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Catalog Spring 2017 – Summer 2017 Undergraduate Course Catalog

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veteran s benefits 34 student employment 34 virginia tuition assistance grant 35 state assistance for students from states other than virginia 35 more information 35 email notification and genisys 35 academic support student life and campus services 36 academic support 36 student services 37 information technology 40 psychological services center 41 academic policies 41 academic advising 41 academic appeals 41 academic dismissal 41 academic integrity 42 academic probation 43 academic warning 43 appeals and grievances 43 attendance and participation 43 centers and institutes 44 commencement 44 cornerstone and capstone requirement 45 dean s list 45 declaring a major 45 faculty/course evaluations 45 financial holds on academic records 45 grade change appeals 45 grading system 45 graduation procedure 47 “incomplete” grades i 47 independent learning opportunities 47 “in-progress” grades ip 48 latin

  applicant has one or multiple sponsors all must complete the sponsor’s affidavit of support and return it to the international admissions counselor at intladmissions@regent.edu the financial documentation must be dated within six months of the designated program start date applicants should retain a copy of their application materials including the financial certification form and bank statements for their records applicants must provide a copy of their passports and current visa documentation conditional enrollment international undergraduate applicants who have submitted all application materials except test results an official transcript or a letter of reference may be admitted on a “conditional” enrollment status furthermore except for situations where the language tests toefl/pte academic/ielts may be waived—as explained in sections 6 a-e the toefl/pte academic/ielts test requirement cannot be excluded for the purpose of conditional

scholarship grant policies below lists the policies that help dictate how university-funded scholarships and grants are processed awarded and interact students may be awarded a combination of awards not to exceed a portion of the student’s direct university charges note eight-week evening/online students can only receive the highest single award for which the student is eligible the church match grant and the military service book credit are exceptions to this policy  the combinability of awards varies depending on a student’s award package enrollment charges and financial need in some cases full-semester students may receive three 3 combined awards or up to $1,500 in combined institutional aid whichever comes first with the merit phi theta kappa and investment grants  failure to maintain required gpas may result in the loss or termination of the grants and/or scholarshipss  typically undergraduate scholarships and/or grants are awarded on a

1 2 financial clearance must be granted from the business office before the return withdrawals require a petition for re-admittance prior to confirmation of registration students must submit a written explanation of their ability to return to the program 3 courses carrying an “f,” “w,” “wf,” or “i” must be completed before students are officially re-admitted to regular status in the program 4 students are responsible for the tuition rate in effect at the time they re-enroll 5 should students withdraw after attending any part of the course the appropriate charges for partial class attendance will be assessed see refund policy 6 if students are not enrolled for more than one year and are later readmitted they must meet the degree requirements current at the time of readmission see the withdrawals and return of title iv funds policy in the financial aid section of this catalog for more information writing expectations students in the

plus 6 credits of biblical studies courses from the following bibl 210 biblical background and interpretation 3 bibl 250 mission and message of jesus 3 bibl 313 study of the prophets 3 bibl 314 pauline literature 3 bibl 315 wisdom literature 3 bibl 316 acts of the apostles 3 bibl 317 psalms 3 bibl 318 general epistles 3 plus 9 credits of christian ministry electives from the following bibl 230 theological writing and research 3 bibl 301 apologetics 3 bibl 307 worldviews 3 bibl 321 youth evangelism and discipleship 3 bibl 340 world religions and cultures 3 bibl 360 contemporary issues in the church 3 bibl 370 contemporary american cults and sects 3 bibl 430 christian ethics 3 bibl 440 christian missions 3 bibl 460 practical evangelism 3 bibl 470 coaching and mentoring 3 bibl 495 internship 3 students majoring in other disciplines may also minor in christian ministry or youth ministry minor in christian ministry 15 credit hours students will take the following 3 courses bibl 240

busn 495 internship 3 provides students with the opportunity to practically utilize the skills competencies and knowledge gained from course material to serve in a local state national or international organization prerequisite junior or senior standing economics econ 101 introduction to economics 3 survey of economic concepts and systems including both micro and macro-economics students examine the american economic system while exploring the impact of the international market topics include markets and competition price supply and demand aggregate performance fiscal policy and international trade and finance this course is not open to business majors econ 120 microeconomics 3 examines the concepts principles and business practices of market systems demand and supply economics market equilibrium product and resource demands consumer behavior forms of competition governmental policies market failure and international economics prerequisite math 102 or equivalent econ 230

anim 222 the art of the storyboard 3 study techniques to develop professional storyboards for animation and film addresses styles of storyboards and their specific target audiences for utility and value prerequisite arta 120 anim 310 business planning for media 3 explores the roles of the various people and positions involved in the production of animation pitching budgeting and business plans are covered each student submits a budget and a business plan for a project students also present a pitch for their final project prerequisite junior standing anim 314 advanced 3-d animation techniques 3 texture mapping lighting cameras dynamics rendering techniques and mel are addressed prerequisite anim 213 anim 340 history of animation 3 a critical look at the development of animation styles both american and international students view animation and analyze the social technological financial and political factors that helped shape the development of this art form from its beginnings to how

govt 432 the american political tradition and govt 434 christian political philosophy are required they will fulfill robertson school of government courses gov 658 american political thought and gov 604 christian foundations of government respectively beginning in their junior year students in good standing and based on approval will be eligible to take gov 603 research methods and gov 625 international relations theory in the robertson school of government students are encouraged to complete gov 603 prior to taking gov 625 these courses will fulfill college of arts and sciences courses govt 387 research methods and govt 304 international relations respectively government majors wishing to use these courses towards advanced standing in the robertson school of government must achieve a b or better history the major in history in the beginning the lord admonished adam and eve to tend the garden and keep it this admonition has come to be called the cultural mandate an exhortation that

surveys the growth and decline of the british empire between the late 1500s to mid-twentieth century investigates why the british empire took different forms on different continents hist 368 modern european history 1648-1815 3 surveys the growth of european society from the peace of westphalia in 1648 to the end of the congress of vienna topics include the enlightenment the scientific revolution the age of revolutions nationalism romanticism liberalism capitalism imperialism and the interaction of christianity with the enlightenment era prerequisite hist 205 or 206 hist 369 modern european history 1815-present 3 examines the evolution of modern european history from 1815 to the present topics include seminal events such as the congress of vienna settlement german and italian unification the age of new imperialism the world wars key twentieth century scientific philosophical and cultural developments the creation of the european union the cold war reunification of germany and breakup

study of several different fields of mathematics and their applications for liberal arts students through the process of discovery with everyday applications students consider the beauty and elegance of mathematics as they improve their critical thinking and analytical skills topics include set theory inductive and deductive reasoning basic probability and statistics number theory algebraic modeling basic geometry and trigonometry and finance applications cannot be applied to the mathematics major math 102 college algebra 3 study of linear equations systems of equations inequalities polynomials rational expressions quadratic functions exponential and logarithmic functions and conic sections emphasis on understanding and applying concepts in real-life settings cannot be applied to the mathematics major math 201 statistics 3 introductory study of basic descriptive and inferential statistics with an emphasis on real world applications and the use of current technology topics include