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304 stainless steel t 304 stainless open close ph stainless steel high performance fire magic grills charcoal cooking grill grilled grill pan grill pans all fires cooks cooking cook p 369 post 8 x 8 wood post ph 1 sleeves

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charcoal grills high performance stainless steel charcoal and smoker barbecue grills feature highlights 1 all 304 stainless steel 2 2 unique angular sloped hood for charcoal grilling or smoking with adjustable hood vents on each side to regulate airflow 3 easily movable expanded stainless steel charcoal holding pans you can move the charcoal or wood up closer to the cooking grids or down further from the cooking grids to control the amount of heat 3&4 4 front opening for effortless reloading 5 trapezoid cooking grids for best grilling 5 6 integrated warming rack the 12” deep rack is 7” higher than the cooking grids adding a second rack for cooking or smoking the rack stays horizontal at all times whether hood is open closed or being open/closed 7 complete “ash catch” with an upper sleeve to ensure that nothing burns there 8 available in 30” with 2 charcoal pans and 24” sizes 6 9 built-in portable in-ground post or patio post models r.h peterson