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table of contents a note from jan a letter by deke snail slug control beneficials for fly control cockroach ant and flea control beneficial insects for plant pest control alphabetic order by genus name lacewing chrysoperla carnea c rufilabris rhyzobius lopanthae hard scale destroyer trichogramma spp page page 2 3 4 7 9 10 15 16 17 17 18 18 19 20 21 flies for pollination pet food insect habitat plant seeds deke s letter continued services consulting our team and our catalog price and order information shipping information receiving and payment information beneficial mites beneficial nematodes pathogens antagonists botanicals monitoring tools pheromones kairomones aggregation lures attract trap confuse bioapplicator release supplies inoculants barn owl bat houses d-vac vacuum insect net books photos insect sample packs insect sample pack selection list index ­ look up pests to find controls web resources 22 23 26 27 28 29 30 31 31 32 34 35 36 37 38 40 snail slug control

0 kona cockroach ant flea control a beneficial target pest rate/freq code n ok0 28.00 18.00 11.00 8.50 91.00 81.00 48.00 46.00 26.00 16.50 9.90 6.70 60.00 quantity price anastatus tenuipes cockroach parasite parasitic wasp from pne inc aprostocetus hagenowii cockroach parasite parasitic wasp from pne inc comperia merceti cockroach parasite parasitic wasp from pne inc cockroach biocontrol workshop video manual from workshop held 3-1-01 item brownbanded cockroach sold as part anas of a program inquire sold as part of a program apros drawing from birc cockroaches american smokybrown australian brown oriental harlequin florida e biolleyi brownbanded cockroach sold as part of a program comp uc calif ag photo 8 hr video 4 vhs tapes workshop describing how to set up a cockroach biocontrol program in your company target pest use roach 100/unit 2 units 5 units 10 units 1,000/unit 2 units 5 units 10 units 5,000/bag 2 units 5 units 10 units set of 4 vhs tapes quantity code price boric acid

lacewing larvae adults and pupae beneficial target pest rate/freq code quantity price lacewing larvae ready to feed on pests as soon as they hit the plant 500 larvae standard verticel honeycomb remove organdy mesh from a few cells turn over tap onto plants 1,000 larvae/bottle minimum 2 bottles 1 wk notice 100/tree 20/bush lwlar lacewing larva 1st lw larvae in bottles c rufilabris rice hulls/food lwbot lacewing adults >50 females release in trees greenhouse early spring 200-500/acre lwa1 1-3/200 ft2 gh 100/tree lwa250 1 unit 2 units 5 units 10 units 20 units 30 units 2 bottles 5 bottles 10 bottles 20 bottles 50 bottles 100/unit 2 units 5 units 250/unit 2 units 5 units 10 units 500/unit 2 units 5 units 30.00 21.00 15.00 13.00 12.00 11.00 21.50 15.60 13.80 12.00 11.00 50.00 39.00 30.00 72.00 65.00 56.00 54.00 53.00 43.00 33.00 lacewing pupae >50 females call 2-3 weeks ahead 200-500/acre lwpup 1-3/200 ft2 gh mealybug mb biocontrols ­ crypts work in warm humid high mb levels lacewing

beneficial target pest rate/freq code quantity price 50/vial 41.00 2 vials 31.00 5 vials 24.20 10 vials 21.80 rzo100 100/vial 56.00 3-6/10 ft2 gh 2 vials 47.00 5 vials 41.20 10 vials 38.40 rzo250 250/vial 94.00 2 vials 88.00 5 vials 84.00 10 vials 81.00 20 vials 79.50 orius insidiosus or500 thrips other soft250-5k/ac 500/bottle 56.00 minute pirate bug bodied insects 1-2/40 ft2 2 bottles 46.70 predatory bug 1-4/plant 5 bottles 40.00 10 bottles 36.00 pediobius foveolatus mexican bean beetle unit/400 ft2 ped100 6/unit 35.00 parasitic wasp larvae timing critical 100/acre 2 units 22.50 6 mummies 1 unit 120 wasps larvae must be present 5 units 14.30 does not overwinter 10 units 12.80 pentalitomastix navel orangeworm pink 1k/acre penta 10 capsules 6.50 plethoricus bollworm codling moth 1 mo i 20 capsules 5.30 other moths 2-3 x navel orangeworm parasite 40 capsules 4.60 podisus maculiventris podegg 250/bottle 58.00 beetle grubs mx bean 1-10/plant spiny soldier bug beetle co potato beetle

8 l letter from deke to a friend continued from page 2 l 8 ants were the biggest problem for creating hot spots of pests by interfering with the aphid populations natural enemy complexes the first year i used the cycle vac in the strips of alfalfa to remove the cucumber beetles it seemed as if the whole area was providing the adults that concentrated on the irrigated plants when all the foothills dried up we harvested the adult beetles in large numbers collected from the uncut alfalfa strips even these cucumber beetles eventually came under biological control from a tachinid fly celatoria diabrotica and many soil predators such as those belonging to staphlinidae rove beetle anthicidae hooded beetle therivid stilleto fly and malachiidae collops black flea beetles are also prey for this complex of predators whose larvae live in the duff and soil around the crown of the roots corn earworm was a problem partly due to the sequence of plantings never happen the same as one would

7 v l receiving and payment information l v 7 arrange for your delivery if you use fedex get a release signature on file to have packages left if no one is home for ups leave a signed note for the driver we do not accept responsibility if there is nobody to receive your delivery fine print success cannot be assured when using beneficial organisms and natural products rincon-vitova makes no warranties or guarantees as to results the purchaser and/or user waives and releases rinconvitova insectaries inc and its employees and agents from all injuries damages and liabilities arising if any because of the use of these products or their handling shipping confirmations and tracking we appreciate our customers who take good notes about what they ordered confirmation with tracking number can be sent by email if calling for tracking state account name courier and ship date and your fax or email address for reply feedback let us know how the products and beneficials work for you we want to hear

beneficial nematodes nematodes kill larvae of pests in lawns and soil including fleas beneficial code target pest heterorhabditis bacteriophora h heliothedis hb heterorhabditis indica more heat tolerant hi heterorhabditis marelatus more cold hardy hm steinernema carpocapse neoaplectana carpocapse sc nehb 5-100 cucumber scarab japanese flea beetles chafer thrips white grub corn root worm billbug co potato beetle black vine weevil root mealybug nehi 5-100 root mealybug grubs more virulent than hb nehm 5-100 black vine weevil white grubs more virulent than hb nesc 5-100 flea codling moth cutworm leafminer armyworm sod web worm mole cricket caterpillars in lawn codling moth on tree trunks field bins cold tolerant nesf 5-100 fungus gnat or fungus fly shore fly fruit fly plant parasitic nematode root knot nematode steinernema feltiae neoaplectana feltiae =steinernema bibionis sf use at rate of 1 million per 60 ft2 1 billion per acre for pretreating potting soil 1-2 million per yd3

product use code quantity price hot sauce animal repellent hot pepper extract 2.5 capsaicin can mix with vapor guard or nufilm burn out weed control vinegar and lemon juice orange oil contact insecticide used 10 conc on hard surfaces dilute for `plant wash equal parts orange oil and dr bronner s soap diluted 1:40 to 1:60 orange guard food grade insecticide from oil of orange peels ready to use repels deer elk rabbits meadow voles pine voles squirrels 6-8 oz/100 gal water or 1 tbs/6 gal spray on weeds to cover contact herbicide insects kills repels 2-3 oz/gal with a little soap test to make sure it doesn t burn leaves for drenching ant hills use 4-6 oz/gal with 2 oz detergent insects ant cockroach flea kills and repels ­ qt spray bottle gallon spray attachment hots 2 quart 124.00 weed weed2.5 orange orangeg 24 ounce 2.5 gallon quart gallon 18.00 95.50 19.80 46.00 orangdq orangdg sprayat quart gallon sprayer 12.00 20.00 3.70 neem oil 100 oil from neem tree azadiracta indica dilute

inoculants continued product bacpacp pint bacpacg gallon biozome2 clean up soils that are polluted or 2 lb jar with pesticide residue improve 2 jars plant growth 1 oz/30 ft2 1 tsp in biozome25 25 lb bag planting hole 2 bags serenade bacillus subtilis strain plant diseases fire blight scab serena 24 lb bag powdery mildew gray mold downy qst 713 5 x 109 cfu/g broad 2 bags spectrum preventive for many plant mildew blights leaf spots 4-10 lb/acre 5 bags at 7 10 day interval inhibits root diseases rhizoctonia rootshield granules fusarium pythium sclerotinia etc biological fungicide epa reg trichoderma harzianum strain t-22 earlier maturity mix 1-1.5 lb/cubic yard soil 107 cfu/gram 1.5¢/6in pot diseases bac pack lg pseudomonas cepacia nitrogen fixing bulk avail biozome archea bacteria mix of primitive bacteria that digest petroleum and petrochemicals use colonize plant roots improve health vigor use 1.6 oz/gal for rt dip code quantity price 40.00 130.00 36.00 19.00 104.00 102.00 164.00

7 8 l insect sample pack selection list l 8 7 form also available on website fax to 805-643-6267 with shipping and payment information must be ordered by thursday noon for shipment following tuesday group 1 check seven 7 from following table for is100 pack 1 lacewing chrysoperla spp adults 30 eggs 100 larvae 30 2 ladybugs hippodamia convergens 250 3 rhyzobius lindorus lopanthe 15 4 trichogramma 1 square plus 50 adults 5 fly parasitoids 500 6 amblysieus cucumeris 1,000 7 encarsia formosa 10 squares=1 000 8 decollate snails rumina decollata 15 9 beneficial parasitic nematodes 5 million 10 praying mantis egg case seasonal 11 aphidoletes aphidimyza 250 12 phytoseiulus persimilis 500 add $11 per item for more than seven items from group 1 inquire group 2 items below may be added to is100 pack for extra charge shown 1 amblyseius fallacis 1,000 2 aphidius colemani 3 aphytis melinus 5,000 seasonal 4 amblyseius andersoni 1,000 5 cryptolaemus montrouzieri 100 6 delphastus pusillus 100 7