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r i c h t e r s p i e l g e r Ä t e g m b h · d  - 8 3 1 1 2 f r a s d o r f · f o n + 4 9 - 8 0 5 2 / 1 7 9 8 0 · f a x 4 1 8 0 ships play ships are well suited as design element for a large play area they create a very special appeal identify an area for play and help in structuring the grounds a ship triggers a whole range of associations different role-play games quickly develop such as steering the ship giving orders over the telephone or ringing the ship’s bell the würfelwiese park in halle is situated directly on the banks of the saale river and is a carefully planned recreation place catering for all generations the play installation “shipwrecks” made it possible for the planners to create an immediate connection to the river the elaborate play structure is an attractive eye-catcher in the park and a meeting point for young and old halle city development and planning · simone trettin equipment richter spielgeräte gmbh günter beltzig