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air cond heater control unit 76 corvette 76 corvette parts rear window defroster switch bolt on knock off wheels bolt on knock off wheels for 63 bolt on knock off wheels for 64 corvette radiator overflow tank bracket corvette brake caliper rebuild kits brake caliper rebuild kits corvette corvette bubble tail lights lenses corvette brake rotor dust shield corvette heater control reface kit 78 82 corvette steering column 84 corvette master cylinder rebuild kit master cylinder rebuild kit corvette 84 water shut off valve corvette 1963 corvette rear window seals 78 82 corvette steering column lock corvette braided spark plug wire kit 1977 corvette rear window defroster switch corvette inside rear view mirror 65 corvette small block spark plug 64 corvette parking brake cables 79 corvette glove box door lock 56 62 corvette turn signal cancelling cam corvette headlight door open warning switch corvette power steering conversion kit power steering conversion kits corvette corvette back up light switch 6 spd 68 72 corvette rear window trim power steering conversion kits 69 corvette rear wheel bearing shim kit for corvettes corvette add on power steering conversion t top hold down strap corvette smog pump diverter valve air cleaner 427 3x2 rally wheel center cap spinner rally wheel center cap spinner emblem delco master cylinder rebuild kits gm turn signal cancel cam crankcase vent tube 327 power steering slave cylinders chrome rear deck vent grills spark plug wire clip retainer holder 1982 rear trailing arm bolt kit crankcase vent tube 350 68 75 conv top 2 metal bow turn signal cancel cam repair metal body mount reinforcement cage nut corvette polo shirts radiator overflow tank corvette corvette sting ray 1963 corvette radiator overflow tank 71 1968 corvette steering column corvett side vent louver 1977 corvette wiper switch

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index a 63-67 68-82 a-arm flaps 197 97 a-arm parts 152 152 accelerator 197 99 accessories 219-240 219-240 air cleaner 205-206 109-111 air cond controls n/a 27-28 air conditioning n/a 107-108 air cond vents n/a 31,33 air dam seals n/a 105 alarm switch n/a 129 alternator mounting 141,197 100,141 aluminum wheels n/a 86-87 antenna 179 68 apparel 223 223 arm rests 148,162 9 ashtray lighter 167 25 assembly manuals 229 229 b 63-67 68-82 ball joints 152 152 battery 203 44 blower motor 201 106 body gasket sets 181 84 body lift harness 142,236 142,236 body mount kits 142 142 books manuals 229-232 229-232 bra nose mask 225 225 brake parts 132-138 132-138 bumpers-oem type 178 53-58 bumpers-fiberglass n/a 54-58 bushings suspension 143-155 143-155 c 63-67 68-82 cable-accelerator n/a 99 cables-battery 203 44 cables-park brake 138 138 cables-speedo/tachometer 172,197 35,115 cables-shifter n/a 26 cables-transmission n/a 38 calipers-brake 132-133 132-133 caps-hats 233 233 car care products 228

shifter plate parts 69-76 shifter plates includes plate ashtray door ashtray retainer shift indicator plate or lens and shifter slides on automatic screws mfg coupon for data plate 69-71 plates $259.95 72-76 plates $239.95 shf219-1 1969 4-sp w/ac shf219-8 70-71 auto w/o ac shf219-2 1969 4-sp w/o ac shf219-9 72-76 4-sp w/ac shf219-3 1969 auto w/ac shf219-10 72-76 4-sp w/o ac shf219-4 1969 auto w/o ac shf219-11 72-74 auto w/ac shf219-5 70-71 4-sp w/ac shf219-12 72-74 auto w/o ac shf219-6 70-71 4-sp w/o ac shf219-13 75-76 auto w/ac shf219-7 70-71 auto w/ac shf219-14 75-76 auto w/o ac shf222 68-76 shifter plate screws 2.50/st shf221 68-76 shifter plate screws w/j-clips 4.95/st shf230 68-76 4-speed shift indicator plate shf231 77-81 4-speed shift indicator plate $17.95/ea $18.95/ea shf235 68-69e automatic shift indicator plate $15.95/ea shf227 69l-71 automatic shift indicator lens $13.95/ea shf232 72-76 automatic shift indicator lens $13.95/ea shf223 shf225 shf226 shf228 77-82 shifter

emblems emb506 1980 side fender emblem l-82 34.95/ea dpt225 69-76 shifter plate lower data plate 11.95/ea specify the engine size horsepower ft lbs torque compression ratio of your old plate emb508 1982 side emblem crossfire injection 54.95/ea emb608 68-69 hood emblem 427 number kit $29.95/set emb609 70-72 hood emblem 454 number kit $29.95/set emb604 68-69 hood emblem 4 of 4-2-7 70-72 hood emblem 4 of 4-5-4 11.95/ea emb605 68-69 hood emblem 2 of 4-2-7 11.95/ea emb606 68-69 hood emblem 7 of 4-2-7 11.95/ea emb607 70-72 hood emblem 5 of 4-5-4 11.95/ea emb109 68-82 alum valve cover emblem-flags 7.95/ea dor192 68-77 inside door handle emblems 8.95/pr decal kits dcl190 70-72 hood decal lt-1 8.00/ea dcl189 70late 72 lt-1 stencil kit w/decalsnd 109.95/ea emb650 1978 pace car decal/stripe kit nd $339.95/set emb602 73-74 hood emblem 454 pair 44.95/pr emb601 73-80 hood emblem l-48 not orig 16.95/pr emb655 1978 silver aniversary stripe kit nd 339.95/set emb603 75-79 hood

t-top hardware t-top storage bags thw150 68-77e t-top panel insert pad lh thw151 68-77e t-top panel insert pad rh thw200 77l 82 t-top panel insert pad lh thw201 77l 82 t-top panel insert pad rh $149.95/ea $149.95/ea $209.95/ea $209.95/ea 68-82 t-top bags-soft,flannel lined bags to store your t-tops in when not in use closes with velcro fastners great especially for glass t-tops outer layer is a heavy duty soft vinyl colors are not exact interior matches acc435/blk 68-82 t-top bags-black 39.95/pr acc435/gry 68-82 t-top bags-lt grey 59.95/pr acc435/red 68-82 t-top bags-bright red 59.95/pr acc435/sad 68-82 t-top bags-light tan 59.95/pr dor236 68-77 t-top panel plastic fastnersoval 3.00/pr thw210 68-82 t-top panel plastic fastnersround 3.00/pr thw105 68-82 t-top panel insert metal clip 2.50/ea acc440 68-82 t-top suitcase protect and transport your valuable t-tops with a new t-top suitcase.the t-top suitcase comes with a three-sided double-headed zipper for quick and easy access it

engine compartment cooling system core supports eng475/18 69-72 radiator core support 18 radiator core width size usually in a 4-sp or non-air condi tioned car has 2 center lower u-shaped support brackets 2 center lower supports that take a small round cushion as shown in the drawing $299.95/ea eng478 76late 81 radiator core support $299.95/ea 1976 owners please call us about early late design eng478a 1982 radiator core supportnos-gm 650.00/ea radiator support hardware eng430 eng431 eng432 eng432 eng439 eng433 eng420 eng421 69-76e lh top radiator bracket $15.00/ea 69-72sb rh top radiator bracket $15.00/ea 69-72bb rh top radiator bracket $15.00/ea 73-76e rh top radiator bracket $15.00/ea 66-76 radiator support lwr u bracket 8.95/ea 68-76 radiator bracket rubber insert 3.95/ea 61-72 alum rad upper cushion-square 5.00/ea 61-72 aluminum radiator lower cushion round 2 required 1.95/ea eng461 68-72 radiator support center bracket holds radiator to support w/18 radiator $22.95/ea

switches swt540 hdl530 hdl531 hdl530 hdl537 hdl538 swt541 hdl532 hdl533 hdl539 swt544 68-77 68-71 72-76 1977 1968 69-77 78-82 78-80 81-82 78-82 68-82 headlight switch w/o knob headlight knob rod headlight knob rod headlight knob rod headlight knob bezel headlight knob bezel headlight switch w/o knob headlight knob rod headlight knob rod headlight knob bezel headlight switch nut for rod 44.95/ea 17.95ea 17.95/ea 17.95/ea 17.95/ea 14.95/ea 44.95/ea 17.95/ea 17.95/ea 4.50/ea 9.95/ea swt113 78-82 windshield wiper swtch w/pulse includes knob -hope to have summer 2010 wsw522 78-82 windshield wiper knob round 8.95/ea swt173 68-82 headlight and/or 68-72 wiper door vacuum relay valve 59.95/ea swt175 68-82 headlight and/or 68-72 wiper door vacuum relay valves-pair nd 99.95/pr swt174 69-77 headlamp open warning switch 29.95/ea also same as 75-77 anti-theft alarm switch swt616 68-72 wiper door limit switch swt542 68-82 headlamp/wiper dr open vacuum control pull down switch

front suspension sus220 63-82 front sway bar end link kit w/stock rubber bushings bolts hardware 11.95/pr sus519 63-82 front sway bar end link kit-w/polyurethane bushings bolts hardware 24.95/pr sus521 63-82 front sway bar end link kitadjustable w/polyurethane bushings 24.95/pr sus520 63-82 front sway bar end linkpolyurethane bushings only w/washers 12.95/set 63-82 front sway bar kit-replacement style includes bar bushings and mounting hardware sus555 63-82 front sway bar kit 1 nd 139.95/ea sus557 63-82 front sway bar kit 1-1/8 nd 149.95/ea sus556 63-82 front sway bar kit 1-1/4 nd 199.95/ea stock front sway bar parts sus703 63-67exc hd susstock sway bar bushng 5/8 hole n/a sus704 65-67big blockstock sway bar bushng 7/8 hole 9.95/ea sus705 63-67w/hd sus stock sway bar bushing 15/16 hole 7.95/ea sus270 68-76all 77-82w/o hd susp stock front sway bar rubber bushing 3/4 hole 2 required 9.95/ea sus271 77-82w/hd sus stock frt sway bar rubber bushing 1-1/8 hole -2 required

rear exterior trim ext801 63-67 rear license bezel usa made 91.95/ea ext102 63-73 rear license bezel screw kit 3.50/st ext115 63-75 oem style factory stainless steel license tag frame 15.95/ea exhaust bezels tips see exhaust section page 206 antenna ant850 63-64 manual antenna assy w/nut bezel gasket will also fit 65-66 as a manual antenna 54.95/ea ant102 63-68 antenna lower chrome bezel ant863 63-64 antenna chrome nut ant103 65-67 antenna chrome hex nut 5.00/ea 6.00/ea 6.00/ea ant109 63-80 antenna lower rubber gasket 1.95/ea ant864 63-66 antenna lower underbody spacer 12.95/ea ant855 65-66 power antenna assy swt726 65-66 power antenna switch $199.95/ea 89.95/ea ant866 63-66 antenna lead-in cablew/o body 27.95/ea ant867 63-66 antenna cable body only 19.95/ea ant104 67-68 antenna lead cable w/o body 34.95/ea ant105 67-68 antenna cable body only 19.95/ea eng717 63-67 grommet for antenna lead cable rear body wiring 2 hole ant857 63-66 antenna ground plate ant858 1967

air cleaners acl725 64-65 crankcase vent tube 250&300hp 52.95/ea acl726 64-67 crankcase vent tube 350&365hp 52.95/ea acl727 66-67 crankcase vent tube 327/300 52.95/ea acl728 64-67 crankcase vent tube mounting kit hose gasket washer bolt 8.95/ea eng647 66-70 small block pcv hose 17 long $14.95/ea eng648 66-70 big block pcv hose 23 long $14.95/ea acl427 67-69 air cleaner assy 427 w/3x2 tri-power lid base filter screen good foreign made $269.95/ea acl428 67-69 tri power air cleaner chrome lid onlyw/o screen printing on backside-good foreign $89.95/ea acl315 67-69 air cleaner assy 427 w/3x2 tri-power lid base filter screen usa made nd $495.00/ea acl316 67-69 tri power air cleaner chrome lid onlyw/original screen printing on backside-usa $165.00/ea acl316/2 67-69 air cleaner chrome lid only w/3x2 2nd quality/blems $40.00/ea acl429 67-69 air cleaner base only w/3 x 2 $169.95/ea acl317 63-72 air cleaner wing nut chrome 3.50/ea acl554 67-69 air cleaner foam element w 3x2 $24.95/ea

books manuals lit388 the complete corvette restoration technical guide-vol 2 1963-1967 hardback 456 pages w/numerous photos for restoring buying selling competing judging great detailed book with over 1,000 factory photos noland adams himself guides you through a model-by model study of what restoration details truly are original and why others aren t from wheel covers and carburetors to headlight buckets and hardtops it s all here and it s all explained with easy-to-follow diagrams charts exploded views and text 10 x 11 hardcover lit388 63-67 corvette restoration guide 79.95/ea lit441 collector s originality guide 1963-1967 for many corvette enthusiasts the world s most enduring and successful sports car reached its zenith with the incomparable sting ray of 1963-1967 for those who collect restore or simply admire this peerless vehicle this book provides a complete detailed fully illustrated guide to the original factory specifications for both the coupe and convertible