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4 student life 39 student life program 40 clubs and organizations 40 student rights and responsibilities 42 student records and confidential information 42 student grievance and discipline policies 43 student resolution process chart 44 smoking 45 substance abuse policies 46 chronic communicable disease policy 46 sexual harassment policy 46 policy for responsible use of information technology 47 possession of weapons policy 48 wise-1 48 continuing and community education 49 adult education ged 50 alumni and friends association 50 english as a second language esl 51 applied learning skills als 50 center for business training and community education 50 extension center programming 51 fitness center 51 richland foundation 52 academic information and regulations 53 student status and classification 54 full-time academic load 54 academic standards 54 probation 54 suspension 55 grading policy and grade point average 55 academic

33 child care etc student academic support services counseling career financial perkins

academic information regulations 61 guidelines for transfer credits listed in that senior college’s transfer guide or handbook richland recommends that students planning to transfer meet with a counselor or advisor in the student services center for upto-date information on transferring richland credits students who plan to transfer to outof-state schools or schools not covered by the general education compact should also contact an advisor at the transfer school illinois articulation initiative richland community college is a participant in the illinois articulation initiative iai a statewide agreement that allows transfer of the completed illinois general education core curriculum between participating institutions completion of the general education core curriculum at any participating college or university in illinois assures transferring students that lower-division general education requirements for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree have been satisfied

90 instructional programs aptitudes the ability to acquire good computer skills is important as well as an ability to visualize objects in two or three dimensions good math skills and an aptitude for hands-on machine operation outlook average growth is expected for this occupation however there will be many openings because of the need to replace individuals who retire these are occupational training programs some of the courses may not transfer to four-year institutions basic certificate-computer integrated manufacturing 25 credit hours iccb code bc 0016 required courses cim100 introduction to computer integrated manufacturing cim101 computer aided manufacturing cam fundamentals cim102 cnc programming cim110 introduction to automated manufacturing draft210 microstation or draft215 mfg120 manufacturing processes math104 technical mathematics robot101 introduction to robotics associate in applied science degree 65 credit hours cr hrs 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 3 iccb code aas 0115 required courses

118 instructional programs practical nursing program see p 128 registered nursing program general description the associate degree nursing adn program at richland community college is accredited by the national league for nursing accrediting commission and approved by the illinois department of professional regulation the program is designed to prepare competent caring and critically thinking graduates to provide safe nursing care to clients in a variety of health care settings the program is a combination of nursing and selected general education courses the nursing courses consist of classroom laboratory and clinical experiences providing care to clients in local health care agencies upon satisfactory completion of the program students will receive an associate of applied science degree and be eligible to write for the national council for licensure examination registered nurse nclex-rn graduates who pass the examination must submit to a background check and apply to the department

146 course descriptions course responsibilities the administrative responsibilities for credit courses are assigned to various divisions within the college inquiries concerning courses should be directed to the division indicated above the course prefix communications education humanities and fine arts division dean room c162 african american studies art early childhood education drama education english french german humanities journalism music philosophy spanish speech health professions division dean room s162 allied health pharmacy technology practical nursing radiologic technology registered nursing surgical technology mathematics and sciences division dean room s119 anthropology astronomy biology chemistry criminal justice earth science economics fire science history mathematics physical education physics physical science political science psychology social science sociology business and technology division dean room c218 agribusiness automotive business accounting computer

course descriptions 175 concepts appropriate to the development of the individual child lab includes observation of infants and toddlers t.b test fingerprint and background check are required before the lab portion of the class begins and within 30 days of the first day of class if for any reason the background check and t.b test are not completed the student will be unable to attend the lab applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates aas als group requirement not applicable area of concentration not applicable ece120 child care administration and organization 2-0-2 prerequisite eligibility for engl101 provides knowledge and skills needed to run a family day care home setting up a day care home business management and administrative skills and child development principles as applicable to home day care the community and the parents applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all

course descriptions 203 cold war diplomacy and domestic issues since world war ii the course will also examine the roles of women and minority peoples in our culture applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates and all degrees group requirement social science area of concentration history social science hist105 history of illinois 3-0-3 prerequisite eligibility for engl101 is a survey of illinois history from the earliest times to the present topics covered include indian cultures illinois under french and british rule early statehood settlement patterns land of lincoln growth of industrial and urban power progressivism world wars i and ii the new deal and post-world war ii problems and growth applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates and all degrees group requirement social science aas only area of concentration history social science hist111 european civilization

232 course descriptions nurs151 medical-surgical nursingi 2-6-4 prerequisite nurs101 nurs102 hlth220 biol201 and psych110 concurrent enrollment in nurs152 and nurs154 completion of or concurrent enrollment in biol202 and math106 or approval of the dean of health professions studies a the utilization of the nursing process and critical thinking to manage clients with alterations in the integumentary urinary and gastrointestinal systems b the nursing management of clients experiencing surgery and c the role of the nurse in the management of cell injury inflammation fluids and electrolytes clinical nursing and physical assessment skills are emphasized clinical experiences provide opportunities to use the nursing process communication critical thinking and decision making in caring for adults in hospital settings applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates aas als group requirement not applicable area of concentration nursing

260 course descriptions surgt290 internship in surgical technology 1-20-5 prerequisite permission of the instructor allows the student pursuing a degree in surgical technology the opportunity to apply the principles learned in the course work to the work situation through employment in addition the internship also allows the student to acquire additional knowledge from the work place the participating student will be paid an hourly wage by the employer and it will consist of 16-20 hours per week of employment over the semester applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates and degrees group requirement not applicable area of concentration surgical technology theatre see drama transportation cdl1000 tractor/trailer driver training 3.5-7-7 prerequisite ability to read and write the english language 21 years or older physically meet federal department of transportation guidelines possession of a valid driver’s license at

288 index residency 2 5 responsible use of information technology policy 4 7 robotics course 254 s scholarships 2 7 secondary education concentration 7 7 security services 3 8 self-advisement 3 4 senior citizens tuition discount 2 5 sequence of courses for certificates aas 8 0 sexual harassment policy 4 6 shilling center 13 51 smoking/nonsmoking policy 4 5 social science course 255 sociology concentration 7 6 sociology courses 255 spanish courses 257 speech courses 258 speech and drama concentration 7 6 staff faculty administration 275 standards of academic progress financial aid 2 9 state minimum subject requirements transfer programs 1 7 statement of purpose and mission 1 0 student activities see student life 4 0 student ambassador mentor program 4 1 student classification 5 4 student clubs and organizations 4 0 student employment 2 8 student grievances 4 3 student ids 3 8 student learning center 3 5 student life 3 9