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hister beetle fly egg destroyer beneficial target pest rate code quantity price carcinops pumilio hister beetle adult fly eggs small fly larvae establish in manure pits in poultry houses for collecting/moving predatory beetles when cleaning out or setting up a new poultry house fly larvae in wet manure 10k/pit hister1 10,000 beetles 700.00 hister house ­ hister beetle traps set on manure piles collect move to new pile 100­300 histerh manure pit ophyra hydrotaea aenescens black dump fly predatory fly 10k/1k ft2 ophyra 100 traps 2 units 5 units 10 units 10,000/tub 2 tubes 200.00 193.00 184.00 177.00 43.00 30.00 dung beetles onthophagus spp southern us night temp 55ºf bury manure to decrease flies improve soil use in rotational grazing starter colony dung1 100 unit 2 units 5 units 118.00 100.00 92.00 odor management if you control odor from decomposing organic matter you can decrease flies attracted to scatole from fermenting manure and alcohols from fermenting sugars also consider animal health and worker comfort in areas with strong odors odor can be a sign that a biological process has gone wrong beneficial description breaks down manure sludge reducing odors use 1 gal nutrient with ½ lb microbes 1 unit on 50 tons manure spray nutrients then microbes for larger quantities use 1-2 lb with 5 gallons liquid there are several ways to decrease odor change conditions i.e drying to stop decomposition shift decomposition away from anaerobic microbes that live without oxygen and produce bad odors to aerobic microbes that use oxygen and make pleasant odors intercept and neutralize odors in the air see bioworld odor neutralizer below code quantity price bioworld waste odor treatment microbe mix selected for efficient rapid cleanup shelf life 1 year at rt cost $1-2/ton or 25¢/cow bioworld odor neutralizer bon liquid organic formulation odor ace organic acids from plant extracts use 2 oz/gal water spray on use 1 gal/100 ton compost suppress odor neutralizer 1 gal/2k gal or 1:2 and spray surface omri listed gbm0.5 gbm2.5 lop1 lop6 bon2 bon32 bong bon5g odor1 ½ pound 2.5 pound 1 gallon 6 gallon 50.00 174.00 79.00 299.00 8.50 44.00 130.00 516.00 54.00 46.00 169.00 775.00 1610.00 15.00 45.00 81.00 1080.00 eliminates offensive odors at source mist into air odor control shifts microbial metabolism away from foul odor use on animal bedding manure garbage handling equipment compost materials increase microbial activity reduce ammonia other n containing odiferous compounds for manure compost livestock 2 ounce quart gallon 5 gallon gallon 2 gallons odor5 5 gallon odor30 30 gallon odor55 55 gallon suppressqt quart suppress1 gallon suppress2.5 2.5 gallon suppress55 55 gallon page 12 rincon-vitova insectaries inc 2005 catalog of beneficials for fly control 800-248-2847 bugs