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rvi experts ready to help control flies naturally we help maximize nature s effectiveness with biological fly control information and products what is natural fly control safe ­ materials are healthy for animals people specific ­ affects only flies pets birds frogs toads lizards all other wildlife are safe simple ­ just sprinkle fly parasites around manage manure trap adults no funny suits to wear no gas mask cost effective cheap ­ comparable or lower cost than chemical control better control is possible ­ fly parasites have biological radar to find that last fly program is tailored ­to your area and needs inconspicuous ­ tiny wasps work at night in manure piles gets better over time ­ fly parasites and native predators build up to help control flies we use a tiny wasp as the key element of our natural fly control program just a tenth of an inch long that feeds on and lays its eggs in fly pupae the resting stage of flies these wasps don t sting or otherwise bother humans or other animals fly pupae containing the wasps are placed in release stations near animals or sprinkled near manure or wet feed where flies tend to breed the number of wasps called fly parasites released and the frequency depends on the number of animals and local conditions clubs and organizations can combine orders for price breaks and reduced shipping costs offering fly control to your neighbors improves the effectiveness of your program benefits grow by spreading the word friends as the pioneers since the mid-1970 s of the natural biocontrol method for flies rincon-vitova staff offer unmatched advice and products our customer service team will answer your questions and refer you for expert help to the most knowledgeable and experienced field support in the industry 800-248-2847 bugs stefan long steve chapman 800-365-2847 bugs natural fly control uses several non-toxic strategies that exploit the limitations of the fly s biology simply put these products make life difficult for flies without making life difficult for us our animals or our environment in addition once a biological fly control program is set up it requires only occasional maintenance for this reason biological fly control is less expensive than chemical control and a whole lot safer with 25 years of experience designing and implementing fly control programs no fly problem is new to me and we are assured of success because every operation is different i use a hands-on approach to determine proper application rates for your facility throughout the season i successfully implement fly control programs throughout the country using this approach changing scheduled my ms studies at cornell university concentrated amounts is just a phone call away i stay in contact with your designated personnel on a regular basis to on biological fly control and i ve been developing prodetermine the amounts needed to ensure your fly congrams over the past 15 years for dairy poultry livetrol program is working to it s maximum potential stock and municipal waste facilities page 2 rincon-vitova insectaries inc 2005 catalog of beneficials for fly control 800-248-2847 bugs