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what’s your twizy like expression the twizy you want already exists from conservative to complete fun it’s all down to your tastes expression focuses on the twizy essentials flexibility energy and safety above all it’s a design in its purest form which speaks for itself twizy expression a stand-alone blockbuster colours lagoon blue flame orange diamond black snow white grey snowflake wheel trim metallic paint optional image shows optional scissor doors 3 twizys one parking space twizy’s the champion for easy parking with its unbeatable compact size and turning circle so no need for endless trips round the block to find a space just think how lucky you are now you can park anywhere in town where permitted naturally

twizy core features technology interior exterior electronic engine immobiliser airbags driver disc brakes front and rear range indicator with eco score lockable steering column wind deflector front lateral regenerative braking seatbelts 3-point rear seatbelt battery econometer seatbelts 4-point front seatbelt battery gauge seats front seat with anti-submarining integrated 3m cable for 3-pin domestic socket headrest built-in rear headrest automatic transmission reduction gear seats adjustable front seat with built-in headrest daytime running lights expression additional standard equipment to core features above technology interior exterior drive and speed display behind rear seat storage lockable 31l grey ‘snowflake’ wheel trim heated windscreen quick demist dynamique additional standard equipment to expression includes core features above interior exterior floor mats driver and passenger a choice of 14 colour collections alloy wheels 13

design your own twizy sample skin options flags standard colour options standard colour options sample skin options sample samplesample skin skin options options skin options skin options le skin lesample skin options options standard colour options sample skin options red burgundy burgundy burgundy burgundy red soft red green green green soft red sample skin options animals patterns patterns camo animals camo animals patterns art animals camo patterns camo flags art avel avel vel avel amo amo mo camo oses ses ses oses ard pard ard pard dark yellow blue light grey light light grey lightgrey grey blue orange dark blue grey grey grey darkgrey blue red light grey dark dark dark grey grey dark grey lightgrey softgrey red metallic metallic metallicsilver silver silver grey light grey blue metallic metallicyellow grey blue metallic black dark yellow metallic black dark blue orange grey softuk red uk uk light grey red art art dark green metallic gold black metallic metallic metallic black

twizy comfort no room for jealousy aboard the twizy two people one set of welcoming and adaptable comforts some like it fully open others have a little cocoon in mind this is why twizy offers optional scissor doors and covers dividing driver and passenger for a flood of natural light and an unrestricted panoramic view the clear sky roof is an optional extra too also available is a highly practical accessory the hands free bluetooth® kit lets you stay connected twizy a truly outstanding re-definition of openness twizy storage make your move and live it up with twizy’s 40 litres of stowage twin glove boxes on the dashboard hold much more than gloves like drinks cans sunglasses and the rest storage nets safely hold small items and for the weekly shop fix a 50-litre optional bag to the passenger seat with secure fasteners for compatible devices please refer to https

twizy technology charging the batteries couldn’t be simpler open the front flap pull out the cable and plug into any 230v socket after about three and a half hours you’re good for a real-world range of 50 miles depending on driving conditions your driving style and the landscape enough to cope with anything especially since the automatic gearbox helps electric economy as with the entire z.e range on the dashboard you will see remaining battery life information so you’ll always know where you stand twizy safety twizy is gifted when it comes to looking after you its renaultsport-developed tubular frame protects you from impacts and four disc brakes mean true active safety combined with an amazing turning circle twizy is not only a fun vehicle to drive but a really responsive one too for passive safety four-point seatbelts and a driver’s airbag have never before been seen on a vehicle that’s so agile and easy to

accessories twizy windows benefit from total protection of the vehicle’s cabin in poor weather thanks to an ingenious high-quality accessory twizy windows are fast and easy to fit at home making twizy even more versatile than ever parrot mk9100 bluetooth kit a unique bluetooth hands-free kit combining the latest in communication technology with a range of music functions these include wireless remote control and colour display voice synthesiser and voice recognition requiring no pre-programming and mp3 ipod connectivity add some colors to the wheels to personalize your vehicle 13-inch alloy wheels in flame orange urban blue or gloss black diamond-finish individual accessories sport and design alloy wheels flame orange urban blue gloss black protection and comfort anti lift alarm driver and passenger blanket front mudflaps protective vehicle cover rubber mats rear body coloured parking sensors steering wheel lock storage nets twizy windows technology parrot bluetooth kit with

vital statistics for prices please refer to the renault car price guide available at your local dealer and on kwhp co2 g km range miles benefit in kind ins group 1-50 expression 13 17 0 62 13 10 dynamique 13 17 0 62 13 11 cargo 13 17 0 62 13 11 combined fuel consumption mpg not applicable on electric vehicles the renault twizy range has been measured and certified to 62 miles by utac union technique de l’automobile du motocycle et du cycle on the ece-15 cycle exactly as with petrol and diesel cars when driven under real conditions this range will vary according to speed driving style the terrain of the road the use of electric accessories most of these factors can be influenced directly by the driver so as to help maximise the range of the renault twizy for example the range will be around 50 miles using eco driving principles and 37 miles when driven under severe conditions battery hire monthly battery hire is available over a 12 month 24 month or 36 month

dimensions technical specifications engine engine model version engine number type approval drivetrain motor and drivetrain features maximum power maximum torque engine speed at max torque propulsion type drag co-efficient scx/cd acceleration performance energy recovery device ac maximum power remaining autonomy indicator description alerts economy mode assistance max speed mph/kph 50 m standing start seconds 0-45kph seconds 30-60kph seconds range range ece -15 utac miles temperate mild weather miles winter cold weather miles weight kg kerb weight kerb weight on the front kerb weight on the rear gross train weight g.t.w max payload towing towing axles mb l7e m75 3cg acvyb0 3cg electric asynchronous induction 13 kw 17 hp 57 nm from 0 to 2100 rpm electric 0.64 yes 6kw yes gauge on the dashboard sound when 1/8 energy remains sound when 1/16 energy remains when the battery energy reaches 5 the engine power limits to 15kw yes 50 80 6.6 6.1 8.1 62 50 37 474 375 206 268 690 115 cannot

how it makes sense battery hire it’s simple and unique to renault you buy the vehicle and hire the battery that makes your z.e more affordable and gives renault the chance to offer you high levels of reassurance and complete peace easy of mind easy no worries – complete 24/7 roadside assistance even if you run out of charge easy battery performance is guaranteed to at least 75 of it’s original charge capacity if not we’ll repair or replace it easy  ou only pay for what you need – you tell us how many miles you’ll do and how long you’d like to keep y your z.e we personalise your battery hire monthly payment to your own individual requirements you enjoy your z.e while we keep its heart healthy it’s that easy the renault z.e network commitment we’ve got nothing to hide that’s why you’re welcome to explore the renault electric vehicle range and test drive the renault z.e technology under real conditions just as

renault services 3 years warranty 3 years roadside z.e assistance your vehicle is covered by a warranty package for up to 3 years from date of first registration unlimited mileage during the first 24 months followed by a further 1 year limited to a total mileage of 60,000 your renault z.e dealer is able to repair or replace without charge parts that are found to have a material or assembly defect that is recognised by renault paintwork warranty runs for 2 years and anti-corrosion warranty for 6 years should you need it we’ll provide emergency roadside repairs or tow you to the nearest renault z.e dealer this service is available 24 hours a day and is provided for the duration of the warranty or the duration of the battery lease if greater than 36 months assistance is provided within the uk northern ireland only at roadside home and includes national recovery and onward travel renault z.e assistance applies to mechanical or electrical defects which are covered by warranty for

photography a bernier r ritchter s agnetti o banet d meunier – online only renault u.k limited customer relations the rivers office park denham way maple cross rickmansworth hertfordshire wd3 9ys – tel 0344 3350000 continue the twizy experience on although every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained within this brochure is as accurate and up to date as possible renault u.k reserves the right to modify its models without notice including their characteristics specifications equipment and accessories brochures inevitably become out of date or inaccurate in some respects in that such characteristics specifications equipment or accessories may be changed after the publication date given below and can differ from the descriptions given or the photos displayed it is therefore necessary to check with your renault dealer before purchasing any product that the characteristics specifications equipment or accessories of the vehicle on order