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water jet water jet spray cash registers water wheel parts where is the water pump at excavators sieves playground slide playground equipment swim platform swim platforms pool pump pool slide fountain pump jet saw platforms and swim

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switzerland disentis the gold-miners playground a play village with everything a real village needs the reka holiday village in disentis wanted a barrier-free playground which was intended to recreate a gold-miners town there are eight different huts including a bank a police station a town hall a workshop and a bar – each location is kitted out to correspond to its function for example the bank features a safe with bars of gold the police station has a cell ready for bandits and there is a cash register in the shop directly next door a terraced water play area has been installed with pumps water wheels channels sand sieves and two excavators thanks to its special technological design one of these can also be operated by children in a

germany giessen playground at the public swimming pool a different type of water experience at the swimming pool this unique water playground is situated on the grounds of a public swimming pool it forms the perfect complement to the various pools water slides and diving platforms its greatest attraction is an artificial hill solidly constructed from natural stones from where water flows downstream in several channels two see-saw pumps are located at the top of the hill which children can use to shoot water out of the spraying heads into the channels they are fitted with a range of damming elements and water wheels in a different part of the water playground there are a forest fountain several water jets and a selection of play equipment for the very

netherlands amsterdam artis royal zoo a bird’s-eye view of the zoo this very special zoo was established as early as 1838 making it the oldest zoo in the netherlands with its historic buildings the planetarium and the botanical garden it is an established feature in the city of amsterdam the playground is located in the middle of the grounds right next to the giraffe enclosure here net bridges connect two platforms – in addition there are two tunnel slides children have the very best view of a large area of the zoo from the six-metre-high

germany nagold state horticultural show playground a playground with “urban history” the theme of the state horticultural show playground in nagold reflects the history of the town the round tower on the hill reminds the visitor of the hohennagold castle tower overlooking the town the rafts in the “kieselsee” evoke an association with the wooden rafts in the black forest which were characteristic of this region for centuries in addition to these objects the playground offers several swings a large climbing structure as well as a small stream built using natural stones and equipped with water play

australia melbourne royal park the royal park is the largest park in melbourne this fascinating playground composed of natural play equipment features a climbing area with several rope and balancing structures nets and viewing platforms a water play area with a range of pumps channels damming and mud play elements as well as embankment slides that have been incorporated uniquely into the existing stone landscape there is also a bow bridge specially designed for people who use a wheelchair it represents a very special meeting point not least because of its attractive appearance what makes this playground so unique is its natural design and the way in which it has been so sensitively integrated into the surrounding landscape the result of close cooperation between the city of melbourne and richter spielgeräte photo © david hannah city of melbourne richter spielgeräte gmbh d-83112 frasdorf · telephone +49 0 80 52/1 79 80 ·