G21 Contemporary Burner by RHP Robert H Peterson

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RH Peterson Co.
14724 E. Proctor Ave
City of Industry, CA 91746

(800) 332-3973
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vent-free contemporary burner g21 series uniquely designed vent free system deep amber fyre gems shown with base of optional star fyre glass feature highlights ·allstainlesssteelconstruction ·burnerwithelevatedtaperedplatformandmirrored frontandbackpanelsprovidesamodernlook ·burnscleanlywithglass/gemsdirectlyon burnerportsprovidingabeautifulseaofflames ·extrahigh,extradeepflameappearance burnerisonly10½ fronttoback ·availableina24 modelusing10lbs offyreglassorfyregems ·automaticpilotwithremoteforeasyon/off ·easyaccesshiddencontrols ·canbeaccessorizedonthefrontwith additionalfyreglassorfyregems ·idealforindoororoutdooruse www.rhpeterson.com

fyre glass fyre gems star fyre gl w blush glg l black reflective gl b mint glg m bronze reflective gl zr moss glg o g21 specifications azuria reflective gl fr coral reef glg r clear gl c black pearl glg j caribbean blue rfl gl nr glacier glg c back 20 1/2 azuria gl f deep amber glg a 10 1/2 indigo swirl glg i sapphire glg s black gl b koi glg k 25 1/2 front emerald gl e indigo swirl glg i g21-gl-24-12p propane caribbean blue gl n platinum glg p 30,000 btu 35,000 btu g21-gl-24-12 natural gas retail price $975 gold reflective gl hr champagne glg d price includes burner/valve system with remote and connector kit gems and glass must be ordered separately emerald reflective gl er blue topaz glg t bronze gl z black granite glg b sapphire gl s emerald glg e www.rhpeterson.com add 10 for 10 lbs bag ot 40 for 40 lbs container for instance gl-10-f or