AFD Catalog 2018 by RHP Robert H Peterson

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Page 40 of AFD Catalog 2018

gas logs,stones lava media shown chd-24 charred oak vented model chd-xx shown chfr-24 charred frontier oak vent-free model chfr-xx back country oak model bco-27 desert sage model ds-27 shown g10-24/30-ss g45 s.s vented gas log burner model description g45-xx-ss g45-xx-npa-ss match-lit ng only w assembled valve g10 s.s vent-free gas log burner model description g10-xxp ss g10-xx-12p ss g10-xx-15p ss g10-xx-01vp ss manual w on/off remote w variable remote w electronic remote g45 s.s vented glass burner model description g45-gl-xx-ss match-lit ng only g45-gl-xx-npa-ss w assembled valve gas log sets and burner kits are available in multiple sizes and are to be used with fireplaces only 40 shown g21-gl-24-12 shown g45-gl-30-ss shown g45-24-na-ss g21 contemporary vent-free burner model description g21-gl-xx-12p g21-gl-xxg-12p w on/off remote w on/off remote gold trim accommodates fyre glass fyre gems only.