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career and technical education program degree requirements 63 accounting 64 automotive technology 68 business 70 business – banking specialty 70 business – human resources specialty 72 business – management specialty 74 business – marketing specialty 76 child care and education see early childhood education 78 computer integrated manufacturing see engineering technology 78 computer science 78 criminal justice 78 criminal justice – corrections 80 culinary arts 82 desktop support technician see information technology 84 drafting design engineering 84 early childhood education 86 education 88 paraprofessional education 88 electrician 90 electronics systems see engineering technology 90 emergency medical services 90 energy distribution 92 engineering technology 92 engineering technology – biofuels technician 92 engineering technology – bioprocess operator 94 engineering technology – cnc technology specialty 96 engineering

28 campus life • • • • • • rn student nurses club – the rn student nurses club promotes interest and provides information about nursing and other health careers meetings are scheduled monthly throughout fall and spring semesters at a time convenient for the majority of the members the club sponsors educational and community service programs both on and off campus student mentor ambassadors mas – mentor ambassadors participate in the new student orientation and other programs throughout campus they help new students make a smoother transition to higher education and introduce new students to the broad educational opportunities at richland they provide on-going support to students in the areas of positive attitude development and relationship-building with faculty staff and peers mentor ambassadors are knowledgeable and can refer students to appropriate college services and to staff who provide services for students mentor ambassadors

instructional programs 53 associate in engineering science aes degree area of concentration designed to provide two academic years of college study for transfer toward a bachelor of arts degree at college or university general education requirements – 53 hours course number rcc semester year communications 2 courses 6 hours engl 101 102 “c” or better required in both engl 101 and 102 physical science 5 courses 21 hours chem 131 132 phys 151 152 153 mathematics 4 courses 17 hours math 121 122 221 230 computer science 1 course 4 hours cs 251 or cs 281 engineering 3 courses 11 hours engr 110 211 212 social science 2 courses 6 hours econ 231 232 humanities/fine arts 1 course 3 hours humanities af am 101 103 104 chin 202 engl 115 124 126 128 160 201 202 231 232 240 251 252 253 261 270 280 fren 202 germ 202 hist 111 112 201 202 270 271 human 100 104 106 201 phil 100 110 120 210 215 230 span 202 fine arts af am 101 103 art 100 210 220 230 thtre 150 engl 140 241

78 instructional programs child care and education see early childhood education page 86 computer integrated manufacturing see engineering technology page 92 computer science see aas programmer/analyst degree and also area of concentration suggestions for as degree page 128 criminal justice general description the criminal justice careers program offers preparation for a broad range of career opportunities in the expanding criminal justice field careers in criminal justice offer interesting and intense work and provide high pay and excellent benefits and retirement programs the richland criminal justice careers program offers basic and advanced certificates as well as an aas degree there are four areas of concentration each leading to a different criminal justice career path for individuals with different abilities aptitudes and or interests areas of concentration include patrol officer correctional officer probation and parole officer and emergency telecommunications specialist

102 instructional programs engineering technology – fluid power systems specialty general description the fluid power systems specialty prepares the student for designing assembling testing troubleshooting servicing and selling fluid power systems typically students will find careers as mobile hydraulics technicians industrial hydraulics technicians or pneumatics technicians students completing this concentration will be especially attractive to employers who use a high degree of automation several professional certifications exist for individuals who are skilled in fluid power this concentration is suited for students who want to integrate scientific principles and practical energy transmission systems sample of job titles with this degree electromechanical technician fluid power technician mobile hydraulics technician suggested full-time course sequence fall semester credit hours engt 100 3 engt 101 4 engt 103 3 engt 104 3 math 104 4 social science elective 3 spring

instructional programs 127 networking technology courses credit hours network technology aas 2076 network spec cert c 011k x comptia network prep cert c 011c comptia security prep cert c 011n ccna prep cert c 011b mcsa prep cert c 011t cis 110 business applications for microcomputers 3 x comm 120 business professional speaking or comm 101 3 x engl 110 communicating in the workplace or engl 101 3 x it 116 windows client operating systems 3 x x it 141 networking fundamentals 4 x x x it 173 a computer technologies 4 x x x it 221 database design using sql 3 x x it 241 network routing technologies 4 xxxx it 242 wireless networking 3 xxxx it 243 networking switching technologies 4 xxxx it 244 wide area networks 4 it 245 network security 3 x x it 246 voice over ip 3 x x it 271 windows server operating systems 3 x x it 273 managing windows networks 3 x x x it 274 windows active directory 3 x x x it 285 systems analysis design 4 x x it 290 work experience practicum seminar or it 295 or it

152 instructional programs power generation – nuclear general description the power generation – nuclear program is designed to educate and train various levels of operators and technicians for the nuclear power generation facilities the program stresses mathematics science physics and nuclear specialty courses as well as fundamentals of power generation sample of job titles with this degree control room operator auxiliary operator health physicist radiation technician and technical specialist suggested full-time course sequence fall semester credit hours chem 131 4 math 117 3 phys 101 4 comm 120 or comm 101 3 spring semester chem 132 5 phys 102 4 p gen 101 3 engl 110 3 general education elective 3 fall semester engt 105 3 phys 221 4 p gen 102 3 p gen 201 4 spring semester phys 222 4 p gen 103 3 p gen 202 3 p gen 210 3 additional program information students who begin in spring may not finish in a two-year time

176 course descriptions chem 201 organic chemistry 1 3-6-5 is the first of a two-semester chemistry series topics include a review of atomic and molecular theory the nomenclature synthesis and reactions of alkanes cycloalkanes alkenes alkynes alkyl halides alcohols ethers and unsaturated systems also stereoisomerism an introduction to reaction mechanisms and synthetic techniques are included two 3-hour lab periods per week are conducted with an emphasis on synthesis of organic compounds this course is recommended for chemistry and biology majors and students entering programs in medicine chiropractic dentistry pharmacy or related areas offered as needed prerequisite chem 132 or equivalent competencies applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates and degrees group requirement natural science aas only area of concentration chemistry general science chem 202 organic chemistry 2 3-6-5 is a continuation of chem 201 topics

course descriptions 201 fire 297 fire science technologies variable credit 3-0-1 to 3 offers an introduction to what is current and what is coming in fire science practice and technology specific topics will change to reflect the state of the art three credit hours may be used as directed electives in the aas fire science degree offered as needed prerequisite firefighting experience or previous fire science course recommended applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates aas als group requirement not applicable area of concentration not applicable french fren 101 beginning french 1 4-0-4 is an introduction to contemporary french including oral practice listening and reading comprehension and the grammar necessary for spoken and written expression together with fren 102 it is designed for students with no previous study of french and also is the appropriate first college course for students who have accumulated fewer than

226 course descriptions psych110 introduction to psychology iai s6 900 3-0-3 examines major psychological approaches to the study of human behavior and mental processes it includes topics on the biological bases of behavior learning motivation personality stress mental illness memory and perception offered in fall spring and summer prerequisite eligibility for engl 101 applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates and degrees group requirement social science area of concentration psychology social science psych130 psychology of gender 3-0-3 is designed to increase students’ knowledge and appreciation of the biological psychological and social origins and implications of gender differences as well as the similarities between the genders offered in spring prerequisite psych 100 or 110 or equivalent introductory psychology course applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all