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table of contents preface ii accreditation ii equal opportunity policy for students iii table of contents iv the university 7 message from our chancellor ceo 7 mission statement 8 philosophy of education 8 history of the university 8 standard of personal conduct 9 campus facilities 9 the university library 10 library faculty 11 student life campus services and academic support 11 student services 11 the university writing center 15 information technology 15 psychological services center 17 commencement 17 graduate academic information and policies 18 freedom of expression 18 student records confidentiality 18 access to student educational records by others 18 virginia tidewater consortium program 19 graduate academic programs degrees etc 19 graduate full-time classification 22 academic advising 23 repeating a course 23 grading systems 23 appeals and grievances 25 academic integrity 25 academic probation and dismissal 26

auditing a course students who wish to enroll for a credit course on a noncredit basis are classified as auditors auditors must be admitted to regent university via regular admission procedures to audit a course audit courses will appear on the student’s transcript but will not reflect any earned academic credit students taking courses for credit shall be given enrollment priority over auditors students auditing a course will pay all course fees and one-half the tuition as those taking it for credit financial aid is not applied to audited courses changing from audit to credit students who enroll in a credit course as an auditor and later decide to take the course for credit shall file an approved academic petition form with the registrar’s office no later than three weeks prior to the end of the term two weeks prior to the end of a summer session the student shall pay the additional tuition and must submit all course assignments by the end of the term financial aid will

m.a in church leadership program 33 credit hours when it comes to higher education today’s busy professionals require not only high quality education but also flexible course schedules to fit their lives the m.a in church leadership program was designed to meet those requirements by using autonomous learning methods and communication technology conducted online the program combines threaded discussions email audio and video computer-based presentations and electronic information access to enhance each student’s practical experience within a virtual learning environment the synthesis of technology critical thinking and practical application develops well-rounded leaders with a clear perspective on church leadership the program’s format and list of course offering allow utmost flexibility and adaptability the program requires no on-campus residency through the use of collaborative learning application-based knowledge and interactive technology students will 

coursework before the qualifying exams a minimum of three credit hours of qualifying exam and a minimum of nine credit hours of dissertation research 2 com 700 introduction to doctoral studies in communication which is offered on campus and is taken the summer before the first full semester of doctoral coursework 3 completion of 12 credit hours of doctoral research courses listed below students must take all four 4 research courses and must demonstrate their research competence in the methodology they plan to use in their dissertation research students who have not previously taken a graduate-level research methods course may upon faculty review be required to take an appropriate remedial course 4 ï‚· com 701 communication research historical/critical methodologies ï‚· com 702 communication research quantitative methodologies ï‚· com 703 communication research qualitative methodologies ï‚· com 704 communication research applied methods completion of three additional

sfrm 501 spiritual formation foundations 3 theo 500 christian theology 3 perspectives courses 15 credit hours students in this program must choose courses as specified from the following perspectives course areas one intercultural elective 3 credit hours icsd 500 world christian perspectives 3 icsd 521 world religions 3 icsd 531 theology of global missions 3 icsd 545 intercultural communication 3 three interdisciplinary electives 9 credit hours one bibl bntb or botb course biblical studies one hcht course history one theo course theology one ministerial leadership elective 3 credit hours pmin 501 leadership in church ministry 3 pmin 524 preparation of biblical messages 3 pmin 525 pulpit ministry 3 theo 522 christian ethics 3 concentration courses 12 credit hours students in this program choose from a range of classes in their concentration area m.a in practical theology with a concentration in church ministry 12 credit hours in pmin and sfrm courses beyond the required

rtch 785 ph.d seminar 3 or 6 in-depth study and discussion of various specific topics related to the ph.d course of study it may include faculty presentations dialogues student presentations guest speakers or a combination of these considered an elective course and not related to any particular specialty track rtch 786 readings in renewal and theological studies 3 review for ph.d qualifying examinations repeatable for credit rtch 787 advanced reading in practical theology 3 addresses the broad field of practical theology and allows students to locate the tradition of renewal theology within it it identifies the major strands of academic practical theology and considers key issues and critical questions it assists the students in developing their own voice from within the renewal tradition rtch 797 proposal development 3 guides the articulation of a problem or question and the formulation of the abstract and table of contents as well as the construction of a literature review for a

ed.d with a concentration in advanced educational leadership some courses below may be waived for students possessing an ed.s or equivalent upon admission into the ed.d consult with the concentration advisor required courses edco 801 strategic planning program evaluation 3 edel 807 organizational institutional change 3 edsl 710 the adult learner 3 electives choose five courses 15 credits from any of the current ed.s ed.d concentration courses ed.d with a concentration in character education required courses edce 703 advanced study of best practices in character education 3 edce 704 leadership in character education 3 some courses below may be waived for students possessing an ed.s or equivalent upon admission into the ed.d consult with the concentration advisor edce 700 foundations of character education programs 3 edce 701 character education foundations theories and philosophy 3 edce 702 character education curriculum and instruction 3 edce 785 seminar in character education 3

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ robertson school of government dean’s message political scientist harold lasswell famously wrote “politics is who gets what when and how.” like any government or political science program across the country the robertson school of government rsg will instruct you about these things but students who choose the rsg come here because we teach much more—we teach the “why.” we help students understand the ideas and values that underpin political thought and action george washington understood this which is why he argued “reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principles.” james madison understood this writing that we need government because men are not angels ronald reagan understood this asserting that “freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under god is

law library the law library occupies the entire third floor of the library building immediately adjacent to robertson hall its 35,680 square feet are designed to facilitate access to law library collections and provide ample relaxed and formal seating areas for students and faculty this space encompasses an atrium with windows to the inside as well as on the perimeter bringing natural light to much of the interior of the law library study rooms for individual or group study are available the law librarians are committed to serving the research needs of students faculty and members of the local bar when classes are in session the law library is open until midnight seven days a week those hours extend until 2:00 a.m during the exam and reading period professional reference support is regularly available to assist with student research electronic access to essential databases and resources is key to legal research in the global information environment in addition to a computer lab the

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ school of psychology counseling dean’s message our motto in the school of psychology counseling spc indicates our aspiration to be both “academically excellent” and “distinctively christian.” we believe that these goals are synergistic our aim is produce leaders in psychology and counseling who can provide effective services to their clients in a manner richly informed by the best of the academic traditions in these fields and the christian faith our focus has been on preparing professionals and paraprofessionals for practice oriented careers in a wide variety of settings many of our graduates have developed careers in explicitly christian practices contexts many others work in the spectrum of secular mental health contexts such as private practice school services medical settings or military clinics all are trained to integrate faith and practice in sophisticated and

yarhouse mark a 1998 psy.d wheaton college director institute for the study of sexual identity rosemarie s hughes endowed chair of christian thought in mental health practice professor zaporozhets olya 2012 ph.d university of toledo co-director institute for the study of sexual identity assistant professor visiting faculty black robert b 1985 faculty emeritus ph.d ohio university collins gary 2007 ph.d purdue university distinguished visiting faculty hughes rosemarie s 1987 dean emerita ph.d old dominion university 11/29/17 school of psychology counseling page