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RH Peterson Co.
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new new colonial oak colo burnt aspen bta charred evergreen oak eno charred evergreen split oak ens g52 radiant fyre burner system with enticing dancing flames protective fiber shield you can feel the warmth and experience the glow of the peterson real fyre® g52 radiant fyre gas log systems molded with an exclusive fiber enhanced refractory ceramic mixture these handcrafted logs showcase the crisp charred evergreen oak charred evergreen split oak bark detail as well as the unique look of the new burnt aspen and the new colonial oak log sets stainless steel booster grid shown g52-24/30-2vt r.h peterson co • 14724 e proctor ave city of industry ca 91746 • p 800 332-3973 • f 800 228-3973 •

g52 radiant fyre burner system key features • exclusive stainless steel booster grid acts as a catalyst to increase the intensity of the fire and the glow of the logs to project more heat into the room • dual burner system uses fewer btu’s for lower operating costs while radiating a higher robust fire with dancing flames • controls are hidden under the burner for a compact footprint to fill your fireplace with flame • multiple control options include electronic valve with intermittent pilot ignition ipi and variable flame height control via remote 2vt electronic valve with intermittent pilot ignition ipi and on/off remote control 02 millivolt valve with standing pilot and variable flame height control via remote 17 manual valve with standing pilot a match-lit natural gas only • for use with natural gas or propane • burner available in 18/20” and 24/30” sizes • compatible with our unique fiber enhanced ceramic