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high torque motor fire magic grills heavy duty stainless steel supports our magic all fires rhp bearing cook cooking cooks 23a food cross roller bearing super x 2 super 7 n s k bearing bearings bearing support rods bearing 75 x 5

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quantum backburner built with passion owned with pride quantum infrared backburner made with stainless steel foam there are so many advantages to rotisserie cooking on the quantum rotisserie backburner meats are juicier self-basted and slow roasted it’s no wonder more and more outdoor chefs are choosing to rotisserie cook • the quantum rotisserie backburner uses 100 stainless steel foam which provides the equivalent of double the per btu heat included with all echelon grills • cooks more quickly and efficiently with more evenly dispersed infrared heat • the slim profile backburner allows more space for rotissing a larger roast or bird • includes stainless steel covers to protect backburner when grilling see photo above • there is no ceramic so no cracking breaking or back-burner flare-ups • this product is warrantied for 15 years — better than any other rotisserie backburner warranty 14724 e proctor ave city of industry ca 91746

cross section showing the stainless steel foam rotisserie kit includes 1 solid heavy duty stainless steel hexagonal spit rod with roller ball–bearing support 2 super high torque motor – handles up to 75 pounds 3 two 2 4-tine adjustable spit prongs 4 counter balance to rotate food on the spit evenly cook fully and keep for biggest roast or bird your motor stronger and longer cross section showing the depth of our rotisserie space fire magic® grills provide the most space for rotisserie cooking • 790’s offer 16½” diameter the deepest and are 27” wide • 660’s offer 16½” diameter the deepest and are 23”