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priority sites priority release sites are in and around coops kennels barns stables and stalls with special attention to hospital and calf pens on dairies below mangers in horse stalls and around feed bunks on feedlots place also around corral posts fence lines paddock areas and other dropping sites at the edges of manure piles pits or carts and wherever manure accumulates other fly-breeding areas are near but never directly in water sources and near decomposing matter garbage cans and septic tanks holding and hatching of parasites fly parasites must not be left in direct sunlight or hot areas normally our product is sent ready to release within a day or two to speed up emergence hold at 70º to 80º f increasing to 85º f with good air circulation cold storage shortens life and may harm reproduction avoid chemical sprays within 48 hours of release delaying emergence of fly parasites fly parasites work best when some are released each week this strategy assures the constant presence of parasites to parasitize developing fly pupae however the freight costs add up an alternative is to have two weeks worth of parasites shipped every other week this may result in a quantity price break and reduces shipping costs this schedule works best if you can delay the emergence hatching of the fly parasites to delay the emergence of the fly parasites you must keep them cool about 50° f but not cold about 40° f i.e cooler than an air-conditioned room but warmer than a refrigerator keep the extra fly parasites in a cooler with cold packs wrapped in newspaper no ice please when it melts the parasitized pupae will get wet and moldy preventing parasite emergence and replace it as needed the cooler itself should be kept in a cool dark place when you want the parasites to emerge place the bag in a warm 80 °f sunny area until you see parasites emerging usually 2 to 3 days to release the fly parasites keep them in a warm place about 70 to 80 ºf with 40 to 60 humidity and check for them hatching by simply opening the paper bag and looking for the ant sized parasites moving around the bag the parasites should emerge within 7 days when you see several crawling inside the bag sprinkle the contents near fly breeding areas most customers receive shipments at intervals of 2 to 4 weeks 2 trapping adult flies flies grow fast for several reasons a single fly can lay up to 800 eggs a day while one parasite attacks less than 30 fly pupae a day flies also have a shorter life cycle than parasites 5 to 10 days for flies compared to17 to 28 days for fly parasites thus a single fly could become more than 64 million flies in the same time it takes for one fly parasite to produce 510 fly parasites the short life cycle also allows flies to become resistant to insecticides faster than parasites adult flies are able to travel greater distances faster than parasites reducing the number of adult flies by using selective strategies toxic baits traps is critical to reducing the fly s advantage so parasites will be better able to keep pace with the number of fly pupae being produced getting enough fly parasites for the number of fly pupae is also important which is why insectary-grown parasites need to be released in high enoughnumbers and frequently enough final flight fly trap and lures to control adult flies fly traps rincon-vitova sells a variety of fly traps and can provide directions for making your own trapping adult flies with baits is recommended along with fly parasite releases some chemicals or nonpoisonous materials are useful in the form of sugar baits such bait traps can be economically and safely used to remove large numbers of adult flies without interfering with fly parasites and other biological controls baited jug traps are easy to make such that the bait is out of way of children and pets use them to reduce the adult fly population early in the fly season usually beginning after the first frost-free day of the page 8 rincon-vitova insectaries inc 2005 catalog of beneficials for fly control 800-248-2847 bugs