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4 table of contents political science 225   power generation 225   practical nursing 226   psychology 227   radiography 228   sequestration 229   service learning 230   social science 230   sociology 230   spanish 231   surgical technology 232   tamil 234   theatre 234   transportation 234   welding 235   adult education courses 236   adult basic education 236   english as a second language 237   correctional education programs division 237   commercial custodial services 237   construction occupations 238   food service technology 238   horticulture 239   college general studies 240   administration faculty and staff 241   professor emeritus 245   staff emeritus 245   index 246   college maps 249   district served by richland community college 249   richland facilities in decatur 249   richland community college campus map 250

campus life 29   campus life campus life program the campus life program promotes the educational experiences of students through the development of exposure to and participation in social cultural intellectual recreational and governance programs through various communications students are informed about institutional policies and procedures and how these are related to their lives and activities clubs honor societies and organizations are structured to meet the needs of a changing student population including creating more diverse programs and services to meet the needs of ethnic populations older and disabled students and other student groups with unique interests students are encouraged to become involved in campus life campus activities organizations and clubs to enrich college life for more information contact the director of student engagement in room c137 217.875.7211 ext 305 or visit www.richland.edu/campuslife clubs and organizations a variety of professional honorary

54 instructional programs associate in engineering science aes degree the associate in engineering science degree is designed to provide the student with the general education math science and engineering courses required by the college of engineering coe at the university of illinois champaign uiuc campus students who complete this sequence and are transferring to the coe at uiuc will be able to transfer as juniors while the general education requirements listed will satisfy the requirements of most senior institutions students should identify as early as possible the institutions to which they will be applying for transfer to determine the specific requirements of those institutions for the freshman and sophomore years the sequence of courses should be carefully planned with assistance from an advisor with a specific four-year institution in mind note the general education requirements listed below do not include all the courses prescribed by the iai core general education

instructional programs 79   business – banking specialty courses credit hours banking aas 038c entrepreneur cert 038h banking spec cert 038j acct 101 financial accounting 4 x acct 102 managerial accounting or acct 211 4 x acct 205 small business accounting 3 bus 100 business fundamentals 3 x bus 102 teller fundamentals 2 x x bus 110 business mathematics or math 104 3 x x bus 200 customer service fundamentals 3 x bus 220 cost management 4 bus 221 security loss prevention 3 bus 225 small business development 3 bus 231 business law principles 3 x bus 232 business law ethics 3 x bus 233 business law for entrepreneurs 3 bus 240 marketing fundamentals 3 bus 245 advertising and sales promotion 3 bus 250 selling sales management 3 x x bus 255 principles of banking 3 x x bus 280 strategic decision making 3 x bus 281 strategic performance for productivity 3 x bus 282 strategic tax management 3 x bus 283 personal finance 3 x bus 290 work experience practicum seminar or bus 295 3

104 instructional programs engineering technology – cnc technology specialty general description this specialty prepares the student for employment as a cnc operator or cnc programmer these skilled jobs require the ability to set up and operate high tech computer-controlled cnc machines these computerized highly automated machines cut shape drill or otherwise modify metal or plastic parts for all segments of industry cnc operators typically set up tend and perform minor maintenance on the machines cnc programmers determine machining processes and tooling and fixturing requirements and write modify and adjust the programs that control the cnc machines technicians may also perform routine maintenance and repair the machines when they break down in some environments technicians may operate and program the machines as well sample of job titles with this degree cnc operator cnc machinist cnc programmer machinist production operator machine operator metal worker suggested full-time

128 instructional programs graphic arts general description graphic designers plan analyze and create visual solutions to communications problems they use a variety of print electronic and film media and technologies to execute a design that meet clients’ communication needs they consider cognitive cultural physical and social factors in planning and executing designs appropriate for a given context graphic designers use computer software to develop the overall layout and production design of magazines newspapers journals corporate reports and other publications they also produce promotional displays and marketing brochures for products and services design distinctive logos for products and businesses and develop signs and signage systems – called environmental graphics – for business and government an increasing number of graphic designers are developing material for internet web pages computer interfaces and multimedia projects graphic designers also produce

instructional programs 153   practical nursing courses credit hours practical nursing c050a biol 201 human anatomy physiology 1 4 x biol 202 human anatomy physiology 2 4 x engl 101 composition 1 3 x hlth 197/297 special topics in healthcare 1 x hlth 220 nutrition and diet therapy 3 x nurs 154 pharmacological principles for nursing practice 3 x pn 101a transitions i 1 x pn 102a wellness across the lifespan i 6 x pn 103a wellness across the lifespan ii 4 x pn 104a transitions ii trends and issues 1 x pn 105 alterations across the lifespan i 7 x pn 106 alterations across the lifespan ii 6 x pn 113 pn transition/licensure preparation 1 x psych 145 human growth and development 3 x total hours 47 richland community college catalog

178 course descriptions auto 203 fuel and emission systems 1-7-4 introduces the advanced student to the functions and components of advanced fuel injection and turbo and super charging through classroom work and hands-on applications students will become familiar with the following equipment and operations turbochargers and superchargers gasoline diesel and propane fuels fuel supply systems carburetors fuel injection systems and injectors gasoline and diesel fuel injection components exhaust systems and emission controls and modifications students will also be introduced to diagnostic and performance testing procedures offered as needed prerequisite auto 102 applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates aas als group requirement not applicable area of concentration not applicable auto 204 engine repair 1-7-4 covers the diagnostic processes and actual procedures of engine repair students learn troubleshooting techniques

course descriptions 203   fire 180 building construction for the firefighter 3-0-3 is designed to improve firefighter safety on the fire ground this course will demonstrate the effects that fire and heat may have on various types of building construction and the resulting loss of structural integrity it also includes information on the signs and symptoms of structural damage offered as needed applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates aas als group requirement not applicable area of concentration not applicable fire 200 tactics and strategy 3-0-3 is an introduction to the basic principles and methods associated with fire ground operations as required of the company officer the course emphasizes size-up fire ground operations pre-fire planning and engine company and truck company operations offered in fall applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates aas als group

228 course descriptions radiography radt 101 introduction to radiography 3-0-3 introduces students to the field of radiography and to the basic knowledge required to become a member of the profession the students receive an overview of the content covered and expectations of the rcc radiography program topics include ethics and law in radiography radiographic positioning terminology imaging equipment radiographic exposure and radiation protection cultural diversity and basic patient care offered in fall prerequisite eligibility for engl 101 and math 098 may be currently enrolled in math 095 applicable toward graduation where program structure permits certificate or degree all certificates aas als group requirement not applicable area of concentration not applicable radt 102 radiologic patient care 3-1-3 provides the student with the basic concepts of patient care including consideration for the physical and psychological needs of the patient and family routine and emergency