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benefits of natural fly control nature has a good idea maximize nature s effectiveness with the best selection of supplies for biological fly control what is biological fly control it s safe it lasts it s as simple as it s cheap gets the last fly discrete cumulative materials are non-toxic for animals and people flies cannot develop resistance to fly parasites 1 release quality fly parasites periodically 2 trap adults new z9 sex pad wet tab lures page 13 3 manage manure cost is comparable or lower chemical control fly parasites find hidden fly pupae with biological radar and destroy them fly parasites work 24/7 in manure and edges of compost piles out of sight fly parasites and native predators build up giving better natural control over time rincon-vitova insectaries inc 805-643-5407 fax 805-643-6267 email web 800-248-2847 108 orchard drive ventura ca 93001-1243 gps coordinates w119º 17 30 n34º 18 30 po box 1555 ventura ca 93002-1555 see us on the web at download bulletins or catalog in pdf format in english and spanish presorted standard u.s postage paid san diego ca permit no 2858 po box 1555 ventura ca 93002-1555 page 16 rincon-vitova insectaries inc 2005 catalog of beneficials for fly control 800-248-2847 bugs