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ge1-1 vegetable garden seed row planter vegetable garden seed row planter all in one seeder/feeder this handy device plants the seed fertilizes covers the seeds and then it marks the row simultaneously it comes with 6 seed plates it plants over 31 varieties the unique side by side hoppers permit simultaneous planting and fertilizing it has a 5 lb fertilizer capacity special flow control enables just right application rate the hopper design allows easy removal of excess contents adjustable depth shovel permits planting at each variety s ideal ground depth after planting and fertilizing the rear wheel covers the seeds automatically the automatic row marker keeps your garden orderly useful pouch holds garden plans notes gloves other items this is a must for a serious gardener ge2-1 economy wood utility garden cart economy wood utility garden cart revolutionary 3 way gate locks tightly to transport big loads securely it swings open to release loose loads like topsoil quickly or