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7 3 8 v l resources on web l v 8 3 7 rincon-vitova insectaries world s oldest commercial insectary improved online catalog at features how to select biocontrol organisms index to catalog catalog of most of the biocontrol organisms available in us detailed information on beneficial insects nematodes and mites habitat enhancement to improve biocontrol habitat seeds from biocontrol strategies to increase effectiveness of beneficial insects links to our friends sites that have a lot of useful information deke s letters on current topics kudos blog emphasis on programs that solve pest problems vs one-shot products download catalogs catalog of beneficials gift catalog fly control catalog in pdf format store on your hard disk or print out a copy ask about cd containing all of our informative bulletins catalogs resources what s in it for me what are my options for this pest how do i set up habitats for beneficial insects that solve my pest problems gardeners what can i do to control pests in my garden how do i control ants around the house and garden livestock yards stables chicken houses compost yards how do i control flies economically and ecologically educators where do i find reference material on biocontrol what can i use for resources for class activities institutions what products can we use in our ipm program farmers call fax or e-mail to order no online ordering we look forward to serving you hablamos espaƱol presorted standard u.s postage paid san diego ca permit no 2858 po box 1555 ventura ca 93002-1555 page 40 rincon-vitova insectaries inc 2005 catalog of beneficials 800-248-2847 bugs