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traps and equipment continued item description code quantity price spiderweb fly trap mount vertically or horizontally in sensitive areas like milking parlors sticky biting fly trap for trapping stable flies catches up to 5,000 flies per trap replacement sleevesclear sticky face fly trap for trapping face flies replacement sleeveswhite doom light trap odorless black light safe to use indoors doom light replacement cards food handling areas stable aisles garbage storage areas greenhouses -12 traps/case 11inx24ft sticky tape/trap place 70-100 ft apart in full sun around compost/manure piles fiberglass cylinder stake 2 sticky sleeves included replacement sleeves for stybf 10 sleeves package replace when covered with flies or dust attach trap to metal pole at a 45º 2 ft above the ground mount on t post not included replacement sleeves for styff 10 sleeves package replace when covered with flies or dust place in open area where 25 watt black light is not obscured two sticky cards included replacement cards for stydl spweb stybf 1 trap 2 traps 5 traps 12 traps 1 trap 2 traps 5 traps 1 package 2 packages 5 packages 1 trap 2 traps 5 traps 1 package 2 packages 5 packages 1 trap 2 traps 5 traps package of 10 cards 2 packages 5 packages 40.00 30.00 18.00 13.00 35.00 25.00 17.00 40.00 28.00 20.00 34.00 23.00 16.50 40.00 28.00 20.00 110.00 100.00 90.00 35.00 22.00 13.00 rsc10 styff rsw10 stydl rcdl ant flea control beneficial target pest use code quantity price ant bait with 3 boric acid low risk material boric acid technical powder recipe sheet available advance granular ant bait abamectin a bacterial toxin from streptomyces avermitilis ant roach buffet bait station ants place in ant bait station use in ant baits or dust areas for cockroaches ant fire ant and other protein feeding ants ant roach bait station with 3 bait for 1-3 baits for ants roaches 2 of ½ compartments weather resistant oz sections one 3 oz section polypropylene bug arrest spray brush mix of digestive enzymes to disable insects mites on pets rinse lice flea ear mite skin mite on animal dust mite ant roach fly around home insects on plants quart gallon 4 oz 16 oz 6 pound 2 jars 5 jars antbuf 20/bag 5 bag 10 bag arrest 32 oz bottle arrestg gallon 2 gallon boricq boricg bor4 bor16 advan 12.00 33.00 4.90 12.00 98.00 93.00 85.00 28.00 24.00 21.00 15.50 49.00 39.00 ant bait recipe -boric acid syrup 3 boric acid in 25 syrup by weight 1 cup sugar 2 cups water 2 tablespoons boric acid mix and stir until dissolved use a bait station or a plastic jar or tub with about 1/8 inch holes around top edge so ants can get in place some excelsior wood shavings dry grass or styrofoam packing material in the jar to provide pathways for the ants to climb down to the syrup fill jar ¾ full refill liquid once a week or as needed until few ants are seen collecting bait or the bait stops disappearing page 14 rincon-vitova insectaries inc 2005 catalog of beneficials for fly control 800-248-2847 bugs