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am e ric an o utd oorg ril l ® pr o duct specificat ions 2018 american outdoor grill ® product

36nbt 36nbt-oosp 36nbl 36nbl-oosp all built-in grill models available in natural gas with propane conversion kit included 36” built-in grill 30nbt 30nbt-oosp 30nbl 30nbl-oosp 30” built-in grill 37 24nbt 24nbt-oosp 24nbl 24nbl-oosp 24” built-in grill 8½ 30¾ 19½ 30 20½ 3282t 3282l double side burner 8½ 24½ 24½ 19½ 17½ 3283 single side burner 20-30-sd 11½ 20½ 14½ double access door 17½ 8½ 19½ 14½ 17-24-sd single access door 22¾ 8½ 20½ 14-20-sd 14¼ 14½ 20½ single access door 6” clearance counter-t 8¾ 24½ 24-17-sd 14½ 20 21 single access door 20½ 20-14-sd 34⅛ single access door 21¾ 20-14-sdv 36½ 18½ single access door with louvers 26 18½ 20-14-ssdlv/drv single access door with tank tray 30 26 ref-21 aog refrigerator additional access doors not shown model 18-36-ssdd description cut-out 12-18-sd single access door w/black slam latches 12½” h x

island counter-top overhang a the control panel is designed to sit flush against the enclosure front wall if the enclosure counter-top extends beyond the front wall creating a counter-top overhang it must be cut flush with the front wall for the width of the control panel or a gap will be created exposing the forward portions of the left and right side grill fire walls see illustrations below top view b x 1/2” y total counter-top overhang counter-top x built-in grills height dimensions description hood open a hood closed b 24nbt/24nbl 30½” 20” 30nbt/30nbl 30½” 20” 36nbt/36nbl 30½” 20” overhang y control panel side view control panel counter-top overhang top to unit bottom “l” series electrical specifications grill insulating liners must be used when installing in a combustible island model • “l” series grills require 120vac 5 amp min power to operate • power supply rating 120vac 0.3a 60 hz

portable post mount in-ground mount specifications geig portable grills specifications height hood open grill model a 24pct/24pcl e 30pct/30pcl 59” a b c 48½” 59” 48½” 37” 36pct/36pcl f d 59” 48½” 37” a bcdf hood closed width floor to top of shelf cart base c 37” e depth shelf to shelf cart base max outer d b e f g 25” 50” 22¼” 24¾” 31” 56” 22¼” 24¾” 37¼” 62¼” 22¼” 24¾” h all portable grill models available in natural or propane gas natural gas change the “p” in the model number to an “n” g i post in-ground mount grills specifications height a b b grill model c e e 24ngt/24ngl hood open hood closed a b 59” 24npt/24npl 58½” f d h c 48½” 36½” 48” width floor to floor to bottom of top extension of shelf below ground 36½” depth post post base shelf to shelf