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rear speaker speaker grill drum to disc brake conversion kits upper and lower control arm bushing keep your gm car all gm camaro drum to disc brake conversion kits dash pad dog leg clip heater hose shut off valve rear sway bar end link 7 dual diaphragm power brake booster disc brake caliper rebuild kits front disc brake conversion kits dual rear wheel disc brake conversion kits under rear seat floor pan big block chevy block spin on oil filter adapter bolts rear disc brake conversion kits rear drum to disc brake conversion kits 69 full rear quarter panel spin on oil filter adapter door lock rod retainer clip gm 12 bolt posi rear end upper rear shock mount plate sta dri moisture protection kit small block dress up kit door hinge pins and bushings small block engine frame mount small block 350 dress up kits pitman arm to drag link repair kit ring and pinion gear sets rear license plate light assembly 3 55 ring and pinion gear set rear brake to front brake conversion kit big block engine frame mounts and hardware 68 10 bolt rear end cover s 10 12 bolt rear ends 12 bolt rear end cover timing chain and gear sets trim rings and center caps 16 trim ring and center cap 1967 camaro rear lower shock mount 1967 camaro rear shock mount 69 camaro interior door panels 12 bolt rear end 69 camaro heater control assemble with ac 69 camaro 1969 camaro fold down rear seat parts brake light switch for 1967 camaro power convertable top for 1969 camaro 12 bolt rear end 79 camaro 10 bolt rear end 69 camaro 10 bolt rear end 68 camaro 10 bolt rear end 74 camaro camaro parts and accessories catalog camaro gas tank filler neck 1967 camaro fold down rear seat parts 12 bolt rear end camaro posi

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air conditioning heating hc-2 hc-3 hc-51 hc-52 1967-68 heater control panel lenses · crystal clear acrylic · correct script hc-2 hc-51 hc-3 hc-52 1967 1967 1968 1968 without a/c with a/c without a/c with a/c 17.99 18.99 17.99 16.99 ea ea ea ea 1967-69 vintage air gen iv air conditioning and heater kits · similar to the units shown above · features fool-proof electronic servo controls that operate using the original heater control panel hc-13 hc-14 · all systems use hfc-134a refrigerant · these systems fit both small and big block short or long water pump and alternator on either side of the engine · includes all components required excludes refrigerant pulleys and engine belts this camaro vintage air gen iv air conditioning unit is sure to keep you cool even on the hottest summer days this kit includes all components needed to complete the installation except for belts and engine pulleys just install charge and go this is not a hang-on kit it fits under the dash taking place

cooling 1967-69 10 electric cooling fan · replacement electric fan · 750 cfm · mounting depth 2-3/4 · includes all mounting hardware 718247 59.99 kit 1967-69 electric fan mounting feet · provides mounting elbows for most aftermarket electric fans 718249 15.99 set 1967-69 electric fan zip tie mounting kit · allows fan to be attached directly to radiator or a/c condenser core 718248 4.99 kit 1967-69 14 electric cooling fan · improves engine cooling · improves air conditioning performance · may be used as a push or pull fan · 2100 cfm at 2100 rpm · 11 amps · includes mounting hardware 718251 59.99 kit 1967-69 electric cooling fan temperature sending switch · for use with all electric cooling fans · turns fans on between 187-203º to keep engine at ideal operating temps · threads into intake manifold · 1/2 pipe thread 718254 35.99 ea 1967-02 16 electric cooling fan · improves engine cooling · improves air conditioning performance 718394 · may be used as a push or

engine related psp-457 psp-847 cs-291 cs-978 1967-69 crankshaft pulleys cs-533 cs-668 cs-043 cs-978 cs-291 cs-412 cs-820 cs-667 cs-669 1967-68 302 deep double groove 1969 302 deep groove double import 1967-68 327 350 double groove w/o a/c w/air 1967-68 396/375 three groove w/ps cast iron 1969 396/375 deep groove double import 1967-68 396/325-350 single groove w/o a/c w/o air 1967-68 327-350cid single groove 1969 small block three groove with a/c 1969 big block three groove with a/c 59.99 ea 79.99 ea 54.99 ea 234.99 ea 95.99 ea 99.99 47.99 79.99 69.99 ea ea ea ea 1967-69 power steering pump pulleys · includes correct part number stamping and coding as original psp-457 psp-509 psp-107 psp-847 psp-105 1967-68 327 49.99 1967-68 350 and 1969 all w/o a/c 396/375 69.99 1969 all w/a/c double groove 49.99 1967-68 302 396/375 deep groove single groove cast also 1968 396/325-350 139.99 1969 302 and 396/375 deep groove single groove 54.99 ea ea ea ea ea 1967-68 power steering crank driver

exterior parts trim 1967-69 digi-tails electronic led turn signal flasher · required for led light pl-40 and pl-41 installed conversions · use two flashers for front taillight installation pl-58 11.99 ea 1967-68 amber turn backup led kit · for standard taillights · makes the standard backup lens into a combination showing an amber turn signal and white backup 1967-69 led taillights parking light kits · for standard models · includes wiring light harness pl-65 pl-66 pl-64 1967 1968 1969 299.99 kit 289.99 kit 389.99 kit · includes two led arrays wiring connectors and stainless steel mounting hardware · requires a new wire to be ran from stoplight switch not supplied pl-41 93.99 kit 1967-69 led front parking light kit · for standard models pl-61 pl-62 pl-60 1967 1968 1969 109.99 kit 109.99 kit 119.99 kit pl-62 1967-68 led taillight parking light kit for rs cars · includes wiring light harness pl-67 339.99 kit 1968 led backup lens assembly · plugs into factory 1156 bulb

exterior parts trim 1967-69 convertible under floor braces · heavy gauge braces · welded to convertible floor under front seat area from rocker to rocker · each includes welded blind nuts for mounting x-member support pan · imported pp-151 pp-156 pp-157 main floor brace lh rh 99.99 ea 53.99 ea 53.99 ea 1967-69 coupe outer rocker panel · choose an equivalent quality import or u.s.a made show quality stamping made with american steel · exact duplicates of factory original full outer panel · for coupes only can be modified for convertible use pp-41r pp-41l pp-42r pp-42l rh lh rh lh 107.99 107.99 79.99 79.99 ea ea ea ea 1967-69 convertible rear floor brace · brace welded to top side of convertible floor along front edges of the rear seating area · imported pp-117 pp-118 lh rh 39.99 ea 39.99 ea 1967-69 convertible full rocker panel assembly · complete assembly with full inner and outer panels · all factory original structural stampings found in between 1969 front lower door

fuel system rc-241 1967-69 accelerator throttle arms · correct reproduction · includes clamp bolt and nut rc-241 rc-27 ci-12 1967 small block 1967-69 big block 1969 all v8 with cowl induction 26.99 ea 19.99 ea 18.99 ea 1967-69 accelerator return springs rc-20 rc-210 rc-211 rc-212 1969 z28 and big block 1969 all 4 bbl excluding z28 1967-68 327 and 350 with 4 bbl 1968 z28 and big block 12.99 8.99 8.99 11.99 ea ea ea ea 1967-69 accelerator throttle arm hardware set · included with all throttle arms hw-76 bolt and nut only 1.99 set 1967-69 chrome carburetor return springs c-911 9.99 ea 1967-69 open element air cleaner · accurate high quality reproduction 1967-69 6-cylinder throttle cable ep-13 cable 23.99 ea ep-116 rc-32 · technically correct · correctly fits all holley or quadrajet 4bbl carbs 1967 302 w/o a.i.r 1968 327 4 bbl 1969 302 396 show quality reproduction w/high pleat count performance factory look filter 89.99 ea 1967-69 throttle rods · correct reproduction of original

interior parts trim 1967 console to floor mounting bracket · with nuts cp-45 14.99 ea 1967 rear console lamp lens · quality reproduction · correct opacity and color · correct black trim cp-1 cp-101 lens lens screws 10.99 ea 1.99 set 1967 console seat belt clips · high quality · polished chrome · found on the console 1967 console door lid spring · die-cast metal as original · excellent reproduction cp-70 cp-77 cp-107 ws-62 console door lid hinge correct reproduction console door spring console lid bumpers 45.99 ea 21.99 ea 4.99 ea 2.99 pr cp-6 cp-50 19.99 pr 1967 console door arm · reproduction of original · made in the u.s.a cp-109 12.99 ea cp-51 1967 console shift plates · accurate reproductions · both replace discontinued gm shift plates exactly cp-6 cp-51 cp-79 manual transmission automatic transmission mounting screws chrome 48.99 ea 47.99 ea 2.99 set 1967 console ash tray lid pivots spring cp-92 cp-94 cp-108 ws-44 lid lid pivots retainers console ash tray spring

interior parts trim 1969 steering wheel horn shroud hardware hr-45 hw-77 hw-78 hw-39 2.99 pr hw-87 1967-69 grant steering wheel installation kit · adapts grant 3-bolt steering wheels to 1970 up gm columns · also adapts grant steering wheels to ididit tilt columns 1967-69 steering wheel mount hardware hw-77 hw-78 hr-39 hr-87 hw-19 1967-68 retaining nut 1.99 ea 1969 retaining nut 1.99 ea 1967-69 wood wheel mount screw set correct high strength steel with oversize head 6 7.99 set 1967-68 spoke mounting hardware set 1.99 set hw-20 hw-39 715358 call for pricing 1967-69 wood wheel mount adapters hr-19 hr-20 hr-39 1967-68 1969 1967-69 mount screw set correct high strength steel with oversize head 6 41.99 ea 44.99 set 7.99 set 1969 original tilt columns · rebuilt original tilt column assemblies · sincludes turn signal mechanism 8-pin connector and attached lower column flange · does not include tilt and turn signal levers hr-69 459.99 ea 791043 791045 hr-80 hr-68 791044 1967-69 grant

transmission driveline 1967-69 clutch plate disc and bearing kit · all new parts not remanufactured · includes pressure plate clutch disc and throw-out bearing · no core charges cl-30 cl-31 708120 708136 cl-53 cl-48 clutch kit sb 302 10.4 oe repi clutch kit 350-396 11 oe repi clutch kit powergrip 350 396 11 clutch kit powergrip 350 396 10.5 clutch kit 10.5 x 1/8-10 spline v8 hdx pressure plate bolt washer 1967-69 flywheel ring gear cl-24 cl-37 12-3/4 302 14 73.99 ea 34.99 ea cl-31 1967-69 transmission hardware · mounts all manual transmissions to bellhousing · correct tr heads cl-32 12.99 set 175.99 kit 175.99 kit 386.99 kit 393.99 kit 330.99 kit 8.99 set 1967-69 clutch bellhousing to clutch fork boot · rubber boot seals out water and dust · quality reproduction cl-11 9.99 ea cl-19 1967-86 fidanza v-8 aluminum flywheel with 10.4 or 11 clutch · ideal for unleashing your engine s full power approximately 25 horsepower · upgrade over stock flywheel new offering

car care protection tools race ramps wheel cribs · lightweight alternative to jack stands · allows you to work under vehicle while in the road position · excellent for exhaust or suspension work · 10 tall x 15 long x 12 wide · wheel cribs hold tires with diameters from 25 to 30 88-0126 109.99 ea disposable car cover · excellent cover to prevent paint damage from tree sap overspray bird droppings · use over your good cover to keep it dry overnight at · · · · car shows may be reused several times then discarded fits any type of vehicle 1 mil polyethylene with elastic waist cord stores at 15 x 11 x 3 expands to 22 x 12 19.99 ea park smart parking mat · eliminates crashing into garage walls · heavy-duty rubber construction 88-0134-3 21.99 ea 88-0263-3 park smart wall door guard · protects car doors garage wall · easily attached to wall · mounting hardware included 88-0135-3 13.99 ea maxsa garage laser park · perfect parking every time · installs in minutes

ipod interface ® see pages 9-15 for many more audio selections · play music through usa-5 usa-6 radios · gives direct connection with cdquality sound from new your ipod® while playing 33-00111 through your car stereo · plug the interface into the cd changer port on the back of your radio and plug in your ipod® cae-812 custom autosound 33-00111 for stock radios only new 129.99 ea 129.99 ea see pages 154-215 for our big interior section 33-10142 1969 big block power steering hardware set · functional hardware set mounts pump and brackets to engine psp-44 see pages 49-75 for our engine related section 15.99 set 33-10146 1967-69 unassembled concours quality front door panels ep-76 ep-145 new ep-144 this legendary product features as-original dielectrically heat sealed madrid grain vinyl special cutout area in filler board to accommodate armrest base padded multi-level construction 3dimensional panel · best quality reproduction of original by legendary auto interiors · correct