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Richland Community College is located in Decatur, Illinois.

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1 richland community college community college district 537 2oo3-2oo4 catalog one college park decatur illinois 62521 telephone 217/875-7200 switchboard hours monday-thursday — 7:30 a.m 9:30 p.m friday — 7:30 a.m 5:00 p.m world wide web address www.richland.edu e-mail address rcchelp@richland.edu

financial information 31 other financial aid policies refunds to aid recipients federal financial aid applicants must have a high school diploma or ged applicants who have been home-schooled must pass a department of education-approved test to determine their ability to benefit from postsecondary education this test is offered free at richland a student must be attending classes on a regular basis any student reported as not attending classes will have his/her financial aid adjusted accordingly a student must be enrolled in an eligible program as approved by the department of education leading to a certificate or degree all courses taken must be applicable to that certificate or degree financial aid will not cover audited courses or courses that do not count toward a certificate or degree refunds for students attending richland who receive federal financial assistance and withdraw before completion of 60 of the semester will be calculated on a pro rata basis based on the federal

academic information regulations 59 independence the u.s constitution and the illinois constitution the requirement may be satisfied in one of two ways 1 if the required examination was taken and passed in high school the student’s high school transcript must verify that the requirement has been met holders of an illinois g.e.d certificate may submit an official copy of their test scores or verification from the superintendent of the regional office of education through which the g.e.d certificate was issued or 2 students may obtain study material from the lrc and take the examination through assessment services room w124 graduating with two certificates or degrees richland students may work toward completion of more than one program of study if they so desire students may receive all certificates for which they have completed the requirements only the highest award will be announced at the commencement ceremony in order to receive a second associate’s degree a student

instructional programs 87 students who intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree should take the following general education substitutions engl 101 composition 1 in place of engl 110 communicating in the workplace math 110 concepts of mathematics in place of math 104 technical mathematics phys 100 physics and society in place of c.i.s 110 bus appls psych 110 introduction to psychology in place of p rel 100 human relations spch 101 principles of speech in place of acct 100 fundamentals of accounting business general description the business instructional area consists of an a.a.s degree in business with a specialization in either accounting management/leadership marketing or materials management students wishing to earn the business a.a.s degree must complete the required business core courses the required courses for the desired specialization elective courses in business and specified general education requirements a certificate is also available with a specialization in one of the

instructional programs 115 required courses cr hrs c.i.s 110 business applications 3 engl 110 communicating in the workplace or engl 101 3 general education electives 6 i.t 105 information technology systems formerly c.i.s 105 3 i.t 115 client operating systems formerly c.i.s 115 3 i.t 131 programming logic formerly cis 131 i.t 131 3 i.t 141 networking fundamentals formerly c.i.s 141 3 i.t 151 the internet web applications formerly c.i.s 287 3 i.t 171 microcomputer hardware service formerly eltrn 171 3 i.t 172 microcomputer software service formerly eltrn 172 3 i.t 205 tech support/help desk 3 i.t 240 tcp/ip 3 i.t 271 nos windows nt/2000/xp formerly c.i.s 245 3 i.t 272 nos unix/linux 3 i.t 273 network management techniques 3 i.t 285 systems analysis design formerly c.i.s 285 4 i.t 290 work experience practicum seminar formerly c.i.s 290 or i.t 295 3 math 104 technical math 4 spch 120 business professional speaking or spch 101 3 if you wish to transfer to a 4-year institution

course descriptions 143 applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates a.a.s a.l.s a.a a.s group requirement business a.a.s only area of concentration not applicable african-american studies af am 101 the african-american experience 1 iai hf 906d 4-0-4 surveys african-american heritage from its african roots through the beginning of the civil rights movement 1954 and critically examines literature and other products of african-american culture applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates and all degrees group requirement humanities fine arts area of concentration african-american studies af am 102 the african-american experience 2 4-0-4 surveys african-american history from 1954 to the present examines the prose poetry and drama of african-american authors of the period and traces african-american music from ragtime through rock and soul to the present applicable

course descriptions 171 draft 295 drafting internship 0-15-3 prerequisite draft 101 102 120 210/215 220 243 and 244 must complete an application for enrollment and submit it to the internship instructor at the time of registration applications are available from the business and technology division provides the student with the opportunity to use the skills acquired from the industrial drafting program in a workplace setting the internship will also allow the student to acquire additional knowledge from the work place the internship work will be in the student’s desired career area and must provide a source of learning students will be required to keep an accurate record of their activities and to write a report on their work study experience at the end of the internship credit for the practicum is based on 15 hours per week in the job setting for a 15-week semester applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates a.a.s

course descriptions 199 hist 202 modern east asia iai h2 903n 4-0-4 prerequisite eligibility for engl 101 provides a survey of china’s and japan’s entry into the modern world the last 300 years are surveyed but particular emphasis is placed on japan’s transition from feudalism to asia’s industrial leader and china’s evolution from empire to communism meets third world course requirements applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates and all degrees group requirement humanities area of concentration history hist 250 history of land warfare 3-0-3 prerequisite eligibility for engl 101 examines the nature of war from ancient greece to the present day with emphasis on the modern era while the study of military weapons and tactics is stressed social and political influence in military affairs is also analyzed applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all

course descriptions 227 to use the nursing process communication critical thinking and decision making in caring for adults in hospital settings applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates a.a.s a.l.s group requirement not applicable area of concentration nursing nurs 152 psychiatric mental health nursing 2-6-4 prerequisite nurs 101 nurs 102 hlth 220 biol 201 and psych 110 concurrent enrollment in nurs 151 and nurs 154 completion of or concurrent enrollment in biol 202 and math 106 or approval of the dean of health professions applies the nursing process and critical thinking to the management of psychiatric and mental health problems in clients and families emphasis is placed on the interactive nature of clients with their environment and the use of various treatment modalities communication and relationship skills to manage clients with alterations in mental health clinical experiences provide opportunities to use the

course descriptions 255 spch 110 discussion and group conference iai spc 920 2-2-3 examines the nature and effects of interpersonal communication in small groups major areas of study include effective leadership and participation in groups problem-solving and decisionmaking discussion conference planning and parliamentary procedure students plan lead participate in and evaluate discussions applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates and all degrees group requirement communications a.a.s only area of concentration speech and drama spch 120 business and professional speaking 2-2-3 develops and polishes the student’s communication skills for business and professional use selfinventories are combined with interviewing group dynamics listening negotiating and conflict resolution as well as practice in specific public speaking situations applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all

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