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the child at play the crucial foundation stones of the personality are laid in the first years of our life these years are the years of play because play defines a child’s life without play a child cannot grow into a wellbalanced self-confident person play makes development possible throughout all areas of human existence the child’s mind develops body and senses are challenged and the intellect trained play warms the heart and brings about socialisation the child has to play or otherwise it doesn’t learn how to live we would like to play our part in helping children achieve this with what we do children should become totally absorbed in play and above all enjoy and have fun with our play equipment with this catalogue we would like to show you a selection of play equipment which is especially suitable for the outdoor areas of kindergartens after-school care clubs crèches children’s homes and toddler’s areas of public playgrounds our selection is suitable for small children when we design play equipment we put play value first we ask ourselves the following questions does our play equipment provide a great incentive to play one that lasts and is its appeal so large that it motivates the desire to play can the play equipment promote skills and stimulate mental processes is it enjoyable and to use and is it satisfying to play with whether we have achieved this is shown by observations at our test playground where all the equipment has to first go through a trial phase observations of prototypes which our customers have tested conversations with people who have experienced our equipment in the trial phase only after we have received satisfactory answers does our new play equipment find a place amongst our offers thereafter like all the others it has a special play value and is likewise produced in an environmentally-friendly way and stands out due to its high level of safety and stability frasdorf june 2014 richter spielgeräte gmbh simsseestraße 29 83 112 frasdorf fon +49- 80 52/1 79 80 fax 41 80