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product use code quantity price vectobac or aquabac bacillis thuringiensis israelensis bti granules gnatrol bacillis thuringiensis israelensis bti liquid milky spore bacteria bacillus popillae spores in dry material gemstar lc nuclear polyhedrosis virus limited availability not avail in ca spod-x nuclear polyhedrosis virus dipel df bacillis thuringiensis kurstaki strain natural mosquito larvae in water 2.5 to 10 lb/acre depending on vegetation fungus gnats in greenhouses spray on soil japanese beetle grubs in lawn soil areas 1 tsp every 4 feet on grid pattern or 10 oz/2,500 ft2 corn earworm cotton bollworm tomato fruitworm heliocoverpa zea tobacco budworm heliothis virescens 8 ­ 10 oz/acre beet armyworm 1.7 ­ 3.4 oz/acre not avail in ca moth larvae caterpillar ½ 2 lb/acre 1-4 tsp/gal 0.5-2 lb/100 gal vecto 40 lb bag 124.00 gnat2.5 gnat30 milky10 milky40 gemstar 2.5 gallon 30 gallon 10 ounce can 40 ounce can 2.5 gallon 94.00 819.00 48.00 95.00 294.00 spodx dipel quart 1 pound bag 2 bags 5 bags 125.00 36.00 26.50 19.50 botanicals us epa made a list of materials that can be used as pesticides without need to register them under fifra these are referred to as 25b active and 4a inert minimal risk materials some of these exempt materials are cinnamon oil corn gluten meal garlic garlic oil eugenol 2-phenethyl putrescent whole egg solids sesame oil sodium lauryl sulfate soap in shampoo and white pepper orange oil is not on these lists but is on the gras list product description we carry products containing these low risk materials to help you put together an ipm program with low toxicity to humans use them to knock down large populations of pests before introducing beneficial insects using them on a regular basis will disrupt your insect ecology see our web page for more information and recipes for making low-risk pesticides code quantity price natural materials for biologically-based ipm and ippm dr bronner s soap lavender or peppermint 1.5 tsp quart water hot pepper wax kills repels insects 8 oz/gallon water hot pepper wax hose end sprayer with 40 oz hpw 40 oz refill for hose end sprayer garlic barrier 10:1 dilute 1:10 to spray garlic barrier 100:1 dilute 1:100 to spray kaliente ­ capsaicin hot pepper garlic and zinc rated 20k scoval heat units page aphid whitefly spider mite spray once a week until pests are gone aphid whitefly spider mite thrips soft bodied insects leafhopper scale dbsq dbsg hpwp hpwq hpwg hpw5g hpwhose 1 quart 1 gallon 16 oz pint 1 quart 1 gallon 5 gallon 40 ounce sprayer 40 oz refill 33.00 52.00 30.00 36.00 48.00 149.00 30.00 25.00 16.50 89.00 2600.00 134.00 122.00 hpw40 repels many insects garbarq 1 quart garbarg 1 gallon garbar55 55 gallon kal25 2.5 gallon jug 2 jugs 800-248-2847 bugs many soft bodied insects 16 oz/acre in low volume water with a sticker 2005 catalog of beneficials 28 rincon-vitova insectaries inc