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mlaw 678 international children’s rights 2 comparative overview of children’s rights law and practice including interdisciplinary perspectives on childhood convention on the rights of the child child labor child slavery and trafficking adoption provision rights and gender and sex discrimination issues mlaw 681 international development and the rule of law 2 rule of law principles and how to apply the principles to form and fortify the legal culture and institutions in developing nation-states how economic structures the security environment and cultural and religious views impact law-making and enforcement mlaw 682 legal history 3 study and discussion of western legal history beginning with the impact of the papal revolution in the 11th century special attention given to the historical relationship between church and state and to the biblical and theological foundations of western law and legal systems in general and the english common law in particular mlaw 684 international law 3 discussion and study of the nature of international law state jurisdiction the individual legal system statehood and recognition of states diplomatic and consular immunity international agreements the use of force and an overview of various international organizations mlaw 683 origins of the western legal tradition 2 survey of western legal history beginning with the impact of the papal revolution of the 11th century emphasizing the influence of the christian church and faith on the development of western law and legal systems mlaw 686 international comparative human rights 2-3 addresses the questions of the universality of human rights including the right of life the right to death rights of the child women’s rights religious freedoms the rights of third-world countries and the export of western values to eastern societies mlaw 688 biblical law 3 exegetical course in the laws of the bible using the decalogue as its own principle of organization develops the meaning of the laws in context and their appropriate applications with emphasis on the nature of their applicability to policy issues such as pluralism penology lawful oaths blue laws church and state jurisdiction gender roles marriage capital punishment and other topics mlaw 689 shari’a law 3 survey islamic law in three parts 1 qur’anic foundations using the qur’an itself and the history of its various interpretations 2 “classical/historical/orthodox/traditional” shari a itself and 3 the application of shari a in muslim nations today and its relevancy to non-muslim nations school of law page 270