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shipping information availability of insects and mites we and our network of insectaries plan months ahead for insect production to meet the demand at specific times of year for larger lacewing orders we give a discount for advance orders and availability is more assured with advance notice migratory habits and the weather affect availability of ladybugs freight service options guaranteed overnight services ups early am or fedex am starting at $43 for when you want to release organisms on delivery day 8 am deliveries are available to many areas ups next day/fedex priority starts $16.00 ups mites adult beetles in vials and some adult parasitic wasps should stay cool use this service when weather is hot or freezing and/or 7 pm is too late to receive ups next day saver or fedex standard up to 3 or 4:30 in some areas starting at $15.00 ups for perishable organisms mites and the adult stages of beetles and parasitic wasps when weather is mild us postal service express mail at $19.35 the post office is a safe place to hold a shipment til you get there for emergency end of the week orders a mail person may deliver sat and sun for no extra charge we add $4.00 handling for using us mail shipping live organisms organisms are shipped from different suppliers on different days of the week as shown on the order and cancellation deadline chart we order quite a few organisms from other insectaries on friday and receive them and ship them on tuesday for highly perishable organisms we arrange for producers to ship direct to you mtw we prefer not to ship perishable items on thursday to avoid accidental weekend layovers in the ups or fedex truck transit times and freight charges there are services guaranteeing delivery at 8 am 10 am 5 pm or 7 pm next day 10am 5 pm 7 pm second day and 7 pm third day charges depend on which insectary is shipping distance size of box and weight of cool packs also used as warm packs to freezing areas we mostly charge actual freight determined when box is weighed but can give a quote we can charge your ups or fedex account guaranteed second day services ups 2nd day am by 10 am starting at $10.00 for organisms that can travel 2 nights but need to be released by end of 2nd day or when no one is available to receive the box towards the end of the 2nd day ups 2nd day fedex 2nd day starts $8.50 8.80 when you want organisms emerging from egg or pupa in transit or ready to emerge soon 2-day transit is fine ok for fly parasites green lacewing eggs trichogramma and normally aphidoletes encarsia eretmocerus and some predatory mites such as cucumeris and hypoaspis 2-day service may not be a good idea in freezing weather or when it is hot and you do not want insects already emerged on arrival report late delivery right away report problems within a half day of expected arrival so we can track it we care about your order and want you to receive it in a timely manner drop shipments and handling charges we send some perishable organisms and larger quantities direct from producer to assure quality and some of those handling charges are additional our packaging is simple our packaging is simple and mostly biodegradable we d like to minimize use of foam boxes when returned we re-use them we have nice customers they often call us because they are conscientious about nature and children sometimes they actually apologize for bugging me with so many questions and special requests but that s why i m here orderdesk ground services ups ground by 7 pm starting at $4.80 much of california arizona nevada is served the next day or second day up to 7 pm by ups ground otherwise we only use ground for non-perishable products that can travel 3 to 5 days if your home is at your business location even if the box is addressed to your business ups charges $1.15 more for residential address and $1.75 for deliveries to rural zip codes us priority mail starting at $5.35 ladybugs in half gallons and gallons are often sent priority mail however there is no guarantee and no tracking system we add $4.00 handling for using us mail cost for 1 lb to zone 2 900-921 923-935 zip codes june northrup customer service rincon-vitova insectaries inc 2005 catalog of beneficials 800-248-2847 bugs page 21