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the charred series amazing burned-through realism vented charred oak chd series sizes 16 30 splitlity ersona p pioneer oak pn series sizes 24 36 charred rugged split oak chrrso series sizes 18 30 charred cedar chcr series sizes 18 30 charred split oak chs series sizes 18 36 charred forest oak chf series sizes 18 30 charred northern oak chn series sizes 18 30

the designer series vented styles to enhance your hearth with natural color and bark details new ripped split oak hs series sizes 18 30 american oak ao series sizes 18 30 ripped split oak designer plus hs series sizes 18 36 woodstack ws series sizes 18 30 red oak red series sizes 18 30 rustic oak designer hrd series sizes 16 42 real-fyre split personality gas logs offer the versatility of using the original log stack or reversing each log within the set for a totally different look front stack alternate stack rugged split oak rrso series sizes 18 30

the designer series vented split oak designer plus sdp series sizes 18 36 royal english designer oak bd series sizes 18 42 split oak s series sizes 18 30 white birch w series sizes 18 30 western campfyre wcf series sizes 18 30 forest oak fo series sizes 18 30 cedar cr series sizes 18 30 woodland oak wo series sizes 18 30 golden oak designer plus rdp series sizes 12 60 coal grate v series sizes 18 30

the classic series ruggedly handsome environmentally friendly vented front stack use original log stack or reverse each log within the set for a totally different look alternate stack rugged oak rro series sizes 18 30 rustic oak hr series sizes 16 42 golden oak r series sizes 12 42 post oak po series sizes 18 30 royal english oak b series sizes 18 42 8 coastal driftwood cdr series sizes 18 36

the small sets series realistic flame presentation for smaller fireplaces when smaller is better these are the right log sets perfect for smaller wood-burning fireplaces or where a reduced size and gas usage is desirable real-fyre offers these sets specifically designed for smaller hearths the 12 rear width and the 9 1/2 depth allows a full looking set for small or tapered fireplaces the real-fyre g4-16/19 glowing ember burner system presents a natural wood-like fire porthole design and placement create beautiful flames ignition is easier than ever these fuel saving sets use only 39,000 btus also available models hrdg4-16 hchrg4-16 hrg4-16 and rg4-16 vented only 9 1/2 deep model rdpg4-19 model rdpg4-16 model chdg4-19 model chdg4-16 the flat pan burner a full fire look with about half the btus of standard vented sets the sierra pine and the charred summit pine gas log sets use a unique flat pan burner system the system is designed with lanced ports and allows the air/gas

vented burner systems glowing ember burner g4 and gx4 series these burner systems create dancing flames maximum glowing effect and provide radiant heat into the room for natural and l.p gas from 25,000 to 120,000 btus burner size 12 16 18/20 24 30 36 btu natural 25,000 39,000 75,000 90,000 90,000 120,000 propane 25,000 30,000 50,000 65,000 65,000 90,000 burner systems exceeding 90,000 btus are not included in the radco listing systems from 42 to 60 also available triple t burner g45 and g45a series this specialized burner accentuates front ember presentation and adds depth to the flame while maximizing warmth for natural and l.p gas from 50,000 to 90,000 btus g45a series ­ certified to ansi standard z21.60 with factory installed controls burner size 18/20 24 30 btu natural 75,000 90,000 90,000 propane 50,000 65,000 65,000 glowing ember burner g5 series advanced burner systems create dancing flames maximum glowing effect and provide radiant heat into the room for natural and l.p

real-fyre s vibrant glass burners new flames dancing amid gem-like crystals a fascinating combination that mesmerizes while it warms real-fyre s new glass burner system brings this enthralling experience to any fireplace this hot-yet-oh so cool contemporary touch enhances any home or restaurant particularly ideal for those in the desert or seaside the glass burner system is easy to assemble and install and is environmentally safe there s no mess specially formulated tempered and tumbled glass is safe to handle since it has no sharp edges geo-fyre ceramic shapes add distinctive architectural accents to any real-fyre glass burner display numerous shapes geo dome geo diamond geo tetra as well as pyramids cylinders cones and spheres are available in two colors ivory or slate enjoy real-fyre s glass burner s glittering brilliance for a lifetime these american national standards institute ansi certified glass burners are fueled by pan burners pb series that are available with assembled

control systems fingertip control that s easy reliable real-fyre remote control systems are designed to provide the ultimate in convenient and reliable lighting of real-fyre gas log sets with a number of optional remote control features available these systems come with a gas valve pilot assembly for instant lighting basic remote receiver and transmitter and protective heat shield all our control systems use valves certified to ansi standards the spk/apk/epk control systems are easy to install use no electricity increase air flow to the valve have heat shielding for greater protection and include a built-in safety feature that shuts off gas flow should the pilot flame go out all our control systems are certified to ansi standards for natural and propane gas epk-1 apk-15 apk-16 spk 26 with low profile valve peterson brings you state-of-the-art technology with the ultimate in control and convenience for your hearth select the remote system with the features you desire deluxe variable

decor packs transform any hearth into the magnet of family activities with real-fyre logs and accessories the effect and enjoyment of a fireplace is enhanced by its accessories there are a number of decor packs shown on this page that combine a variety of these decor accessories to contribute to an even more inviting home decor pack dp-1 decor pack dp-2 decor pack dp-4 decor pack dp-1 includes · oak branches 2 · pine cones 4 · ember glow · fireplace glue decor pack dp-2 includes · pine cones 3 · wood chunks 4 decor pack dp-4 includes · g8 cover plates · wood chunks 5 · lava-fyre coals 6 lbs · for g8 vent-free sets only decor pack dp-5 decor pack dp-7 decor pack dp-5 includes · bryte coals · lava-fyre coals 6 lbs · wood chips 2 · pine cones 2 decor pack dp-7 includes · bryte coals · lava-fyre coals 6 lbs · wood chips 2 · pine cones 2 · acorns 2 warmth and woo

accessories defy the eye with the many hearth accessories available from real-fyre make seasonal changes to the look of a fireplace or just add new elements it all stacks up to amazing wood fire realism lava fyre granules and coals for covering bottom of fireplace lava granules lf-5 or lf-10 lava coals lfc-10 vermiculite granules for use with flame pan and glowing ember burners lf-15 stainless steel fireback the fireback accessory compliments any real-fyre gas log set while accenting the liveliness of the flames and radiates heat into the room for greater warmth through its reflective surface heavy 20 gauge stainless steel construction with delicate laser-cut baroque pattern for a distinctive look the fireback is available in 18 24 and 30 sizes to fit your fireplace fbs select sand for use with glowing ember burners natural gas only cs-10 decorative covers pine cone or wood chunk decorative covers are available to conceal remote control receivers pine cone pcdc-1 wood chunk

outdoor entertaining possibilities the outdoor fireplace real-fyre stainless steel burner pan is a must for any outdoor fireplace its features include · 18 gauge stainless steel construction · weather-resistant for either outside or inside use · compatible with real-fyre vented gas logs · available in sizes 18 20 24 and 30 · natural or propane gas options · propane units come fully assembled with a safety pilot system · stainless steel grate model g4-24p-ss also available pilotless ignition system standard on propane units as shown tabletop campfyre outdoor campfyre the tabletop or the outdoor campfyre makes a versatile centerpiece for any outdoor occasion new and expanded selections of models with a wide range of options from beautifully realistic designer logs and branchers lava granules coals stones or glass refer to our new outdoor campfyre catalog for details ask about our other quality home products sold by robert h peterson co 14724 east proctor ave city of