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student employment 40 virginia tuition assistance grant 40 state assistance for students from states other than virginia 40 more information 41 email notification and genisys 41 academic support student life and campus services 41 academic support 41 student services 42 information technology 46 psychological services center 47 academic policies 48 academic advising 48 academic appeals 48 academic dismissal 48 academic integrity 48 academic probation 49 academic warning 49 appeals and grievances 49 attendance and participation 49 centers and institutes 51 commencement 51 cornerstone and capstone requirement 52 dean s list 52 declaring a major 52 faculty/course evaluations 52 financial holds on academic records 52 grade change appeals 52 grading system 54 graduation procedure 54 “incomplete” grades i 55 independent learning opportunities 55 “in-progress” grades ip 55 latin honors 56 outcomes

immigration transfer students regent col f-1 students who are transferring from another u.s institution or students who are changing their degree levels at regent march 15 may 15 current i-20 must be valid spring semester overseas/initial attendance students june 15 august 1 immigration transfer students regent col july 15 september 1 f-1 students who are transferring from another u.s institution or students who are changing their degree levels at regent current i-20 must be valid visa information according to current regulations foreign nationals are strictly prohibited from enrolling in on campus degree programs in the b-1/b-2 immigration status f-2 visa holders may apply for admission for on campus or online degree programs but on a part-time basis only for more information see https www.ice.gov/sites/default/files/documents/document/2015/dsolimitsdependentstudyfaqs.pdf to apply for f-1 student immigration status/visas foreign nationals must meet all international student

more information the website address for student financial aid is www.regent.edu/finaid this web page is updated regularly and provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available regarding financial aid programs at the university we recommend students access it frequently for updated or new information and application dates a very useful source of information is the financial aid information page finaid it is one of the most highly accessed websites regarding financial aid has been written about in numerous publications and has received a number of awards we recommend students visit http www.finaid.org for more information e-mail notification and genisys the student financial aid office communicates primarily through electronic mail but also uses paper letters in order to communicate vital information to students once a student enrolls at the university most communication will be made using the regent university e-mail address assigned to each student if you

5 withdrawal from a course students may drop from a class during the first week of an eight 8 week session or fifteen 15 week term without a permanent notation to their records after the first week of an eight 8 week course and through the end of the fourth week of classes students will receive a grade of “w” if they officially withdraw with the registrar’s office in these cases students need to submit the “add/drop” request form to the registrar’s office before the end of the fourth week of class midnight on sunday of that week for fifteen 15 week courses a grade of “w” will be assigned if a student withdraws after the first week and through the eighth week of classes the “add/drop” form used in the college of arts sciences is available online on the registrar’s webpage as well as in hard copy in the registrar’s office and the office of advising and student services after the fourth week and up to the end

bibl 320 ministry communication skills 3 bibl 401 christian ministry 3 plus 2 courses from the following bibl 301 apologetics 3 bibl 321 youth evangelism and discipleship 3 bibl 360 contemporary issues in the church 3 bibl 410 christian discipleship 3 bibl 430 christian ethics 3 bibl 440 christian missions 3 bibl 460 practical evangelism 3 bibl 470 coaching and mentoring 3 minor in mission 15 credit hours students will take the following 3 courses bibl 401 christian ministry 3 bibl 410 christian discipleship 3 bibl 440 christian missions 3 plus 2 courses from the following bibl 301 apologetics 3 bibl 320 ministry communication skills 3 bibl 321 youth evangelism and discipleship 3 bibl 340 world religions and cultures 3 bibl 370 contemporary american cults and sects 3 bibl 460 practical evangelism 3 minor in worship 15 credit hours students will take the following 5 courses bibl 317 psalms 3 bibl 331 systematic theology i 3 bibl 333 biblical theological foundations of worship 3 bibl

busn 420 management information systems 3 isys 204 introduction to information systems 3 choose one of the following busn 240 marketing principles 3 mgmt 370 managerial decision-making 3 courses accounting acct 205 financial accounting 3 provides a comprehensive presentation of basic financial accounting principles and practices emphasis is placed on the preparation of financial statements the basic framework and contents of these reports and the preparation process acct 211 managerial accounting 3 managerial decisions on prices resource allocation capital investment and the functional areas of a business marketing production purchasing and finance that work interdependently to achieve profit prerequisite acct 205 acct 215 intermediate accounting i 3 examination of financial accounting concepts theories and practices to include the following topics cash and receivables inventory valuation and credit policy fixed assets and revenue and expense recognition prerequisite acct 211 acct 225

include polished performance selections written materials headshots websites and new media platforms coaching in presentation techniques for a range of venues prerequisite senior standing english and communication studies department chair micah mattix dr es lettres “in the beginning was the word” through these words the scriptures describe the presence of christ jn 1:1 this passage and others remind us that god values the word the primary means of communication between human beings-and possibly between god and humans as well studying words imaginative literature and the process of writing itself take on great importance when we consider the high value that god has placed upon words the majors in english and communication invite students to reflect on words and how they work along with the human condition and varieties of human experience the major in english students majoring in english at regent university develop a strong foundation in literature and composition while

in many areas of government and foreign affairs foreign language proficiency is a job requirement and certainly an important skill for greater leadership and service government students are encouraged to learn and acquire mastery of a foreign language and to demonstrate this proficiency in their professional resumes and job applications one of the best ways in which to do this is through a foreign language proficiency exam students who choose to demonstrate a competency in a foreign language will be referred to language testing international www.languagetesting.com who on behalf of regent university administers an oral auditory telephonic examination for more information concerning this examination and other important details please visit the online information page at http www.regent.edu/acad/undergrad/academics/degree/government_language.cfm students majoring in other disciplines may choose any of the following four minors minor in american government and politics 15 credit hours

govt 432 the american political tradition 3 studies the philosophical and theological ideas and the practical realities that informed the creation and development of the political system of the united states and considers some of the major contemporary challenges to the maintenance of american democracy in an increasingly globalized world prerequisite govt 196 govt 434 christian political philosophy 3 considers the contributions of christian thinkers to the creation and development of a christian philosophy of politics governance and citizenship investigates numerous biblical texts and the writings of christian thinkers from the early church to the modern and contemporary period prerequisite govt 196 govt 490 advanced independent study 3 an approved independent study option supervised by faculty in a directed area of scholarship study is administered according to a learning contract between a chosen faculty member and the student govt 493 senior seminar in government 3 research

csci 233 ethics for computer science 3 issues relating to computer information systems and the ethical and moral responsibilities of those who work with computers professionals or end users provides foundation to make appropriate decisions when facing difficult situations csci 310 software engineering 3 fundamentals of software engineering including understanding system requirements effective methods of design coding team software development and the application of engineering tools engineering methodology considers specifications design development testing production and maintenance prerequisites csci 201 and isys 314 csci 315 data structures and algorithms 3 studies the design of structures for representing and deploying information considers abstract structures and implementation techniques in specific programming languages preparation for professional certification exam such as oracle certified java associate certification or similar prerequisites csci 201 and isys 314 csci 317