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traps and lures for flies and yellow jackets continued item description code quantity price sagebrush traps hangs from wire 6 dia 10 h metal outdoor solarpowered screen cone design bait recipes included catches flies or yellow jackets depending on bait price includes freight fly bait molasses 1:3 with water or use fly attractants yellow jacket bait meat scraps rescue fly attractant feeding and sex attractants z-9 sex pad fly lure pure muscalurefly sex attractant no odor wet tab fly lure food grade material no sex pheromones very low odor can be used inside rescue big bag fly trap add water and hang disposable no touching bait or flies use where you need fast short term control insect-a-peel magnum trap 6 inch diameter tube insects stick to surface fresh section rolled into place attracts from 360ยบ 30 inch long trap section combine with lures for more effect insect-a-peel hanging magnum trap hanging version of above insect-a-peel magnum supply reel 50 ft roll 6 inch diameter yellow with printed flies as attractant insect-a-peel hanging mini trap 3 inch diameter 15 inch trap length mini supply reel 25 ft roll 3 inch diameter yellow with printed flies as visual attractant rescue yellow jacket trap lures wasps into trap where they dry up lasts several seasons reusable page fth1 fts3 potent fast acting just add water flies house false stable males only use with the wet tablet for attraction of females use in any trap fts5 sits on 55 gallon drum ftar z9pad 1 hanging 38.00 trap 2 traps 30.50 5 traps 26.60 1 large standing 43.00 2 traps 37.00 5 traps 33.00 fits over drum inquire flies best most versatile food lure fits in any trap wet tablet before use flies house false stable blow blue bottle green bottle flesh face flies etc double capacity of standard bag holds to 40k flies flying insects fly whitefly moth etc sticky trap supply reel of 6 dia tube of sticky plastic film pull off one reel roll onto a take-up reel for hanging under eaves in barns or greenhouses reel of sticky material for magnum traps lasts about a year also grid pattern small version of trap for confined areas or low numbers of flies replacement reel of sticky tube for hanging mini trap flytab 3/pack 2 pack 10/pack 2 packs 10 packs 10/pack 2 packs 10 packs 1 dozen 2 dozen 4 dozen 5.75 5.00 49.00 37.00 29.00 49.00 37.00 27.00 83.00 74.00 69.00 ftbb tsmag standing trap 3 traps 5 traps 68.20 51.70 48.40 thmag rmags thmini rmins proven cone design pheromone bait that attracts dozen species of biting wasps start early in spring to catch young queens yjtr lures available hanging trap 3 traps 5 traps reel 3 reels 5 reels 10 reels small hanging 3 traps 5 traps mini reel 3 reels 5 reels 10 reels each 6 traps 12 traps 5 pack 58.30 40.70 37.40 51.70 38.50 34.65 31.90 56.10 38.50 34.10 46.20 31.90 28.05 25.85 19.00 13.00 11.50 28.50 6 rincon-vitova insectaries inc 2005 catalog of beneficials 800-248-2847 bugs