Stroking Stones 2018 by Richter Spielgeraete

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r i c h t e r s p i e l g e r Ä t e g m b h · d  - 8 3 1 1 2 f r a s d o r f · f o n + 4 9 - 8 0 5 2 / 1 7 9 8 0 · f a x 4 1 8 0 lissy boesen stroking stones play animals and sculptures – these are the concrete animals by the danish designer lissy boesen quote by lissy boesen ideas arise while watching the creative play of children on sculptures upended trees big stones and similar objects you can see how they almost automatically begin to climb they play “cops and robbers” or make believe the stones are a fortress however places such as these can be dangerous to play on as they are often rough sharp edged or have protruding pieces why not instead offer the children a concrete sculpture which allows them to develop their powers of imagination and fulfils their desire to climb without any danger of hurting themselves lissy boesen’s pattern shop