provisional enrollment basis in all other degree programs are limited to a maximum of 12 credit hours the first term of enrollment each school may establish specific course requirements for the provisional students’ first term of enrollment after completing a minimum of 9 credit hours with a 3.00 or better gpa 3.25 for thm 2.50 gpa for mdiv and m.a in practical theology and meeting the course requirements set by the school the provisional designation will be removed students entering regent on a provisional basis who do not achieve a 3.00 gpa 3.25 for thm 2.50 gpa for mdiv and m.a in practical theology for the first term of enrollment are subject to immediate dismissal all provisions of the academic probation and dismissal policy will then apply conditional graduate applicants who have submitted all application material except test results an official transcript or a letter of reference may be admitted on a conditional

admission to candidacy admission to the ph.d program does not constitute or guarantee a student’s admission to candidacy for the ph.d in organizational leadership admission to candidacy is contingent upon the following  successful completion of coursework with at least a 3.0 gpa  successful completion of comprehensive examinations  successful completion and defense of the dissertation proposal  the recommendation of the student’s doctoral committee  approval by the doctoral faculty committee  approval by the sbl faculty  compliance with all applicable requirements of regent university doctor of strategic leadership degree dsl dsl program 60 credit hours program delivered online with some required face-to-face components the doctor of strategic leadership dsl is a terminal professional degree designed to provide immediate solutions for today’s organizational challenges through its applied multidisciplinary approach

core courses elective courses and seminars are also offered both on-campus and online students take these courses together through our online blackboard system in addition at least two modular courses and summer doctoral courses that include one full week of face-to-face interaction with professors will be offered each year 2 special lectures and presentations each year special lectures and scholarly presentations will be offered by faculty members and doctoral students on specific areas of research in which they are engaged these lectures and presentations will be given on campus and made available online 3 meetings with faculty each doctoral student will meet with his/her doctoral faculty members on a regular basis these meetings may be in small groups and/or one-on-one during these meetings students will discuss their research and writing projects with the doctoral faculty and other doctoral students these meetings will be held during the fall and spring semesters 4 teaching and

concentration courses 15 credit hours students in this program choose from a range of classes in their concentration area mts with a concentration in biblical studies 15 credit hours in botb bntb or bibl courses beyond the required context courses mts with a concentration in christian theology 15 credit hours in theo courses beyond the required context course mts with a concentration in history of christianity 15 credit hours in hcht courses beyond the required context course mts with a concentration in interdisciplinary studies 15 credit hours in theo hcht botb bntb or bibl courses beyond the required context courses note in each of the above concentrations one course may be taken in a complementary area within the school of divinity and counted within the concentration summative experience 3 credit hours students in this program must complete a summative experience in the final year of their program students must seek formal approval for their summative experience from the

rtch 779 study tour option 3 provides various domestic and global tour settings as immersion learning contexts for biblical studies christian doctrine intercultural studies and history and/or practical theology areas of study offered once per academic year cross-listed with dgen 689 rtch 780 teaching practicum 3 focus on developing theological educators and teachers by matching students as teaching assistants with a teacher-mentor in order to provide experience with course design and preparation syllabus construction lecturing assessment instructional technology and other aspects of undergraduate or graduate level education rtch 781 guided research 3 the research of a topic of interest in biblical studies christian theology and the history of global christianity preferably related to the dissertation topics of research must be arranged with the course instructor rtch 783 readings in renewal and biblical studies 3 review for ph.d qualifying examinations repeatable for credit rtch 784

edce 700 foundations of character education programs 3 edce 701 character education foundations theories philosophy 3 edce 702 character education curriculum instruction 3 edce 785 seminar in character education 3 edco 801 strategic planning program evaluation 3 edsl727 supervision professional development 3 ed.d with a concentration in christian education leadership required courses ecel 720 christian education curriculum instruction 3 one elective approved by the concentration advisor 3 some courses below may be waived for students possessing an ed.s or equivalent upon admission into the ed.d consult with the concentration advisor ecel 710 christian education philosophy 3 ecel 715 kingdom education 3 ecel 718 student discipleship in christian education 3 ecel 751 financial management for christian schools 3 ecel 752 starting operating christian schools 3 ecel 753 staff development for christian schools 3 ed.d with a concentration in educational psychology required courses

polynomial and exponential growth and decay as well as analyzing interpreting and assessing children’s algebraic thinking in both written and oral communication prerequisite math 549.cross-listed with math 644 math 549 rational numbers and proportional reasoning for k-8 teachers 3 basic number strands in fractions and rational numbers decimals percentages ratios and proportions as identified in k-8 national and state standards includes interpretation computation and estimation to develop rational number concepts skills and proportional reasoning prerequisite math 541 cross-listed with math 649 math 551 probability and statistics for k-8 teachers 3 counting i.e combinatorics probabilistic structures data analysis and reasoning includes common misconceptions in children’s learning and k-8 classroom applications to meet national and state standards includes interpreting children’s probabilistic thinking understanding how they learn these concepts and how to help

the adr board is comprised of both second and third-year law students the board sends teams to compete in a number of regional and national competitions in both the fall and spring semesters including the aba negotiation competition aba mediation competition and aba client counseling competition the adr board also hosts an intramural negotiation competition each spring as well as the regional aba negotiation competition and the regional aba mediation competition on a rotating schedule typically every two or three years moot court board the moot court board is dedicated to equipping students with the skills to be effective advocates students are encouraged to build their advocacy on sound legal reasoning and their commitment to god the moot court board has 12 board members and up to 14 associate members each year the board works with the appellate advocacy program to host the regent cup and with the legal research analysis and writing department to host the 1l competition the board

mlaw 678 international children’s rights 2 comparative overview of children’s rights law and practice including interdisciplinary perspectives on childhood convention on the rights of the child child labor child slavery and trafficking adoption provision rights and gender and sex discrimination issues mlaw 681 international development and the rule of law 2 rule of law principles and how to apply the principles to form and fortify the legal culture and institutions in developing nation-states how economic structures the security environment and cultural and religious views impact law-making and enforcement mlaw 682 legal history 3 study and discussion of western legal history beginning with the impact of the papal revolution in the 11th century special attention given to the historical relationship between church and state and to the biblical and theological foundations of western law and legal systems in general and the english common law in particular mlaw 684

collins gary 2007 ph.d purdue university distinguished visiting faculty hughes rosemarie s 1987 dean emerita ph.d old dominion university 2/1/16 school of psychology counseling page