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water supply 87 playground pump 89 lever pump 91 mushroom spring · mushroom column spring 93 mushroom fountain 95 wind mill working with sand and water page 99 sand ships 101 sand box 103 sand snake 105 108 caterpillar type 01 and type 04 109 112 building sites and combinations 113 sand transport system 115 small building site 117 water building site 119 excavator 121 metal ship „sand“ offers for developing the senses with water 123 pattern board 125 pattern disc 127 whirlpool column planning and technical information 132 general remarks 133 power of water and damming water 134 water supply we love nature fsc-certified gardapat 13 kiara paper was used for this catalogue 135 136 water

experience water with children children get a great deal of enjoyment out of making something float twigs leaves a piece of bark or paper become little ships which float on the water this can be done just as well in a bowl of water as in a pond or a stream hours of fun can be had with children on late winter afternoons when walnut shells carrying tiny candles float in bowls of water the light carriers can be gently manoeuvred with a straw mild summer evenings by a lake are inviting for both big and small boats can be made out of stiff paper and tea lights placed in them the boats are carefully placed on the water and glide slowly out in the darkness the little points of light are mirrored on the dark surface of the water and remain unforgettable 3 anna 3 years old boat initial shape square fold forwards on the dotted line 1 4 fold forwards again on the dotted line 5 fold the square to four identically large parallel rectangular strips fold the top and bottom sections in half forwards

r i c h t e r s p i e l g e r Ä t e g m b h · d  - 8 3 1 1 2 f r a s d o r f · f o n + 4 9 - 8 0 5 2 / 1 7 9 8 0 · f a x 4 1 8 0 technical information splash pump with fixed water jet order no 5.18050 order no 5.18050 splash pump with fixed water jet equipment of stainless steel with fixed water jet maximum distance to the water source 6m delivery height max 2.50 m water supply 1/2 inch external connection thread 3/4 inch order no 5.18060 splash pump with mushroom head equipment of stainless steel with moveable water jet colour of the mushroom heads all ral colours possible delivery height max 2.50 m splash pump with mushroom head order no 5.18060 order no

r i c h t e r s p i e l g e r Ä t e g m b h components pumps · long handle pump with valve system order no 5.27010 5.27015 5.27016 · long handle pump with water reservoir order no 5.27110 5.27115 5.27116 · d  - 8 3 1 1 2 f r a s d o r f · f o n + 4 9 - 8 0 5 2 / 1 7 9 8 0 · f a x 4 1 8 0 supply line fabric hose 10 m and hose connector included supply line to be laid in empty conduit such as drainpipe or flex pipe Ø 80 not included in delivery supply line with 2 gradient to pump concrete well for draining during period of frost 1 pump cylinder with stainless steel mechanism on concrete well Ø 100 cm depth of installation approx 60 cm

r i c h t e r s p i e l g e r Ä t e g m b h · d  - 8 3 1 1 2 f r a s d o r f · f o n + 4 9 - 8 0 5 2 / 1 7 9 8 0 · f a x 4 1 8 0 function and play value water wheels are always an important component of a water play installation to set objects in motion and make force visible is extremely attractive to children both versions of our wheels are set in motion just by the weight of the water the clearly visible and recognisable interconnection between cause and effect and the possibility of changing it is an invaluable learning experience copyright © richter spielgeräte gmbh 11/14 order no 5.28010 water wheel with flying shovels design f.j wagner order no

experience water with children children want to know lots of things sometimes adults can’t answer because they do not know themselves it’s fun to collect questions about water and look for the answers together maybe small and big people together can write the questions and answers in a “water book” and draw some nice pictures to go with it here are some children’s questions child’s play • after an excursion where everyone got very wet by a sudden rainstorm the smallest one shakes the droplets out of his hair and asks “why does water fall from the sky anyway?” • whilst swimming in the sea a little girl licks her lips astonished she asks “why is sea water salty?” • during a hike through the mountain forests the five year old tom has something to say about everything “and there the moss is leaky” “why does the water come out?” • morag stands on a stool and bathes her doll in

s p i e l g e r Ä t e g m b h order no 5.53000 aquadrat® · d  - 8 3 1 1 2 f r a s d o r f · f o n order no 5.51010 aquadrat® with straight gutter and mushroom pump + 4 9 - 8 0 5 2 / 1 7 9 8 0 · f a x 4 1 8 0 technical information pedestals modular system in high-quality superior construction of solid oak timber core-free timber sawn-timbers are core-free by that formation of cracks can be reduced ground anchor all anchoring parts are hot-dip galvanised order no 5.51000 aquadrat® with straight gutter order no 5.53200 aquadrat® with playground pump and water wheel with dovetail jointed corners gutters of stainless steel functional elements of stainless steel and industrial rubber

r i c h t e r s p i e l g e r Ä t e g m b h · d  - 8 3 1 1 2 f r a s d o r f · f o n + 4 9 - 8 0 5 2 / 1 7 9 8 0 · f a x 4 1 8 0 materials add-on equipment order no 5.02000 building site 02 with inclined climbing net climbing nets corocord®rope special ropes of „hercules“ type six-strand corocord® rope of the special „hercules“ type abrasion protected through heating of the six steel strands and melting the polyamide sleeve onto them 19 aluminium swages double-conical aluminium swages with rounded-off ends s-clamps neatly rounded corocord®s clamps made of stainless steel Ø 8 mm 21 rope connection fixed close fitting

r i c h t e r s p i e l g e r Ä t e g m b h · d  - 8 3 1 1 2 f r a s d o r f · f o n + 4 9 - 8 0 5 2 / 1 7 9 8 0 · f a x 4 1 8 0 design w graubner according to h kükelhaus copyright © richter spielgeräte gmbh 11/14 order no 10.15005 with support post made of stainless steel function and play value water can be found in the space within a transparent board where small particles create clear patterns the board can be very easily set into a gentle pendulum motion due to the large heavy counterweights this rhythm effect causes designs to form water currents which collide into a wall create waves whose structure resembles sand on the bottom of the ocean it

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