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table of contents page 3 waffle web® page 4 ultra lf® resist-a-band® exercise bands page 5 resist-a-band® 3-foot band loop exercise rubber bands page 6 burst-resistant exercise balls airex® exercise mats page 7 finger hand exercise ball c.a.s.h disc-o-sit move-o-sit page 8 vinyl coated dumbbells cuff weights page 9 resist-a-band® tubing with handles shoulder pully page 10 therapy putty heavy med balls goniometers page 11 instant hand sanitizer wall dispenser antibacterial lotion soap t resist-a-band® fitness products we share your enthusiasm to help strengthen and rehabilitate athletes the elderly or anyone with the need or desire to improve their fitness our goal is to provide high quality products at a value price that will assist in achieving the best patient outcomes inside this catalog you will find many items that have been carefully designed manufactured and selected to offer you and your customers the utmost in performance and value our resist-a-band® branded products

hand fitness ew x natee l fre waffle web® latex free ideal for hand wrist and forearm programs this patented web is a versatile and easy-to-use device for the performance of upper extremity exercise varying degrees of resistance and elasticity make power web® ideal for hand wrist and forearm programs standard resistance sequence allows convenient and easy progression of exercise programs comes with an illustrated exercise manual extra light 14 light 14 medium 14 heavy 14 extra heavy 14 super heavy 14 tan yellow red green blue black ww14t ww14y ww14r ww14g ww14b ww14bk waffle web® mini latex free light 7 medium 7 heavy 7 yellow red green ww7y ww7r ww7g 3 to order 800.334.4404 web site

exercise bands 6 yard latex free exercise bands white orange green blue purple latex free · 100 latex free · low powder · super strong · excellent stretch · excellent recovery light medium heavy extra heavy special heavy nlxb6078 nlxb6092 nlxb6085 nlxb6252 nlxb5002 nlxb5897 nlxb5910 nlxb5903 nlxb6245 nlxb5019 no lat e allergy x wor rie s light medium heavy extra heavy special heavy 50 yard latex free exercise bands white orange green blue purple latex free bands that perform like latex 50 yard latex exercise bands contains latex extra light light medium heavy extra heavy special heavy super heavy ultra heavy tan white orange green blue purple silver gold lxb5682r lxb5699r lxb5705r lxb5712r lxb5729r lxb5736r 25 yard latex exercise bands contains latex lxb5743r lxb6054r extra light light medium heavy extra heavy special heavy super heavy ultra heavy 6 yard latex exercise band contains latex tan white orange green blue purple silver gold lxb5750r lxb5767r lxb5774r lxb5781r lxb5798r

em et th plies g su le whi last exercise bands resist-a-band® 3-foot band loop contains latex the band loop is used for lower extremity strengthening no more band clips needed easy to use no tying required the band loop is 36 in circumference and comes in three color-coded resistive levels orange green blue medium heavy extra heavy lbo5491 lbg5507 lbb5514 quick attach/release tubing contains latex the perfect pairing of resistive tubing and accessories to meet the challenges of today s healthcare environment available in four colorcoded resistive levels and two kits with combinations of resistance light medium heavy orange green blue 3008i 3005i 3006i 3007i handle pairs latex free black heavy-duty plastic handle with patented attachment design for use with latex or latex free band or tubing one pair per package instruction sheet included m et the lies g p ile su wh ast l exercise rubber bands contains latex compact highly resistive bands for lower extremity exercise available in a

exercise balls matts resist-a-band® burst-resistant exercise balls latex free our burst-resistant exercise ball slowly deflates if punctured available in six sizes choose appropriate size ball for your height packaged instructions measuring tape plug plug remover and air fill adapter balls are printed with individual size 45 cm 75 cm white blue 4 7 5 6 2 6 8 lgb7389 lgb7419 ile le wh t b availaies las supl airex® mats latex free airex® mats provide maximum comfort and protection with a nonslip surface and superb cushioning made of tear-resistant pvc foam for long product life all airex® mats are treated with a special sanitized® process to inhibit growth of fungi and bacteria fitness 120 23 x 49 x .6 58.4 cm x 124.5 cm x 1.5 cm rounded corners weight 4 lbs 1.8 kg blue ar-fb hercules 39 x 78 x 1 81.3 cm x 198.1 cm x 2.5 cm square corners ­ weight 15 lbs 6.8 kg blue green ar-hb ar-hg fitline 140 fitline 180 corona 23 x 56 x .4 58.4 cm x 142.2 cm x 1 cm rounded

resist-a-band® finger hand exercise ball latex free unique material holds up to rigorous therapy and strengthening programs to strengthen hands fingers and forearms comes complete with an exercise guide can be frozen for cold therapy or heated in water for hot therapy soft medium firm extra firm orange green blue purple hb5231 hb5248 hb5255 hb5262 di vailabl ausdi ue nten hile sco w la plies st the c.a.s.htm latex free cruciform anterior spinal hyperextension brace allen screws allow easy custom fittings this comfortable lightweight and universally sized spinal brace can be easily custom fitted with the allen screws on the horizontal and vertical bars constructed with anodized aluminum to eliminate marking of clothing simple hook and loop fastener closures make it simple for the brace to be donned and doffed independently this brace is impervious to water so it can be worn while bathing or showering it is recommended that the brace be worn over a cotton t-shirt to keep skin cool and

weights vinyl coated dumbbells latex free motivate clients with vibrant bursts of color colorful cast-iron dumbbells feature a thick easy-grip coating of soft vinyl 1 lb 45 kg 5 lbs 2.27 kg 6 lbs 2.72 kg 8 lbs 3.63 kg dumbbell rack pink steel blue red red db1 db5 db6 db8 ccvcwr for y call bilit vaila a cuff weights latex free economical choice for graded exercise programs these progressively heavier vinyl cuffs fit snugly around ankles wrists even thighs the long hook and loop fastener assures a secure comfortable fit easy to put on and adjust 1/4 lb 11 kg 1/2 lb 23 kg 3/4 lb 34 kg 1 lb 45 kg 3 lbs 1.36 kg 4 lbs 1.82 kg 5 lbs 2.27 kg 6 lbs 2.72 kg 7 lbs 3.18 kg 8 lbs 3.63 kg 9 lbs 4.09 kg 10 lbs 4.54 kg 12 1/2 white coral green blue gold green black red blue white gold brown black red coral green cfw025wt cfw050wl cfw075or cfw100bl cfw300gd cfw400tq cfw500bk cfw600bg cfw700lm cfw800or cfw900pt cfw1000br cfw1250ol cfw1500tn cfw2000bl cfw2500gr lbs 5.68 kg 15 lbs 6.81 kg 20 lbs

exercise 54 tubbing with handles 135 cm light medium heavy extra heavy special heavy super heavy white orange green blue purple silver 54tp5613 54tp5620 54tp5637 54tp5644 54tp5651 54tp5668 shoulder pulley latex free door anchor latex free complete shoulder pulley system comes with instruction pamphlet and is individually packaged in a clear clamshell pack sp5347 black nylon door mount to attach latex or latex free band or tubing individually packaged da5323 universal attachment latex free one product covers all patient and clinic requirements for attachment door chair table and wall mounted pulley ast5927 to order 800.334.4404 web site

fitness therapy therapy putty latex free silicone therapy putty provides the most economical and versatile tool for range of motion and progressive strengthening exercise for the wrist hand and fingers high quality putty is packaged in easy-to-open plastic containers available in five color-coded resistive levels xxsoft tan 2 oz 57 g tp2pctn 4 oz 113 g tp4pctn 1 lb 454 g tpblk1tn 2 oz 57 g 4 oz 113 g 1 lb 454 g xsoft yellow 2 oz 57 g 4 oz 113 g 1 lb 454 g tp2pcy tp4pcy tpblk1y tp2pcb tp4pcb tpblk1b soft red 2 oz 57 g 4 oz 113 g 1 lb 454 g tp2pcr tp4pcr tpblk1r medium green tp2pcg tp4pcg tpblk1g firm blue 2 oz 57 g 4 oz 113 g 1 lb 454 g heavymed balls latex free ideal substitute for weights small water-based gel filled balls are excellent for strengthening and sport specific training great for throwing and catching diameter 4 10.1 cm 5 12.7 cm 6 15.2 cm 7 17.8 cm 9 22.9 cm gon06 weight 500 gr 1.1 lb 1000 gr 2.2 lb 2000 gr 4.4 lb 3000 gr 6.6 lb 5000 gr 11 lb color green red yellow

hygiene citrus scent liquid cornstarch powder · · · · · enriched with aloe vera glycerin vitamin e no waste like with traditional powders white color dries to a light powder no inhalation risk · flip cap dispensing applies like a lotion · talc free hs8027 2 oz bottle with dispensing cap packaged 144/cs cs wt 27 lbs cs wt 27 lbs hs3763 1.5 ml packet packaged 250 packets/box 4 boxes/cs 1000 packets/cs packaged 144/cs lp02 2 oz bottle with dispensing cap cs wt 16.9 lbs antibacterial lotion soap contains triclosan which is an effective germ killer against mrsa vre and other antibiotic resistant bacteria · contains conditioners to keep skin soft · flexible packaging to fit all needs · highly effective at killing germs abs3534 8 oz bottle with pump packaged 12/cs cs wt 10 lbs lp04 packaged 48/cs 4 oz bottle with dispensing cap not shown lp1200 1200 ml bag-in-a-box fits donovan #disp4203 dispenser packaged 8/cs cs wt 23.1 lb instant hand sanitizer contains alcohol our formula

w ne 00 1atex l fre e all the performance none of the worry exercise bands with mrc oeo dsn uitl sr uto sa lnce modulus resistance control a breakthrough technology yielding · consistent tensile strength resistance · 100 latex free/hypoallergenic · pricing similar to latex · performance equal to latex · color coded bands packaging tm tm quality management system iso9001 800-344-4404 800-345-3456 a division of donovan industries inc call for a free sample resist-a-band® fitness products 13401 mccormick drive · tampa fl 33626-3061 800.344-4404 · 813.854.1547 · fax 813.855.6569 email web site distributed by rev no