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7 3 books photos insect sample packs 3 7 things we do to keep insect samples alive during educational exhibit keep cool keep in foam box with cold packs when not showing rotate in and out of cool box pull out what you want to show leave in box during breaks have back-up supply of frozen cold packs at the end of the day place the insects in the box with fresh cold packs wrap ice packs in newspaper and place crumpled newspaper over cold pack so insects do not contact frozen cold packs air circulation use adequate size display containers with openings covered with nylon organdy held on with rubber bands or glued over hole in lid if inside of jar has condensation take the top off and replace with a paper towel held on with a rubber band until the jar clears watering drop a couple drops of water into ladybug cartons and on paper towel in adult lacewing container a wet cotton pad or ball can be dropped into display containers before transferring insects feeding try to collect pests to feed them or for beetles wasps midges and lacewing give a tiny bit of honey but not enough to get wings stuck with a toothpick put thin streaks of warm honey on side of container or on decorative foliage in display jar or terrarium also streak honey on packing material in holding containers captions and photos most people do not read labels we provide on or near containers but they love our composite captioned photos of different life stages and then seeing the same thing alive have copies of our bulletins to give out can be downloaded from website materials needed toothpicks water bottle honey paper towel or napkin rubber bands two cool boxes one for insects one for extra cold packs selection of insects and mites-see page 37 for list optional larger clear plastic jars terraria nylon organdy to cover openings optional captioned photos on a poster or feltboard sense of humor bug samples captioned display photos and viewers for classrooms item beneficial insect samples beneficial insect photos set of 10 captioned and laminated 8 x 10 color photos some show multiple life stages request or download order list of over 30 selections world s best bug viewer 2x+2x 6 ounce clear plastic cup with two lenses one flips over the other for total 4x magnification a great hit with children from 3 to 8 years old code quantity price is100 pho bv1 5 10 20 each 5 20 50 inquire 10.00 8.75 7.75 7.75 6.75 4.00 3.50 our favorite books description code price item applied bio-nomics biological technical manual the manual we use ab1 30.00 biological pest management in interior plantscapes classic indoor protocols ib100 20.00 color photos good bugs for your garden by allison mia starcher informative small book book 11.00 describes beneficials attracted to different garden plants delightful drawings compost tea manual dr elaine ingham for large and recipes for brews with dif comp 30.00 small scale tea brewing bacteria to fungi ratios quality first in vineyard orchard production proven proactive quality 35.00 gregg young program starts with soil cockroach biocontrol workshop video the latest best 8 hr video 4 vhs tapes roach 60.00 information on setting up a biocontrol program for cockroaches workshop held 3-1-01 with appropriate ipm methods in your company or institution cockroach biocontrol workshop manual rvi biocontrol info on cd-rom organic farm sign ­ please do not spray 12 x 18 inch heavy weight aluminum page accompanying manual all our bulletins more weather resistant black on yellow 800-248-2847 bugs roachm cd signo 2 signs 10.00 5.00 36.00 26.00 36 rincon-vitova insectaries inc 2005 catalog of beneficials