The Child at Play 2018 by Richter Spielgeraete

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r i c h t e r s p i e l g e r Ä t e g m b h · d - 8 3 1 1 2 f r a s d o r f · f o n + 4 9 - 8 0 5 2 / 1 7 9 8 0 · f a x 4 1 8 0 technical information height details in meters posts of robinia Ø 15 21 cm angle cut vertical support posts with angle cut in the end grain section as constructive wood preservation corocord® rope special ropes of ‘hercules‘ type six-strand corocord® rope of the special ‘hercules‘ type abrasion protected through heating of the six steel strands and melting the polyamide sleeve onto them aluminium swages double-conical aluminium swages with rounded-off ends s clamps rounded corocord® s clamps made of stainless steel,Ø 8 mm concealed head large surface for pressure distribution prevents water from getting inside protects the bolt head scale 1:200 safety check and site inspection according to din en 1176 and ‘safety in another way‘ components installation information 7 stand posts 8 connecting tie beams 1 net fittings surfacing requirements corresponding to a fall height of 2.00 m please refer to price list for more detailed information dimensions small deviations possible foundations 7 items 80 x 80 x 60 cm excavation depth 80 cm adjustable no projecting threads after re-tightening due to two-piece bolt connection and therefore easy to maintain 1a 19 20 21 29 30 distance fitting to avoid entrapment of cords 44 length width 10.50 m 5.70 m note the climbing structure is an individual construction which is only partly pre-assembled in our workshop therefore the installation needs to be carried out by an installation company authorised by us subject to technical changes 6.51009 146 for more detailed explanation of the quality characteristics see price list height of net