Catalog of Beneficials by Rincon-Vitova Insectaries

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flies for pollination and reptile amphibian food insect use code quantity price fly adults musca domestica photo shoots movies pet food fly larvae maggots photo shoots pet food put in cage with baby mantis what isn t eaten pupates emerges as food for larger mantis pollination esp onions carrots broccoli reptile food­can be held in fridge delay emerge schedules for 4 shipments inquire about more breaks fly pupae musca domestica 5,000/jar 2 jars 5 jars 10 jars flymag 5,000/tub 2 tubs flymag30 30,000/quart 2 quarts flymag120 120,000/gallon 2 gallons fly5 5,000 bag 2 bags 10,000 bag fly10 2 bags fly5x4 5,000 bag 2 bags fly5a 38.00 25.00 16.00 13.00 30.00 18.00 49.00 35.00 110.00 96.00 28.00 18.00 35.00 21.00 19.00 12.00 7 v l insect habitat plant seeds l v 7 beneficial blend wildflowers perennials that attract beneficials repel gophers product use code quantity price beneficial blend seed mix annual white clover yellow sweet clover cilantro coriander parsley caraway fennel mustard white yarrow cosmos dwarf white alyssum annual baby s breath tall white alyssum tidy tips cereal rye grass barley attract feed beneficial insects provide ground cover unused areas deter weeds bb1 bb50 1 pound 5 pounds 50 lb bag 2 bags 3 g 25 ft2 1 oz 250 ft2 1 lb 4k ft2 3 g packet ounce pound 3 g packet ounce pound ounce pound 10 pounds 1 ounce pound 1 ounce pound 2 pounds 7.00 6.30 176.00 166.00 3.50 4.75 15.00 3.50 4.75 15.00 3.50 4.75 15.00 3.90 15.00 9.00 4.50 16.80 4.10 16.50 14.70 17 insecta-flora mix wildflower mix with arroyo lupine alyssum bachelor buttons birdsfoot trefoil calendula ca poppy chinese houses crimson clover goldfields w with gopher stopper® sour clover marsh-rosemary yarrow gopher stopper® clover 1.25 lb/5k ft2 attract feed pollen nectar flora3 protect beneficial insects flora1 with beautiful flowers now flora16 fllo3 fllo1 fllolb flhi3 flhi1 flhilb gophroz gophrlb insecta-flora mix low mostly plants 25 ft2 under 1 foot tall great under trees or plants 250 ft2 for a meadow of flowers row ends plants 4k ft2 11 lb/acre insecta-flora mix tall to 3 feet use plants 25 ft2 for dividers in rows perimeter plants 250 ft2 plantings along fences around pumps plants 4k ft211 lb/acre gopher stopper® clover sour clover,repels gophers high level of melilotus indica add to habitat mixes orcoumadin anticoagulant cover crops to repel gophers 18 high 3 lb/acre 1 oz/1k ft2 road show low growing mix to plant in plants 25 ft2 roads box row edge row lawn stands plants 4k ft2 traffic reduces dust helps beneficials roadoz roadlb hedgenoz hedgesoz perennial hedgerow seed native mixture for southern hedges or northern hedgen california oz plants 500 ft row lb plants 1,700 use 26 lb/acre ft2 hedgen hedges rincon-vitova insectaries inc 2005 catalog of beneficials 800-248-2847 bugs page