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Catalog Spring 2016 – Summer 2016 Undergraduate Course Catalog

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private grants and scholarships 34 satisfactory academic progress sap 34 veteran s benefits 35 student employment 36 virginia tuition assistance grant 36 state assistance for students from states other than virginia 36 more information 36 email notification and genisys 36 academic support student life and campus services 37 academic support 37 student services 38 information technology 41 psychological services center 41 academic policies 42 academic advising 42 academic appeals 42 academic dismissal 42 academic integrity 42 academic probation 43 academic warning 43 appeals and grievances 43 attendance and participation 44 centers and institutes 45 commencement 45 cornerstone and capstone requirement 45 dean s list 45 declaring a major 45 faculty/course evaluations 46 financial holds on academic records 46 grade change appeals 46 grading system 46 graduation procedure 47 “incomplete” grades i 48 independent learning

milwaukee wi 53203-3470 tel 414 289-3400 aacrao international education services http www.aacrao.org/international/foreignedcred.cfm e-mail oies@aacrao.org one dupont circle nw suite 520 washington d.c 20036  applicants whose native language is not english may take either the test of english as a foreign language toefl® pte academic® exam or international english language testing system ielts® exam the minimum toefl requirement is a score of 577 paper 233 computer or 90 ibt toefl scores are only valid for two years applicants who have previously taken the toefl® and scored less than 577 paper 233 computer or 90 ibt may and should retake the test to achieve the required score the test should include the test of written english twe the minimum pte academic® requirement is 61 internet the minimum ielts® requirement is a band score of 7 the tests can be waived in the following circumstances 1 nonnative speakers who hold degrees or diplomas from postsecondary

the student s responsibilities in regard to the return of title iv funds include ï‚· returning to the title iv programs any funds that were disbursed to the student and which the student was determined to be ineligible for via the return of title iv funds calculation ï‚· any notification of a withdrawal should be in writing and addressed to the appropriate institutional official ï‚· a student may rescind his or her official notification of intent to withdraw submission of intent to rescind a withdrawal notice must be filed in writing ï‚· either of these notifications to withdraw or a rescission of intent to withdraw must be made to the official records/registration personnel in your school of attendance at regent and the regent university registrar s office if you believe that your individual circumstances warrant that your charges or refund should be determined in a manner other than the published university refund policy located at refund policy or you would like

w wf withdrawn withdrawn failing letter grades indicate the following grades of a the quality of work is superior in all areas work displays a mastery of course content at the highest level of attainment appropriate for the undergraduate level outstanding quality of thought excellent understanding of the course content and demonstration of skills associated with the course a creative and critical engagement with the material and an ability to analyze and evaluate the knowledge and ideas that shows talent for undergraduate work work shows practical or personal application of course content in specific assignments as appropriate the grade will vary from a to a according to the quality and quantity of the work grades of b the work shows strong performance demonstrating a high level of attainment appropriate for the undergraduate level high quality of thought solid understanding of the course content and demonstration of skills associated with the course an engagement with the material

bibl 317 psalms 3 bibl 318 general epistles 3 bibl 350 biblical languages plus 3 credits of church history courses from the following bibl 260 church history i 3 bibl 261 church history ii 3 bibl 467 american church history 3 hist 372 history of global christianity 3 theological and historical studies concentration students select 15 credits from the following bibl 260 church history i 3 bibl 261 church history ii 3 bibl 301 apologetics 3 bibl 422 seminar in theology 3 bibl 430 christian ethics 3 bibl 467 american church history 3 hist 372 history of global christianity 3 plus 3 credits of biblical studies courses from the following bibl 313 study of the prophets 3 bibl 314 pauline literature 3 bibl 315 wisdom literature 3 bibl 316 acts of the apostles 3 bibl 317 psalms 3 bibl 318 general epistles 3 students majoring in other disciplines may choose to minor in biblical studies or theology minor in biblical studies 15 credits students will take one of the following courses bibl 210

demand production cost and resource allocation in a market economy market structures are developed and various forms of market failure are analyzed models of risk and uncertainty factor pricing and income distribution prerequisite econ 120 econ 360 entrepreneurship market processes and economic growth 3 economic growth and development with a special emphasis on the role of entrepreneurship are applied to the problem of poverty particularly in underdeveloped economies the interrelationships of economic political sociological historical theological and technological factors are examined prerequisite econ 120 econ 380 international economics 3 studies the principles concepts theories and implications of international economics from a trade and business perspective topics include trade policy restrictions tariffs immigration exchange rate regimes protectionism regional trade agreements and impact on global trade prerequisite econ 230 econ 450 history of economic thought 3 examines the

anim 222 the art of the storyboard 3 study techniques to develop professional storyboards for animation and film addresses styles of storyboards and their specific target audiences for utility and value prerequisite anim 121 anim 310 the business of animation 3 explores the roles of the various people and positions involved in the production of animation pitching budgeting and business plans are covered each student submits a budget and a business plan for a project students also present a pitch for their final project prerequisites anim 112 anim 203 anim 213 or anim 218 anim 314 advanced 3-d animation techniques 3 texture mapping lighting cameras dynamics rendering techniques and mel are addressed prerequisite anim 213 anim 344 history of animation 1 1906 to 1950 3 a critical look at the development of animation styles both american and international students view animation and analyze the social technological financial and political factors that helped shape the development of this

pre-requisites for these courses may be waived solely for students completing the minor conditional upon departmental approval combined bachelors-masters government program government majors in good standing may apply to the combined bachelors-masters government program this program provides government majors in the college of arts and sciences the opportunity to receive advanced standing in the government master’s program in the robertson school of government the combined program allows students to earn 12 credit hours towards an ma in government while completing their ba in government at regent university students participating in the combined bachelors-masters government program are required to take all previously mentioned requirements for the major in government with the following additional requirements govt 432 the american political tradition and govt 434 christian political philosophy are required they will fulfill robertson school of government courses gov 658

hist 332 african-american history 3 traces the history of african-americans from their arrival as slaves in jamestown to the election of the first africanamerican as president prominent topics include the institution of slavery the anti-slavery movement the black religious experience reconstruction jim crow the great migration civil rights and the contemporary experiences of africanamericans prerequisites hist 201 or 202 hist 336 american evangelicalism 3 explores the development of a distinctive american form of evangelical christianity from its roots in new england puritanism to the very different shape in the emerging church movement prerequisites hist 201 or 202 hist 346 ancient greece and the empires of alexander the great 3 studies the history of ancient greece hellenic civilization from minoan and mycenaean times to the rise and fall of philip and alexander the great examines the cultural roots of western civilization and provides cultural and historical context for the old

isys 434 network defense and security 3 global and local networks provide capabilities that have become essential in the success of the world economy for businesses and individuals defending these systems against attacks through the use of worms viruses and other criminal acts is imperative provides a solid foundation in the fundamentals of network security and some hands-on experience in the installation and utilization of firewalls and intrusion detection systems prerequisite isys 331 isys 436 contingency planning and disaster recovery 3 the threats to information security are numerous and even the best security systems can be penetrated in one manner or another in addition physical security is a consideration for securing the systems necessary for business operations to continue natural disasters terrorist activities and internal subversion can all cause destruction or denial of service provides a framework for understanding the threats and how to counter them prerequisite isys 331

robert s stewart jr 2012 ph.d university of california-davis professor science technology and mathematics chair science technology and mathematics kenneth l wantz 2009 ph.d university of delaware professor science technology and mathematics stephen webb 2013 m.s saint leo university principal lecturer government history and criminal justice caramine k white 2008 ph.d university of north carolina-greensboro associate professor english and communication arts yan diana xiong 2011 ph.d george washington university assistant professor government history and criminal justice david x xu 2011 m.f.a pratt institute associate professor english and communication arts 10/2/17