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table of contents introduction to natural fly control pricing shipping support ipm for fly control insect life cycles fly parasite product information fly parasite releases estimating number of fly parasites fly parasite release station holding and hatching fly parasites trapping adult flies controlling fly breeding sites evaluating parasite effectiveness page table of contents integrating biological controls catalog section beneficials for fly control fly parasite release stations hister beetle for fly control odor management fly traps equipment ant and flea control rvi s satisfied customers payment and fine print benefits of natural fly control page 2 3 4 4 5 5 6 7 8 8 9 10 10 11 11 11 12 12 13 14 15 15 16 pricing shipping technical support plan ahead minimum order $25.00 the basic schedule of deliveries can be set up in if items total less than $21 per shipment not inone phone call request an increase or decrease in cluding freight a $4.00 handling is added shipments by wednesday

successful three-pronged fly control strategy a fly parasite release program is most costeffective when combined with two other strategies trapping adult flies and managing manure or decomposing organic matter to reduce fly breeding sites each of these strategies is described below 1 regular fly parasite releases rincon-vitova insectaries produces a high quality product containing a mixture of species of parasitic wasps can be shipped by ups or other carriers which are developing inside the fly pupa some adults will be emerging on delivery unless otherwise requested they are shipped in wood shavings to cushion them in transit and absorb moisture paper bags that breathe are used for packaging do not store in plastic containers product description 75 minimum parasitism no live flies expected sex ratio 60 female approximately 50 wood shavings by volume item code fp5 fp10 fp50 pupae 5,000 10,000 50,000 parasites 10,000 20,000 100,000 units 1/2 1 5 rincon-vitova manager jan dietrick and

help spread them around one unit a bag of 10k fp10 contains about 4 cups or 32 oz or 64 tbs you can throw a few in the corner of stalls or under mangers dig a furrow with the back of your heel sprinkle in a few parasites then cover with soil or dry manure sprinkle some under a fence near water troughs look around see what makes sense in your facility cially when manure is removed frequently and adult flies are trapped timing releases it is easier to prevent a build-up of flies than to get rid of them a few flies always survive the cold and drying conditions of winter in the pupa stage parasite releases should be made early each spring at the first sign of emerging or immigrating adults to decrease adult flies laying eggs very early releases can be smaller in number increasing in quantity at the first signs of active breeding maggots in wet spots once established fewer parasites are needed since few fly parasites survive the winter yearly augmentation is necessary one typical program

make increases or decreases in the basic program based on these factors factor number of flies manure or organic matter manure moisture content control measures established rain humidity drainage animal watering equipment temperature existing biocontrols i.e beetles mites fungi bait traps flies migrating in flies hauled in i.e to composting sites comfort level with flies neighbor s comfort level with flies budget for control health concerns increase high a lot wet no existing program regularly damp could be better leaky hot few don t use yes yes low low good yes decrease low little dry good program little dry good no leaks cool many use no no higher higher low no release stations rincon-vitova produces a semi-rigid plastic mesh cylinder that can be hung from posts or fences be strapped to posts or slid onto a nail on the wall it holds one fp10 unit the release station is made of tough plastic mesh which resists weather is flexible low risk of animal injury fly parasites easily exit

year an early start gives the beneficial populations time to increase to larger numbers in the manure and will result in fewer fly problems for the rest of the summer counting the number of flies caught in jug traps with bait in them or on fly tapes is an excellent way to monitor changes in fly populations baited jug traps are easily made by hanging a gallon milk jug that has four 2 to 2½ inch holes in the top half of the jug with a wire one ounce of bait is placed in the bottom of each trap baits containing the fly pheromone muscalure muscamone® z-9-tricosene are the most effective at attracting flies golden malrin® blue streak® stimukil® apache® and flytek® are some brands that contain 1 methomyl a carbamate flies eat the bait and quickly die these traps should be hung about one foot below beams near areas where flies are often seen resting or where fly specks are concentrated if you empty the trap weekly and estimate and record the volume of dead flies it is one way to

evaluating parasite effectiveness monitor number of adult flies a reduction in the number of adult flies is the best measure of a successful fly control program control decisions should be based on a standardized method of quantifying fly numbers baited jug traps and index cards offer two standardized methods use of other biocontrols ophyra or dump fly hydrotaea aenescens is a fly whose larva lives in manure sludge and preys on house fly larvae the adult fly doesn t bother people or animals like house flies see page 11 hister beetles carcinops pumilio are tiny 1/8 inch long beetles that eat fly eggs and larvae in moist manure release in chicken houses where the manure stays moist and warm see page 11 fly scatter bait traps count the number of flies caught per trap in a week fly activity is usually considered high if more than 250 flies are caught weekly in a trap hister beetle eating fly eggs dung beetles onthophagus spp are large scarab beetles ½ inch long that bury manure in

fly parasites beneficial target pest code fly parasites fly control filth breeding flies housefly stable fly lesser housefly fp5 quantity 5,000/bag price fp10 fp50 fly parasite emerging from fly pupae 2 bags 5 bags 10 bags 10,000/bag 2 bags 5 bags 10 bags 20 bags 50,000/bag 2 bags 5 bags 10 bags 20 bags code 26.00 15.00 9.00 7.20 29.00 18.00 12.50 10.50 9.00 55.00 44.00 40.00 38.00 36.00 fly parasite wasp actual size is approximately 1/10 inch to estimate number of fly parasites to order see page 6 for details quantity price fly parasite schedules arrange for shipments every 1 2 3 or more weeks through the fly season choose between two levels of price savings schedules of at least 4 shipment dates and schedules of at least 16 shipment dates feel free to increase or decrease number of bags and adjust shipping dates as needed code quantity price fp5 x4 4 or more shipments fp5 x16 16 or more shipments 5,000/bag 2 bags 5 bags 5,000/bag 2 bags 5 bags 10 bags 19.00 12.50 7.50 16.00 11.40

traps and equipment item description code quantity price sagebrush traps metal outdoor solarpowered screen cone design bait recipes included catches flies or yellow jackets depending on bait price includes freight fly bait molasses 1:3 with water or use fly attractants yellow jacket bait meat scraps rescue fly attractant feeding and sex attractants final flight fly trap troy biosciences reusable quart plastic final flight fly lure fly sex attractant plus feeding stimulants rescue big bag fly trap add water and hang disposable no touching bait or flies use where you need fast short term control rescue reusable yellow jacket trap lures wasps into trap where they dry up lasts several seasons z-9 sex pad fly lure pure z-9 pheromone fly sex attractant no odor wet tab fly lure food grade material no sex pheromones very low odor can be used inside tangle-trap insect trap coating spray adhesive for traps stikem special non-toxic pest glue high tack formula traps flying or crawling insects

traps and equipment continued item description code quantity price spiderweb fly trap mount vertically or horizontally in sensitive areas like milking parlors sticky biting fly trap for trapping stable flies catches up to 5,000 flies per trap replacement sleevesclear sticky face fly trap for trapping face flies replacement sleeveswhite doom light trap odorless black light safe to use indoors doom light replacement cards food handling areas stable aisles garbage storage areas greenhouses -12 traps/case 11inx24ft sticky tape/trap place 70-100 ft apart in full sun around compost/manure piles fiberglass cylinder stake 2 sticky sleeves included replacement sleeves for stybf 10 sleeves package replace when covered with flies or dust attach trap to metal pole at a 45º 2 ft above the ground mount on t post not included replacement sleeves for styff 10 sleeves package replace when covered with flies or dust place in open area where 25 watt black light is not obscured two sticky cards included

from a satisfied customer in the midwest dear rincon-vitova i have used parasitic wasps for four years now i would not change i highly recommend them to any serious livestock producer below are a few of the benefits we ve seen 1 we have very few adult flies no matter the time of season 2 we find we have fewer flies going into the following season 3 the livestock eat better when flies do not bother them we have not experienced the typical summer decrease in the livestock s growth since using the fly parasites 4 the cost ended up being not much more than what we were paying for the liquid fly trap method using fly parasites is so easy just open the bag and spread what a great product sincerely deborah a royer royer farm washington il professionals in diverse industries and facilities get the results they want dr richard meirs dvm walnridge farm cream ridge nj mark mullen fair winds farm cream ridge nj bradley wallace hickory lane horse farm findlay oh jamie kogel tanrackin farm bedford