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4 project read 37 honors opportunities program 37 child care services 38 student ids 38 campus life 39 campus life program 40 clubs and organizations 40 student records and confidential information 44 student rights and responsibilities 44 student grievance and discipline policies 45 academic dishonesty policy 47 tobacco policy 47 substance abuse policies 47 chronic communicable disease policy 48 sexual harassment policy 48 responsible use of information technology policy 49 possession of weapons policy 49 wise-1 50 continuing and professional education 51 adult education ged 52 alumni and friends association 52 applied learning skills als 52 continuing professional education 52 english as a second language esl 53 extension center programming 53 fitness center 53 richland foundation 53 academic information and regulations 55 student status and classification 56 full-time academic load 56 academic standards 56 probation

40 student and academic support services n franklin decatur il prospective students and volunteers may call for appointments or for further information at 423-7323 honors opportunities program students with excellent academic skills are encouraged to apply for the honors opportunities program the program is designed to offer students an added dimension to their studies through small class seminars special lectures programs and field trips the honors opportunities program is open to full and part-time students who plan to complete any associate’s degree at richland seventy-five percent of all tuition is waived for honors program participants to be admitted to the program 1 recent high school graduates must have an act composite score of 27 with no individual score lower than 22 or equivalent scores on any national testing program 2 presently enrolled students or transfer students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale for 12 or more semester

instructional programs 75 associate in arts aa transfer academic plan area of concentration designed to provide two academic years of college study for transfer toward a bachelor of arts degree at college or university general education requirements 39-43 hrs communications 3 courses 9 hrs engl101 102 spch101 c or better required for both engl101 102 effective summer 1999 course number rcc semester year transfer total social and behavioral sciences 3 or 4 courses 9-10 hrs select from two or more disciplines anthro110 120 130 econ231 232 hist101 102 131 pols100 110 120 230 psych110 145 150 210 socio110 150 200 225 humanities/fine arts 3 or 4 courses 11-12 hrs select at least one course from humanities and at least one course from fine arts humanities af am101 103 104 engl115 124 126 128 160 201 202 231 232 251 252 fren202 germ202 hist111 112 201 202 270 human100 201,280 phil100 110 120 210 215 230 span 202 fine arts af am101 103 art100 210 220 230 drama150 engl140

110 instructional programs credit hours paraprof edu courses parapro.e aas degree iccb code pending ece 110 health nutrition and safety for young children 3 x ece 111 children’s literature 3 x ece 113 art music and drama for young children 3 x ed 100 introduction to public education 3 x ed 102 field experience in education 2 x ed 105 using technology in the classroom i 3 x ed 107 art for elementary school teachers 3 x ed 108 the multicultural classroom 3 x ed 109 principals of reading 3 x ed 200 educational psychology 3 x ed 220 the exceptional child 3 x engl 101 composition 1 3 x psych 110 introduction to psychology 3 x psych 150 child psychology 3 x socio 200 marriage and the family 3 x spch 101 principles of speech 3 x subtotal 47 directed electives fine arts art or music 100 recommended 3 math math 113 or 113 recommended 4 physical science earth science recommended 4 u.s history 4 subtotal 15 total 62 x required other graduation requirements 1 2.00 c grade point average for

instructional programs 145 registered nursing program the nursing program is a selective admissions program and minimum criteria must be met in order to receive an application admission to the program is by application admission to rcc does not guarantee acceptance to the program out-of-district students will be considered for the program when space is available details on selective admission can be obtained during program information sessions attendance at an informational session is required to receive a program worksheet to determine eligibility for application general description the purpose of the associate degree nursing adn program at richland community college flows from the richland community college mission and is designed to prepare competent caring and critically thinking graduates for entry-level nursing positions in a variety of health care settings and to encourage commitment to personal and professional growth the adn program is a combination of nursing and selected

180 course descriptions af am105 – history of african american gospel music 3-0-3 is designed to provide the student with a practical viewpoint of the role of gospel music in the african american culture this course emphasizes the historical legacy behind the music and some of its musicians students will have the opportunity to take a look into the lives and souls of a group of people whose only hope was found in the spiritual words of the songs they sang as well as the connection to the continent of africa blues jazz and jubilee styles of music offered in fall applicable toward graduation where structure permits certificate or degree all certificates and degrees group requirement aas als only area of concentration african-american studies agriculture agric101 — animal science iai ag 902 3-2-4 is an application of the sciences of genetics physiology and nutrition to the improvement of the animal industries and an introduction to management and production practices

216 course descriptions ed 199 — topics in education variable credit and repeatable 1-0-1 to 3-0-3 prerequisite successful completion of engl 101 provides the student an opportunity to participate in a comprehensive discussion of a topic dealing with contemporary issues in education the course requires no prior knowledge but students should have some interest in the seminar topic this course may be repeated twice with a different topic offered as needed applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates and all degrees group requirement social science aas only area of concentration teacher education elementary-secondary-special -early childhood ed 200 — educational psychology iai sed 902 3-0-3 prerequisite psych110 examines the application of psychological principles to education special emphasis is placed on understanding growth and development the learning process motivation intelligence evaluation measurement

course descriptions 251 hlth 120 — wellness and healthful living 3-0-3 is designed to provide students with concepts and skills for wellness and healthful living students will learn about past and current health trends as well as new health discoveries that will have an effect on health care in the future the course covers the topics of physical health emotional health intellectual health nutrition social health relationships communicable diseases substance abuse emergency care death and dying community health programs and environmental issues relating to optimal health offered fall and spring applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates and all degrees group requirement not applicable area of concentration teacher education hlth 125 — health lifestyle of the adolescent 3-0-3 prerequisite successful completion of engl 101 is designed to introduce the student to adolescent development the focus of the course is on

286 course descriptions ot 205 — voicing transcription 2-2-3 prerequisite ot 119 ot 112 and ot 115 or equivalent competencies covers dictating formatting editing and proofreading business documents using speech recognition software also included is transcribing business letters memos agendas and meeting minutes from dictation offered in fall applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates aas als group requirement not applicable area of concentration not applicable ot 210 — statistical keyboard entry 2-2-3 prerequisite minimum touch-typing speed of 35 nwam provides students with a functional knowledge of electronic calculator and entry-level skills in data entry on the microcomputer it also emphasizes speed development and accuracy in entering data with realistic production jobs and keyboarding exercises major emphasis is on numeric entry offered in spring applicable toward graduation where program structure permits

course descriptions 321 abe 078 — general educational development 3 variable credit 4-0 5 to 4 is designed for adults with a reading level of 6-8.9 who want to prepare for general educational development coursework emphasis in the course is placed on basic reading writing and mathematics skills a placement test is required prior to enrollment this course is offered tuition free applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all basic certificates in general studies except personal development group requirement not applicable area of concentration basic certificate in developmental preparatory or basic skills adult secondary education ase 022a — self-esteem for the family 1-0-1 is designed to give parents reading at or above the 9th grade level the tools they need to support their child in school they will be empowered to communicate with school staff support school programming and encourage their child’s school success this

356 index standards of academic progress financial aid 3 1 state minimum subject requirements transfer programs 1 9 statement of purpose and mission 1 1 student activities see campus life 4 0 student ambassador mentor program 4 1 student and academic support services 3 5 student classification 5 4 student clubs and organizations 4 0 student employment 31 37 student grievances 4 3 student ids 341 student learning center 3 8 student loans 2 8 limits 2 9 student organizations 4 1 student records confidential information 4 6 students reentry p30 student resolution process 4 4 student rights responsibilities 4 8 student senate 4 1 student status classification 5 4 student support services/trio 3 9 student trustee 41 2 study abroad program 3 8 study time required 5 4 substance abuse policies 5 1 supervision of personnel business program 8 9 surgical technology admission requirements 16 134 surgical technology courses 259 surgical